Episodic Thoughts: Ghetto Justice (Episode 3)

Ghetto Justice <怒火街頭>
TVB Series 2011

Cast: Kevin Cheng, Myolie Wu, Sharon Chan, Sam Lee, Eddie Kwan, Mandy Wong, Jazz Lam, Joyce Tang, Shek Shau, and others.


Remarks: This is a watch-as-I-write-from-memory episodic thought (a combination of episode summaries, reviews & critical analysis episode per episode) and therefore please take note that this write-up will contain MAJOR SPOILERS for this particular episode and some creative license was used when recreating certain scenes or dialogue. Please refrain from revealing future SPOILERS in this episode.

Still on the following case:

The Prosecutor vs Lai Muk Kan & Ma Cheuk Yee Tak

The case : The murder of 28 year old Sheung Chau Ping by first accused, aided and abetted by the second accused
Counsel for the state : The prosecutor, name unknown
Defense : Law Ba (Lai Muk Kan) & Kris (Ma Cheuk Yee Tak)

I would have hoped at least for less of those “I shall point my finger and raised my voice angrily every time I question my opponent’s witness” and just more of cool calm awesomeness. At least Law Ba sits differently; not straight ahead but facing the side, and I just noticed Kris and Law Ba had to share the same… that wooden thing to put papers on? Anyway the case is ending probably by next episode, but this episode, I understand what it is trying to say but I feel more could have been done to explain more.

First, the recap.

Not sure how many days into the trial, but this one is certainly lacking witnesses such as psychiatrists because this is case dependent on the mentality of the first accused, Uncle Kan. Anyway, victim’s brother, Sheung Chun Shang on the stand and Law Ba basically just asked him about the supposed affair (no such thing!) and the threatening letters (all by that crazy woman, Mrs. Ma!) and what happened that led to such misunderstanding and the brother excelled in that part as he recounted, very emotionally, “That despicable Ma Ching tried to seduce my sister with gifts but my sister didn’t want all that; she just wanted to do her job well and tried to avoid Ma Ching but he was persistent and one time told my sister to meet him at some motel and then tried to rape her. But she escaped (the scene where Mrs. Ma and Uncle Kan in car saw her walking out, adjusting her clothes, but this time we see distress on her face) and tried to avoid that Ma Ching. That woman, Mrs. Ma thought my sister seduced her husband and gave her money but my sister can’t accept the money since it will be as if admitting there was an affair, so my sister rejected the check and that Mrs. Ma ended up slapping my sister. After that, my sister started to receive threatening calls and then anonymous letters, each of those with pictures of gory female bodies. My sister was very scared, and I was scared for her and one time she received such a call and I took the call and told that Mrs. Ma to stop disturbing my sister. And then… my sister was murdered! That woman, she ordered Uncle Kan to kill my sister! She did it! SHE DID IT!!”

Kris during cross examination tried her best to force the guy to admit he never actually saw or heard Mrs. Ma and of course he admitted that and Kris fired her ammo, “If your sister felt she was being harassed, why then did she remain in the company? Why didn’t she leave?” and brother explained, “She wanted to complete a project that will help her with her credentials.” Kris fired one last ammo, “So what you’re saying is she felt threatened; she never actually took steps to leave the company and still stayed there for her career even though she supposedly felt so scared for her life? So I shall submit she wasn’t threatened in the first place. This was all her own allegations,” and Law Ba objected since it was speculative and she quickly said no more questions. Brother looked sheepish.

Law Ba stood back up and took the role of the prosecutor who just sat there and did nothing. Don’t forget, that brother is the witness for the prosecution. Anyway Law Ba gently asked, “Tell the jury about your sister,” and brother explained, “My father died when we were very young. My sister had to work from an early age to care for me and our mother. She worked and studied at the same time and earned scholarships. After she obtained her degree, her first job was with this company. She worked very hard, and at the same time paid for my education. All she ever wanted was to establish her career and she often worked long hours. She never complained; she just worked very hard. Very hard.” The jury looked misty eyed, and Kris was annoyed at this pity tactic.

