Marco Ngai Announces Birth of Son

After ending his nine-year relationship with Joyce Tang Lai MingMarco Ngai Chun Kit dated mainland girlfriend, Cheung Lei Wah in 2007. Despite a twenty year gap in their ages, Marco and Lei Wah married quickly. In recent years, Marco focused his career in China .

Earlier this week, Marco announced that his wife has given birth; mother and baby were doing well. From the photos of the sleeping baby, his rosy lips and face resembled his mother more.

On October 20th, Marco turned forty-three years-old. His wife, Lei Wah, presented him with a birthday cake. Marco, Lei Wah, and the baby posed for some family photos. Marco wrote, “I feel very happy with a family of three.” It was apparent that as a new father, Marco was in high spirits!


Jayne: Congratulations to Marco! The little baby looks so masculine!

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  1. Wow, this came out of no where… Cute baby.. Congrats to him and glad that he is happy. I did not know who he was dating after he broke up with Joyce. I guess it also shows that the length of time that you date doesn’t necessarily mean that you will marry that person. Now I hope that his ex Joyce will soon find happiness as well..

  2. I always thought him and Joyce made a really cute couple. Wonder why they broke-up? Change of heart? Or personality difference?

  3. Congrats to Marco! I actually miss seeing him in TVB series. I reallly like him as a villain! 🙂

  4. i miss him as a villian too!! he was also played good guy as well..he did ok in Armed Reaction!! hhehee has the same birthday as me..

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