Vicki Zhao’s Marriage on the Rocks and Ready for Divorce?

The media had speculated that Vicki Zhao Wei would retire from acting after giving birth to her daughter in April 2010 to enjoy married life with husband, Huang Yaulong in Singapore . However, Vicki made an appearance at the Shanghai International Film Festival two months immediately after giving birth. Rumors claim that Vicki’s urgency in returning to work was due to a troubled marriage. Allegedly, Vicki complained to close friends about getting married and having a baby within a short span of time. Her friends speculated that Vicki, who has been married for over one year, may get a divorce within the next six months.

After dating Huang Yaulong, whose net worth is valued at $400 million (Yuan) for one year, Vicki got married in 2008.  Allegedly, the couple did not have a deep mutual understanding, leading to frequent arguments after marriage. Huang Yaulong was also rumored with Zhang Ziyi earlier, which may have affected his marriage. Vicki may not get along well with her in-laws either. Vicki’s good friend revealed that her husband is often caught in the middle when Vicki has a dispute with her mother-in-law.

Recently, Vicki has been working on her directorial debut, Love in Penghu Bay <爱在澎湖湾>, in Beijing and did not spend much time with her husband and daughter in Singapore . According to Vicki’s good friend, Vicki will give more time to observe the marriage. If the marriage does not improve, Vicki will prepare mentally for the possibility of divorce. She intends to fight for the custody of her daughter. In order to provide the best environment for her daughter, money would be a necessity. Thus, Vicki returned to work within two months after giving birth.

Regarding Vicki’s marital problems, her manager Chen Rong said, “I never heard of this, so I will not respond to the question. But I can say that they are all doing well.” (With Vicki’s busy schedule, how does she care for her daughter?) “Sorry, I will only respond to questions regarding Vicki’s work.”


Jayne: A new baby in any marriage is a big stress factor. Vicki’s eagerness to return to work has lead to speculations about her marriage; hopefully they are not true!

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  1. Vicki also allegedly took a vacation with her close friends in June without her husband, as reported by the press. If this vacation did take place, why would a happily married woman and new mother take a vacation right after she gave birth in April? Although the woman may be tired, she would would want to bond with her family.

  2. Hm… this is strange and well shocking… Vicki has not been married for that long and just had a daughter so it is really sad if she is headed for divorce. But then again, I guess I should not be too surprised since a lot of marriages fall apart these days even after years and years of being together. I guess marriage is not all what’s it was cracked up to be. But then again, these are all still rumours so who really knows if it is all true or not yet. Time will tell…

  3. Could it be she regrets marriage and babies at this age? She sounds like she is going through some denial stage. Not good for the marriage. She may have been accidentally gotten pregnant in the first place?

  4. She was probably knocked-up and got married because the guy is rich.

  5. Feel most sad for the baby. 2 months old and mother not by her side liao.

  6. Like the article said she needs to earn money to support the child. I understand her predicament.

  7. I think Angela is right that she might have accidently gotten pregneant and then just married the guy because he is rich.IF they are divorcing, I am glad that she is being more independent and not just relying on the guy to support her child. I feel sad for her baby since she is still so young and her parents are already not getting along.

  8. But i heard that she kena dropped by Mariefrancebodyline, her beauty and slimming sponsor because she go and take dieting pills. So this year, the new spokeswoman is Christy Chung.

    I didn’t know that these celeb’s slimming contract clauses cover diet pills too. Wonder how they found out. Very wasted if true lor.

  9. I want ma’am Zhao Wei to continue her work as actress.. She can provide a baby sitter for her baby 😀

    If she and her husband will really had a divorce ? well, I’m going to be happy 😀

    She could marry another man, that better than that HUANG YOULONG. HATE that man 😀 I dunno why ?! HAHA =]

    Take care ZHAO WEI <3
    from : Yssa c*nama

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