Law Ba asked, “Why then didn’t your sister leave the company when the harassment escalated?” The brother explained, “My sister was never a person who throws in the towel easily. When faced with obstacles, she will try to solve it. She felt she needed only to complete the project to get that credentials she wanted before she leaves for another job. Just 6 more months and she would have left. 6 months but… the time never came for her….” and the jury definitely looked misty eyed this time.

Kris wasn’t too happy as she ate lunch with her assistant/friend (what is her name?!?!?!?), she was attacking that piece of steak with a vengeance as she mumbled, “That Dei Poon Lou! How dare he use such tactic, garnering pity! Who does he think he is, using such low tactics!” and the assistant said, “But you have got to admit, it worked. You know, the victim sounded just like you. Both fathers died early, worked hard for scholarships, had to climb your way up…I too felt a tinge of pity for her…” and Kris said, “Don’t you think that way! I believe in Mrs. Ma!”

Really, Kris? Do you? I think she does which is why she could fight this case with a passion and felt Law Ba was being low class in using pity to fight the case. Anyway, she then saw Law Ba and George walking into the very high class restaurant and was even more pissed when the captain said, “Barrister Law! Long time no see! Has it been 7 years?” Law Ba smiled and said, “Ahhh I see you’re the captain now! Congratulations!” and the captain said, “Thank you. Your usual table?” and Law Ba said, “Yes!” and he was led to his usual table.

Pause here.

Seven years he disappeared and still the captain remembered him!

Then a few other lawyers approached Law Ba and said, “Well well well, the great Law Lik Ah finally reemerges from his seclusion! Come on my friend, tell me, where were you for the past 7 years?” and Law Ba laughed and said “Everywhere, I have been everywhere but in Hong Kong!” and they all laughed merrily whilst Kris looked very very angry as she mumbled, “Everywhere but Hong Kong?!” and if she was Ebenezer Scrooge she would have ended that sentence with “Bah humbug”! 


This is very funny. It is funny because Kris wanted so badly to be where Law Ba is now, people recognizing him, having an exclusive table, etc. She made so much effort to dress well, eat in expensive restaurants, find famous masters all to establish her name in this very crony like profession and here was Law Ba, not an ounce of effort and everybody knew who he was.


In court, Kris was pissed. At the coffee vending machine, I believe she accidentally spilt the coffee and Law Ba jumped a few paces back and Law Ba quickly said, “No worries, I will buy you another cup,” and Kris said, “Ok, but I insist on the same cup of coffee you just made me spilt. That very same cup!” and of course Law Ba was flabbergasted as Kris then insulted Law Ba’s methods and Law Ba just smiled and didn’t feel insulted at all. Kris was so pissed she said, “So… you went everywhere but Hong Kong in these 7 years? You, the dei poon lou! Hah! I bet you went everywhere!! What a lie! You know what, I will make you a bet! I will win this case! But if you were to win, you will tell me exactly what you did in these 7 years!” and Law Ba was taken aback and said, “Well, ermm.. if I win?” and Kris said, “I will tell you everything I did for the past 7 years!” and she walked away and Law Ba just smiled and I suppose seemed amused.

Next up Mrs. Ma’s testimony. Kris went through the usual and Mrs. Ma explains, “I couldn’t believe it that the victim seduced my husband. Every woman would feel anger and I felt anger too. I followed them together with Uncle Kan and I saw her coming out of the motel, adjusting her clothes (note: this time victim’s expression was that of a self satisfied smile) and I felt disgusted at her behaviour. I tried to persuade her to leave my husband by paying her, but she refused. She refused! She wanted to kick me out of this marriage and replace me! I was very sad, I cried often and Uncle Kan couldn’t stand it, and decided to speak with her on my behalf. Except.. I never expected or did I asked him to kill her.”

Quite convincing actually. She does look the part.

And she was questioned also on why she paid for Auntie Kan’s hospital bills and she made herself out like some angelic saint.

