Pregnant Claire Yiu Poses for Semi-Nude Photos

The 38-week pregnant Claire Yiu Ka Lei will become a mother very soon. Earlier, she posed for a series of photographs to capture the memory of her pregnancy. In several of the pictures, Claire was topless and only wore a pair of pants.

When the photographs were shot, Claire’s husband, Lam Cho Fai, was not present. Claire’s mom and godmother accompanied her instead. Claire admitted that she was a little nervous on the day of the studio shoot. However, the photos came out very beautiful.

Since Claire intends to have only one child, she wanted to remember her pregnancy through the photographs. In order to avoid future regret, she made an exception and posed semi-nude for the pictures.

The baby is about to be born any day and Claire’s hands and feet have swelled. However, she still dances daily with her husband; no wonder Claire’s mom scolded her.

“My friends who had similar due dates have already given birth to their babies via Caesarean section. Due to my narrow pelvis, my doctor advised that I may have a difficult delivery. With the pain, then I may not feel the true experience of giving birth. Thus, I will face the delivery naturally and without anxiety.”

Claire’s husband Cho Fai intends to enter the baby delivery room with her. He has already prepared video tools to capture the delivery process.

Jayne: Congratulations to Claire! I do think that her photos are a little revealing. It’s one thing to take for personal pleasure and memory keepsake, but seems like she distributed photos to the press.

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