Is Rebecca Zhu Interested in Kenneth Ma?

Since winning the 2011 Miss Hong Kong crown, Rebecca Zhu (朱晨麗) has been promoted heavily by TVB. Portraying Kenneth Ma’s (馬國明) wife in Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles <名媛望族>, Rebecca was quickly romantically linked to the “Diamond Bachelor.” Although she had a favorable impression of Kenneth, Rebecca said that she was still in the process of getting to know him!

Forced to Breakup with Ex-Boyfriend

In the beginning of the year, Rebecca broke up with her Ukranian boyfriend named Kostyantyn Keshyshev. The pair met in Rebecca’s former ballet troupe. Kostyantyn was presented with an opportunity, which required him to leave Hong Kong. Rebecca believed that relationships were a matter of timing; although she was unwilling to let go, she had to do so.

“In life, we have joyous gatherings and grievous partings. It is already fate to meet him (Kostyantyn). However, things appear to be predestined; he had to leave here. We are forced to break up. I have no reason to stop a young man’s opportunities. A man’s focus should be on his career. It was necessary to let go and allow him to improve his career opportunities. If fate allows it, maybe we can be together in the future again!”

“Clayton Li is Only a Friend”

2011 Mr. Hong Kong, Clayton Li (李晉強), who was photographed resting his head on Rebecca’s shoulder while riding the train in January. However, Rebecca said, “He is a good friend in which we can chat about any topic. He is like a little boy!”

“Kenneth Ma is Truthful”

While filming Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles costar, Rebecca was nursing her heartbreak after splitting from Kostyantyn. Single again, she was quickly rumored with Kenneth Ma. Rebecca professed that she was attracted by his character in the drama and had a positive impression of his real-life personality.

“Kenneth Ma is my husband in the drama. He taught me many things. But I do not know how he is in real life. It is worthy to marry his character in Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles!”

Asked directly if she was romantically interested in Kenneth, Rebecca replied, “I do not fully understand (him); I do not know! From reading the newspaper, he will not circumvent his responses. He is very direct, proving that he does not have much to hide. He is generous in allowing the press to photograph what they wish.”

Filming Triumph in the Skies 2 <衝上雲霄 2 > in July, Rebecca will costar with Kenneth once again. Perhaps filming the 40 episode drama will allow Rebecca further opportunity to get to know Kenneth better.

In her interview, Rebecca inadvertently revealed that she paid attention to Kenneth’s news and judged his sincerity and character positively. She continued, “He is cute. Many people wear different masks. He presented his true self before others. I read in the news that Kenneth admitted to watching pornography, which is normal for a man to do so. But many men do not admit this. I feel that he is truthful and sincere. Many people will be interested in catching this ‘Diamond Bachelor’!”

Waiting to Reunite with Family

Living in Hong Kong for eight years, Rebecca has been separated from her parents for many years. Winning the Miss Hong Kong Pageant changed her life and improved her financial condition. Rebecca cherished the opportunities given to her by TVB and looked forward to earning enough money to allow her parents to live comfortably with her in Hong Kong.

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Jayne: Hope to hear more follow-up regarding Rebecca and Kenneth. Although it sounds as if she sacrificed her former relationship to pursue an acting career. Rebecca may not so easily fall for another man at this time. Leaving a good impression is a good start though.

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  1. From my point of view, all these reports seem to say Rebecca has a crush on Kenneth.

    But Kenneth flirts with all his female co-stars so its hard to say if he has ‘true feelings’ for her anyway lol.

    Or maybe just for publicity and promotion who knows. None of this is true.

  2. Rebecca has 2 back to back series with Kenneth, so hard to say if this is purely promotion or truth.

    1. Reminds me of the time Sunny and Charmaine worked together in Flying Fox and DIF4.

      1. Yes, charmaine said sunny had to teach her how to withdraw f/ the character b/c she was a newbie.

        But since Kenneth is single, maybe he won’t mind if Rebecca “acting fake become real”. Lucky for him.

      2. @josie: Yes, lucky him. She is a young pretty girl.