Law Ba’s turn and of course his questions centred on her relationship with Uncle Kan, “How would you describe Uncle Kan’s work ethics?” and Mrs Ma said, “He is very hard working, he listens to instructions well.” Law Ba asked, “Which is why you have used his service for such a long time?” She said yes and he asked, “Would you agree with me if I were to say Uncle Kan is a person who follows instructions and orders very well?” and Mrs. Ma paused and then said carefully, “Yes, if not I wouldn’t have used him for such a long time.” Law Ba asked, “I refer to that one incident some time about about your dog which bit you on the hand. You then asked Uncle Kan to get rid of the dog, to kill the dog which he didn’t want to but had to. Would you agree with the version of events?” Mrs. Ma said, “I told him to get rid of the dog; I expected him to send the dog to SPCA, not kill it, but Uncle Kan went ahead and killed the dog anyway.” Law Ba thundered, “But you just said he listens to instructions and orders well, why would he then go against your wishes?” Mrs. Ma said, “I don’t know but all I know is I never asked him to kill the dog,” and Law Ba thundered, “But you did! He knew you hated the dog!  You said a dog that bites the owner’s hand does not deserve to live. He knew of your temperament and so he killed the dog because that was what you wanted! The same way he killed the victim because you wanted him to, because you told him to do it!!!!! And Uncle Kan tried to kill himself after your assistant went to see him! You sent her there to convince him to kill himself!!!!!!!!!” and Mrs. Ma of course denied, denied, denied and Kris objected and Law Ba quickly said no more questions.

Pause here.

Mr. Prosecutor, don’t bother to stand up ok? Since Law Ba is doing YOUR job. Anyway the last part was like a summation. However there is something confusing with Law Ba’s case. First, he says Uncle Kan is a very submissive person, he listens to orders and Mrs. Ma is a very strong personality, so in the case of the dog.

1. He killed the dog THINKING that was what she wanted

2. He killed the dog BECAUSE she told him to do it.

One part Law Ba insinuates he killed the dog because he knew she wanted that. Another part he said he killed the dog because she told him to. So… which is it Law Ba? He did it because he knew she wanted him to (gray area for this since it is his mentality, she didn’t ask him to do it but we all know sometimes there are situations people don’t need to draw until intestines to be understood) or because she told him to (more precise)?

Law Ba and friends on rooftop adjusting the antenna and Ka Fu which is called some other name which I can’t remember at this moment fell over. George and Law Ba panicked but he didn’t die. I suppose there was an outer balcony or something. Anyway Chik came back very excited and said, “I did it! I found information no one knew! I am great!!” They all waited for him to finish his self congratulations before he went on to say, “Did you know, Uncle Kan’s wife, Auntie Kan is not at her hometown? She is at Yi Fu Hospital! She has tumour and was admitted into Yi Fu,” and Ka Fu said, “She died?” Chik said, “No, no, still very much alive,” and Ka Fu said, “You sure Yi Fu hospital? That is a private hospital, very expensive,” and Chik said, “and Mrs. Ma is the chairperson of the hospital’s (something like that!)” and Law Ba wondered could that be the reason why Uncle Kan was reluctant to reveal anything?

Pause here.

First, not sure if it is called Yi Fu but I just gave it the first name I can think of. Secondly, you know Chinese words have no present, past and future tense so when Ka Fu asked if Auntie Kan is dead was because the way Chik said it, it sounded like she died in the hospital. In English you would think that question is so silly since I used present tense. In Chinese it would be ambiguous.


Not sure when was this scene but it was in this episode where Law Ba was helping an old lady pick up oranges, right to the middle of the street when a car stopped right in front, he panicked and found out it was Kris and he said, “Didn’t you see me?” Kris said, “How would I know why you were in the middle of the street!” and he said, “To pick up oranges!” He returned oranges to the old lady and Kris, funnily pulled Law Ba’s jacket in a dainty sort of way, like he was some dirty piece of rag away from her car when he was leaning on it and she went back into her car, he rushed in and he said, “Since you’re going this way, drive me back to the legal advice center” and Kris exasperated said in English, “GET OUT!”

Whether he actually got out or if she drove him there we never knew since nothing was shown after. And what happened next is confusing but will be explained later.

