Gigi Lai Pregnant with Twins!

Since marrying 53 year-old businessman, Ma Ting Keung, the 39 year-old Gigi Lai Chi has been trying to get pregnant. Finally, in January 2010, it was exposed that Gigi Lai was pregnant. Since she was spotted at her brother, Lai Ying’s, dermatology clinic earlier in February, Gigi has not made a public appearance afterward.

Allegedly, Gigi paid $300,000 (HKD) for invitro fertilization in order to conceive. Gigi Lai is currently five months pregnant with twins.  Since Gigi’s belly is growing so quickly, she is currently on bed rest to avoid any pregnancy complications.  Her husband is often by her side to take care of her.

On March 1st, Gigi’s Lai happily confirmed, “Yes Gigi is having twins! The estimated due date is late June or early July!”


Jayne: A big congratulations to Gigi and her husband! They come across as a happily married couple and I’m very happy for them! Gigi looks so radiant with happiness!

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  1. I’m surprised she’s only having twins. Couples who go thru invitro nowadays usually end up having 5 or 6 at one time.

  2. Congrat and happy for Gigi. Finally she’s pregant with twin. Can’t wait to see her babies. They must be as beauty as their mum. 🙂

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