    2. TVB have probably purposely done this to promote Rebecca. I mean she is working with someone that is obviously single and whom she spends a lot of time with on the set. Wouldn’t be unnatural for her to have a slight crush on him and vice versa.

  3. A lot of rumors between MM and Rebecca. I have a feeling it’s promotion for their new series. Eh With MM’s new found fame, it’ll help boost Rebecca.

    On a different note, there has been a lot of news about Rebecca. She’ll make it to the front line in no time.

    1. About time TVB gets another fadan, it gets boring seeing the same faces all the time.

  4. Rebecca professed that she was attracted by his character in the drama and had a positive impression of his real-life personality.

    First phrase is correct, but the second phrase, she said: “But I do not know how he is in real life. ” and “I do not fully understand (him); I do not know! From reading the newspaper, he will not circumvent his responses. He is very direct, proving that he does not have much to hide. He is generous in allowing the press to photograph what they wish.”

    Mean she doesn’t know much about him and after a series, she still has no idea on him other than reading the newspaper. It’s a crush/interest? I doubt, I doubt :P.

    BTW, why Rebecca has to link to Ma Ming in 2 continuing series like this? Can’t have a new pairing? We even dun noe if her chemistry with him can work out for the SSSS series or not! Sometimes I really feel bored with TVB’s strategy to pair a couple again and again like this. Give Rebecca another chance to work with other actors is better to her.

    1. Good point, Fox. Many celebs often get along when they work on a drama together. However, out of the set/drama in real life is a completely different world. Just because they get along on the set doesn’t mean that they will in real life which is why I often don’t like it when people dream of an on screen couple being together in real life. Sure, it does happen but as we can see it doesn’t happen often.

      I remember reading about Vic and I think Mark(I forgot) working together in Black and White. They got along well during the series and were good friends in the series. However, after the series ended, that was it. But many still continued to think that they were best friends in real life which was not true at all… I guess it is ok and normal to think so since viewers like to extend their imagination after a series is over.

    1. Agree……totally agree! She’s too green, she needs to prove herself and her acting abilities instead of relying on her so called ‘Fala’ resemblance to gain roles.

    2. Fala is a lot prettier and younger looking than Rebecca.

    3. To me both fala & rebecca are nothing impressive at all. fala= airport body. rebecca = big boobs with no brains + self-pride….

      1. Rebecca has nice curves now but in a few years will she becomes thinner too just like most TVB actresses?

      2. I agree that both Fala and Rebecca are way overrated and are nothing impressive at all. But then again, aren’t many if not all of the stars of today way overrated in terms of looks and talent?? it is not just the 2 of them.

      3. Eventhough I don’t like Tavia Yeung’s very faked plastic face, I’m really impressed with her gifted acting skills and fiery speech deliveries in the series that she’s in…….Sheren Tang’s character are very domineering and his acting style is grossly outstanding.

        When compared this new two to the old two, it’s simply a description of a heaven and an earth comparison.

      4. I haven’t seen Rebecca’s acting yet, but… I prefer Oceane Zhu. Her Cantonese is not as good as Rebecca’s, but I find the accent cute. And Oceane doesn’t seem to be like she’s trying to rush to the top, when clearly (IMO), she has the potential to do so.

  5. Rebecca Chan Sau Chi is so much more talented than this no talent Rebecca Zhu

    1. Are you serious? You are comparing a veteran with 20-30 years of experience with a newcomer who has barely been in the industry for 1 year?

  6. just hope that she won’t be another aimee chan who is “using” moses to speed her way up to being a lead actress.

    1. Yuck please don’t put Kenneth as the same with old Moses LOL

      1. This trick works? Why can’t Rebecca Zhu use it?

        She needs someone more established and popular to boost her popularity. It is an excellent “trick”!

      2. No don’t want KM to be used by Rebecca to gain popularity 🙁

      3. Guys like moses chan & companies are not stupid for just blatantly& blindly being used by their females to gain fame. They must have been handsomely rewarded with alot of sexual favors day & night until they never say ‘no’ to what are being requested by their lovers….