Law Ba somehow got his hands on Auntie Kan’s medical report, in fact he got his hands on a lot of info as he explained, “That Mrs. Ma is paying for all the expenses. I gave Auntie Kan’s medical report to my brain surgeon friend and he explained her condition is not as serious as it is made out to be. She can be operated on.” Ka Fu angrily said, “That despicable manipulative woman! She is using Auntie Kan’s condition to hold Uncle Kan hostage!” and everyone agreed it as such and Law Ba said, “Uncle Kan may be persuaded to tell the truth if Auntie Kan is safe and sound. But then we must ensure Auntie Kan leaves that hospital but she is in a coma, she can’t just walk out…” and Ka Fu exclaimed, “My friend, just tell me what and how many men you need, I will prepare everything, we shall rescue her!!” (he sounded like a triad member here) and George said angrily, “Rescue? You mean kidnap? Because that sounds like kidnap and we will all get into trouble if she dies! We can be charged for murder! I refuse to get into trouble! I will tell the police!!” Right on cue, Chik arrives with porridge for everyone and Law Ba said, “Didn’t you have something to say to Chik?” and Chik waited and George reluctantly said, “I.. ermm…well… I don’t want to eat porridge. I want wanton noodle.” Chik said, “Is that it? No problem! I will go and buy! ” and he left and George said, “I will not take part in any of this!” and he walked away as Law Ba and Ka Fu smiled and ate the porridge.

Mission time.

Law Ba as doctor, Ka Fu as nurse. I can’t remember if there were anyone else. George wasn’t there. They found Auntie Kan, transferred her to the mobile bed and left when suddenly a nurse called out, “Hey you! You dropped your card!” and Ka Fu indeed dropped his card, picked it up and left. He said, “Oh that was close!” and Law Ba said “No worries, she is on our side. I won a case for her. She owed me a favour so she helped us.”


So they went outside and suddenly Law Ba panicked. “Where is the van? WHERE IS IT? It was parked here! Right here!!” and there was no van and it was funny seeing Law Ba’s expression because he was panicking big time and he said, “We must leave before being discovered!! Call a car!!” and funny reply by Ka Fu, “What car? A taxi? Can the bed fit in the taxi?!” and Law Ba cried, “Van! Call van!!” and Ka Fu was like, “Where am I to find a van!!!” and oh dear… plan is going awry when suddenly a van pulled up and it was George who said urgently, “Come on, get in quick!! You guys are really something! You parked at the no parking zone, the van was about to be clamped, luckily I have an extra set of keys!” and quickly they loaded Auntie Kan into the van but Mrs. Ma’s assistant saw them doing that. In the van, Law Ba said to the comatose Auntie Kan, “Auntie Kan, you’re safe now. Uncle Kan will have no worries and he may now testify against Mrs. Ma and tell the truth as to why he killed Sheung Chau Ping.”

Kris, assistant (just found out she is Mandy Wong, character is Slyvia or Silvia, not sure which spelling but I TRUST WIKI so I shall go with Silvia) in prison seeing Mrs. Ma as Kris said, “Auntie Kan has been kidnapped by Law Ba. Your assistant saw him doing that,” and Mrs. Ma was very concerned said, “How can they remove her in such a delicate condition? What if they aggravated her condition?” Kris said, “I know, despicable man. I will get her back into Yi Fu,” and Mrs. Ma said, “Please do. Even though Uncle Kan has done wrong, his wife is innocent,” and Kris asked, “Can you tell me why you paid for her medical expenses?” Mrs. Ma said “How can I not? Uncle Kan was always such a good worker. He asked for my help and I can’t refuse since she is really sick. I can’t just refuse now even though Uncle Kan accused me of murder because she is innocent.” Kris said, “Mrs. Ma, don’t you worry, I will find her and get her back to Yi Fu for proper treatment.”

Kris really believes in Mrs. Ma’s innocence! For outsiders, Law Ba does sound very reckless.

Kris, assistant, Mrs. Ma’s assistant, bunch of police in some hospital and there were Law Ba, George and Ka Fu (the 3 musketeers!) and Kris said coolly, “Officers, arrest them. They kidnapped Mrs. Kan” and the police was about to when Law Ba said, “I didn’t kidnap her, it was voluntary.” Kris said, “When she was in a coma? How voluntary can that be? You removed her without Uncle Kan’s consent and in lieu of Uncle Kan’s consent, Uncle Kan signed an instruction letter that Mrs. Ma can make the decisions on his behalf and you certainly did not get her consent!” The doctor appeared and I tell you, for once, a doctor with the right attitude who angrily said to Kris, “Why are you all so noisy? This is a hospital!” They all asked the doctor about Auntie Kan and the doctor said she is fine, and Kris said, “Officers, what are you waiting for?” The police were not pleased to be ordered around and retorted, “We were waiting for you to let us do our job,” and Kris looked sheepish and Law Ba and gang knew they were in deep trouble when I think the doctor or someone came back out again and said, “Auntie Kan is awake!” They all looked shocked and Law Ba looked like that he could actually avoid arrest this time. Later, police said, “Auntie Kan explained she gave Barrister Law her consent.” So they left and Kris was pissed when Mrs. Ma’s assistant said, “I will get her back to Yi Fu” but Law Ba stopped her and said, “No worries, she is well taken care of here,” as George said, “I will make arrangements  to complete the transfer paperwork.” So Kris and friends had to leave.

Auntie Kan on the bed, Law Ba looked at her and thanked her I think as she said, “I heard everything you said in the van.” He said, “Weren’t you in coma?” She said, “No I was just sedated. But I heard everything. I can’t believe Kan killed someone for me… I can’t believe it. I will talk to him, please take me to see him, I miss him so much.”

Pause here.

So she wasn’t in coma? Her condition was operable but she was never operated on? She was mostly sedated? Did she even say sedated?? Let me guess; Mrs. Ma prolonged her condition to make use of Uncle Kan. She never actually intended for Auntie Kan to be better since then she won’t be able to control Uncle Kan. Despicable woman!

At the center, Sham Shui Po locals sent Auntie Kan their wishes together with soups, pills, etc, all of which George explained may do more harm for Auntie Kan. So Ka Fu took them all to be redistributed to other needy seniors whilst Law Ba wanted very much to at least drink the soup.

In prison, Auntie Kan meeting Uncle Kan, and it was emotional as George and Law Ba were there and Auntie Kan cried, “Kan… why were you so foolish? Why did you kill for that woman? Why did you try to kill yourself? How can you leave me all alone? How can I live without you? You must do the right thing, you must tell the truth!” Uncle Kan said, “But.. your medical expenses… who will bear?” and Auntie Kan cried, “Kan, how can I accept that woman’s money at a time like this? That poor girl died in the end because of me. I am also at fault. I feel very guilty. Kan… tell the truth. Don’t worry about me, give the girl justice and tell the court the whole truth!” Uncle Kan and Auntie Kan both cried and Law Ba saw George wiping his tears on his sleeves.

George is a good guy. In the van, George wondered, “Even if Uncle Kan told the truth, will the jury believe him? He has been changing his story so many times.” And Law Ba wisely said, “Sometimes a barrister need not speak so much to win a case,” and George was confused and asked more questions as Law Ba said, “Remember what I just said. Don’t ask too many questions. Learn to shut up at the right moment and you can still win the case.”

In court. Uncle Kan on the stand. Law Ba kept his questions to the minimum and basically confirmed he killed the young lady on orders of Mrs. Ma, but he was very reluctant to say that as he looked at Mrs. Ma fearfully. Next, Kris who basically opened up the questioning, which was what Law Ba meant when he said shut up at the right time, since someone else will do the job for him. Can’t remember much what she asked but the gist is he did it all himself, Mrs. Ma did not order him, he killed victim on his own, and Uncle Kan was sorta stuttering, still very nervous. Next up, Law Ba again.