    2. Aimee might use Moses but that dun mean Moses dun use Aimee. Good for both.

  7. As a godfather?

    I am sick of these HK old dudes hooking up with girls young enough to be their daughters

  8. Since both Kenneth and Rebecca are single and have good impression of each other, perhaps they would work out. Who knows. Rebecca is a pretty girl, and also very independent and mature in her thinking for her age. So I would say Kenneth is lucky if they get together.

    1. If you know how to read both of their faces (from a fortune teller point of view), they are NOT compatible as ideal lover at all….eventhough they may seem to be a nice-looking couple on the screen, their personality is totally crashing with each other…….

      From their face, it tells me that Rebecca is a very $$$$$$ gal + flirtatious in real life whereas kenneth is more family oriented + loyal (conservative) to love!!!!!

      1. Lolz, from their face it tells me that Rebecca is a pretty and sweet girl. From what I’ve read about Ma Ming in the recent time, I think he is the flirtatious type 😛 and he himself said he is one. So how? I say Ma Ming is super lucky if he can have Rebecca!

      2. yea, maybe you are right. From a laywoman’s point of view, it’s certainly true that Kenneth would be very lucky if he could get Rebecca….I think that’s because Rebecca possesses a pair of very big enlarged booobs… Also, from her attitude, she can be very sexually crazy if kenneth can click a chemistry on her.

        Well, if their relationship happens to bear fruit (which I 100% believe is impposible in reality), it’ll be rebecca who would endup dumping kenneth without sense of sympathy towards him.!! As I might have said, their faces are crashing towards each other romantically. Rebecca is a very chosy person in nature. Her taste shall be something like billionaire’s son or something like that. Even Mosses Chan also appears like a dirt in her own eyes….

        I remember what rebecca said few mth ago when tvb interviewed her : She said “Not many people actually qualify to be my friends. To be able to be my friends are deemed to be very honorable & prestigious!!” Her PR Skill is really sucks!!

      3. I have watched the interview myself and those weren’t her words. They asked her if Clayton Li meet her criteria of a boyfriend and she said those who are her friends are of course all nice and have good personality. She didn’t say anything about being rich, prestigious.

      4. So tony, are you saying that Ma Ming is under her requirements, therefore they can’t be together? In this case, blame Ma Ming to not ideal enough to get the girl he wants :P.

      5. Fox, there are many good gals in the market….but to expect someone good from within the entertainment circle ( sorry..shall be circus) is very rare.

        Kenneth is actually a very nice guy in nature despite he maybe a little naugty sometimes. He has alot of very good & beautiful base of female fans who actually can be his ideal lovers and this is possible if they are given enuff chance for kenneth to discover their true nature.

        Rather than to take a risk and pursue this faked-mask rebecca whom he knows at the end will dump him like a garbage, why not go out and find somebody who will truly treat him like a human being and cherish him with true heart?

        Female like Hetieshou also actively looking for boyfrend here and I think she shall a deserve a chance to be given an opportunity by kenneth to discover her. 🙂

      6. susan, i dont think i’m wrong. I do have few of my frend’s frends who are rebbeca’s close frends confirmed that she was a very arrogance & snobbish person in nature. They said when she was in college time, she always dreamt to date very very rich bznessman and sometimes didn’t even attend college class when she’s staying overnight in her rich boyfrend’s house. What a joke man??

      7. Tony, you’ve just stated a fact. There are rare good girls in ent. industry and good guys, too. Not many good guys around in this circle (or circus if you like to call so). Baddie go with baddie, wat is the problem?

        Kenneth is actually a very nice guy in nature despite he maybe a little naugty sometimes. He has alot of very good & beautiful base of female fans who actually can be his ideal lovers and this is possible if they are given enuff chance for kenneth to discover their true nature.

        Are you Ma Ming’s relatives or friends or Ma Ming himself to know he is really nice in nature? And what make you think that Ma Ming is too good for Rebecca if you don’t know both of them? By this logic, I also can say that Rebecca is good and nice in nature and Ma Ming is the one who is not deserved to have him. How do you think?