“Uncle Kan, tell this court why did you try to kill yourself in prison.” Uncle Kan said, “I felt guilty. I killed an innocent life. I didn’t want to; I had to and I couldn’t sleep; I couldn’t eat. I closed my eyes and I will see her face. I felt extreme guilt and so I decided to kill myself to end my suffering.” Law Ba looked at him and asked, “Is that it? Weren’t you paid a visit by Mrs. Ma’s assistant (she is in court, shifting her hands nervously)? Is it after this visit you tried to kill yourself?” Uncle Kan knew this was the time to be truthful and he looked nervously at Mrs. Ma and then remembered what his wife told him to do (Kan, tell the court the whole truth) and he said nervously, “Yes, she came to see me and I was promised that my wife’s medical bills will be taken care of even when I made a mistake.  I decided the only way to redeem myself, to ensure my wife will be taken care of and to appease my guilt, I decided to kill myself.” and Law Ba asked, “Your wife was in the Yi Fu hospital all along. Mrs. Ma was very generous in agreeing to pay for your wife’s medical bills. Was this before or after the murder?” Uncle Kan paused and said “Before” and Law Ba surmised, “Would you agree if I were to say she has been paving the way so that you will do what she tells you to do, to hold your wife’s condition and her need for medical help as hostage to make you follow her instructions?” Uncle Kan was very reluctant to answer this when suddenly a phone rang and it was Law Ba’s! Of course the judge was pissed and Law Ba explained, “I am sorry, your honor. I had to switch on my phone because I told the hospital to call me whenever there is any change in Auntie Kan’s condition. The tumour in her head; it could make her go into coma. It could grow and grow and grow if she doesn’t get medical attention. In fact, the tumour.. can.. BURST!!” Uncle Kan hearing that immediately panicked and emotionally cried, “Mrs. Ma, save my wife! Mrs. Ma please save my wife!! I beg you Mrs. Ma!!! Please save my wife!! PLEASE SAVE MY WIFE!!!” The whole court looked at him, so was Mrs. Ma, and Kris looked confused, like Law Ba may be right, Mrs. Ma may be the culprit when Uncle Kan ran forward, fell to his knees and kow towed as he said, “Mrs. Ma!! Please save my wife!! Please don’t let her die!! Please save my wife! I beg you, please save my wife! Save my wifeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will admit to everything! Everyone, I did it! I killed the victim on my own, Mrs. Ma never ordered me! I did it! I did it alone!!!!” Kris was now unsure if Mrs. Ma was as innocent as she made herself to be.

Next episode. Mrs. Ma’s assistant was questioned by Kris and ended up revealing the real personality of Mrs. Ma.

Interesting end. A testimony by a psychiatrist in the next episode will back up the credibility because the entire case rests on how Uncle Kan reacted and what Mrs. Ma actually said over the supposed telephone call to Uncle Kan at the rooftop on that fateful day. I understand, like I said where the story is heading, although it was rushed, not backed up by evidence such as a psychiatric report and what nots so it was all speculative. Anyway, if you’re confused, let me explain why Law Ba would win on this technicality.

We all know Uncle Kan killed the poor girl. No dispute, he admitted. But he said he did it on the orders of Mrs. Ma, whether expressed or implied. Meaning whether she said KILL HER or her past behaviour led him to believe she wanted him to kill her. I think this series will make it even clearer by taking the former path. Mrs. Ma says she didn’t; he did it on his own because they had a close relationship. The entire thing and in the middle is Auntie Kan. No dispute she has tumour, in Yifu Hospital owned or chaired by Mrs. Ma, who paid for entire thing. Defense for Mrs. Ma said that she did it out of the goodness of her heart. Defense for Uncle Kan said she did it as a quid pro quo. Now what do I mean by that?

Mrs. Ma is not an easy person to work with. Her treatment of the dog shows underneath she is a woman with issues. She will not hesitate to get rid of something she doesn’t like. She always gets her way. And Uncle Kan always let her get her way, since she is the boss, she seems kind to him. Now why he killed the victim is because his wife is very sick and Mrs. Ma paid for the entire thing. But it is not as simple as gratefulness. You don’t kill someone to repay a debt to someone else. In this case and what Law Ba is alleging is Mrs. Ma is holding Auntie Kan as hostage. Not real hostage but she conditioned Uncle Kan to believe she is his saviour. Uncle Kan is not educated, he is simple minded and when in trouble he went to see Mr.s Ma who did the perfect thing by offering medical help, etc. So in Uncle Kan’s mind, Mrs. Ma knew what to do to solve his problems, that she alone could save Auntie Kan and no one else. He believed in her, he rested his entire beliefs, together with the future of his wife’s health into Mrs. Ma’s hands. So what Mrs. Ma has now is a trump card; he will do whatever she wants him to do because if he doesn’t, it means his wife will die.  If he does, it means his wife will live. So that is what I meant with Mrs. Ma holding Auntie Kan as a hostage. It shows she is a very manipulative and pretentious woman who has probably planned this the moment she knew her husband was interested in the victim. And like Ka Fu says, this is one scary woman. This is also why when Uncle Kan heard what Law Ba said about his wife, his mind switched to I MUST ASK MRS. MA TO SAVE MY WIFE, ONLY SHE CAN SAVE MY WIFE mode and went begging and begging and everyone knew in his mind how influential Mrs. Ma was. How important she was. But that alone wouldn’t be enough to convict her but it would explain the nature of their relationship; that of a master who holds the answers and the servant who seeks the answers. The nail in the coffin would certainly be the assistant in the next episode.

Therefore I said I know where the story is heading but it may look confusing. Maybe some professional opinion would have given this already rather interesting storyline more depth.

Performance wise, veteran actor Chan Wing Chun is the actual star of this episode. The way he displayed his fear, his worries, his pain, everything, I can’t fault his performance.

Another is Claire Yiu as the coolly scary Mrs. Ma. The way she stared at him during his testimony, you see a woman bursting with anger inside but can’t reveal her true nature.

Myolie was ok, she did far better here than in that Cursed series. She displayed the right amount of exasperation, jealousness, anger, disbelief, doubt, etc and I am almost seeing the Myolie I so missed. However, my sister who watched this series said Myolie was perfectly cast in this role for one reason; she did the social climber desperate for recognition very well and this was her way of reminding me of a spectacle she made of herself in the TVB Awards show. I do see a bit of Kris in her in that moment, or do I see Myolie in Kris? I do like her hair though!

Kevin Cheng did well in those laid back scenes, just don’t ask him to make a legal point in a court room. Am I supposed to feel intimidated by him? The way he questioned meant he did it forcefully and so indicated that his Law Ba was scary in court but frankly I look at Kevin, I feel like cuddling him rather than fear him. He doesn’t give out that vibe. His best scenes were during those light hearted ones, like looking for the missing van, etc and his worst is during serious drama time, mostly court room scenes where he had to push the witness. Not convincing at all. But I like the way he stands and sits in court; very laidback.

Jazz Lam and gang did well. I think so far they had little to do, as in little to show for but I think they supported Kevin well. Only Eddie Kwan remained underused and rather silly.

Finally found out Kris’ assistant is played by Mandy Wong, and no comment. Again she is merely supportive, nothing much for her to do. Will we see her character arrested for something later on? I mean TVB tends to go personal for those dramatic moments.

Anyway so far, I really am enjoying this series. I like at least the fact that more thought has been put into the cases although the legal arguments remain a bit sketchy but at least so far nothing preachy and nothing judgmental. If you’re not watching this series, you must. It is by far TVB’s most refreshing series on a profession done to death and I really like the theme video and the theme song!

This Episodic Thoughts was written by Funn Lim, a Contributing Writer at JayneStars.com, and was originally posted at Point2e.com.

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  1. Very dramatic episode, enjoyed the recap and your commentary on Uncle Kan and Mrs. Ma’s relationship.

      1. Funn,
        I stopped at episode #2 months ago. Watching an entire series takes too many hours time lah….

        But I usually watch one or two episodes of a series because I am curious to the look and feel of a series. Just not enough time to continue on….

  2. HAha… i loved the hospital kidnap scene. Nearly died laughing when they came out and the van was gone.

    “Call a car”
    “A taxi? what! fit her in the trunk?”
    ” A Van, A Van!”

    1. Yes that’s the correct dialogue!! And they do keep losing cars don’t they?

  3. Hi Funn,

    I am new here, but I would like to ask you about the review for “You Hired” and “When Heaven Burn”. I love your review about “BYTROC” and now this series. You are so funny in your review. Thank you

    1. Hi Kim. Sure it’s me? I didn’t post BTROC here. I did plan to do an episodic thought for When Heaven Burns but I just couldn’t bring myself to watch the episodes in full and then came Ghetto Justice which frankly excited me more. If I ever to watch it will be review proper.

      I did write a review for You’re Hired. You can find it here;


      1. Thank you Funn
        I am looking forward to read your review,thoughts and comments for You’re Hired..

      2. Also, I do not like Myolie that much, but because of your review, I am watching this series right now…

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