        Wearing mask, lolz, I doubt that your Ma Ming dun have one :P. So in fact, like I said above, Rebecca can be bad but I don’t find Ma Ming is good in either way. Baddie go with baddie, har?

        Yup, I agree with you that there are many choices to both out of each other. Rebecca, from this article, also isn’t showing much interest or knowledge on Ma Ming’s personality. In the end of the day, maybe she dun choose him or dun think of choosing him. That’s all.

        Until when they announce they are together, then we’ll know that they are really interested in each other, or not.

        Again, nothing to ensure that females like Hetieshou wanna be found by Ma Ming.

        P/S: If you wanna be found by Ma Ming, you can go to his weibo to say it directly :P.

      8. It is quite funny actually that once one get more known there will always be someone whether it is “a friend” or an acquaintance who comes out and say they know that person and that he/she used to be XXX before and so on. But who actually knows if those people really know that celebrity. Besides, Rebecca never actually went to a college. She graduated from Performing Art School in Hong Kong, majoring in dance.

      9. The word ” college” is a bit formal but it is actually referring to that art school eventhough that school is actually not a big and formal one just like any other colleges throughout the world.

      10. My friends are friends of friends of Paris Hilton and they say that Paris Hilton doesn’t like party, often go to bed at 9 PM and can’t drink wine.

      11. Fox, your info are right. Whenever Paris is not partying, she always sleep very early…but your frend didnt mention that she normally have sex 1st before sleeping and while sleeping she always fantasizes of being raped by celebrities on bed.

        She can’t drink (much) only at her boyfrend’s request because if drinking too much, then she’ll not be consciously able to maximize her sexual energy to perform on the bed at the highest level.

      12. LMAO~, you really blv that I have these friends of friends of friends?

      13. @Tony,
        Thanks but I am actually not actively seeking a boyfriend right now but am more concerned with my career and other things in my life right now. I have had my friends and even one of my brother’s friends try to introduce me to quite a few guys but I said that was not ready to have a boyfriend since I have other things on my mind right now. I do happen to like one of my friend’s friend who happens to be the same age as Kenneth and is nice(as we can see and think anyways) like him. It is up to fate and timing I guess… Just because I say that I am single does NOT mean that I am actively seeking a boyfriend, especially online and at a place like this?? No way…

      14. I know a couple who met online through a voice chat webcam software called PALTALK.
        They both in California though, just one northern and one in southern. Everyday they webcam and voice chat with each others on Paltalk, and then one day he fly down to southern California and meet her, they both get together.
        I think with today technology, meeting friends from online is easy. Especially wih webcam, you can turn on webcam and see them face to face, LOL!

      15. Hetiushou, your explanation is great! I love it but I have some comments.

        1. You said you were actually not actively seeking a boyfriend and were more concerned with your career currently.
        My remarks: What should you expect me to say with regard to this statement of excuse? You’re so self-aggrandisement. I‘m worried if this self-pridewomanship would pay off in the long-run and how would you feel if you’re left in the dark with nobody wants you as you’re progressing towards a more advanced age?

        2. You said you had friends trying to introduce you quite a few guys but you weren’t ready to accept them as your boyfriend.
        My remarks: What bothers you so much that you’ve to unappealingly ward off many potentially interesting and innocent suitors? Please give them a chance lol. Everyone is destined to have one or two real “yuen fen” in real life. If you miss this, don’t you regret that you’d be forever lonely just like the pain that Sheren Tang is suffering now.

        3. You said you did happen to like your friend’s friend and claimed that it’d be up to fate and timing to dictate.
        My remarks: You’re a master of your destiny and should never use this as an excuse to unfavorably tie/drag down your life. Also, I realize that you’ve a mismanaged “dan si pae-eng” (love sickness) for quite some time which you’re afraid to reveal to your loved one. Well, I do have dozens of such feeling towards many many beautiful gals but I do make the best use of every available chance I have so that I won’t regret for the rest of my life. Rejection only makes me feel thicker and braver which many gals like. That’s why I have lots of galfrends. 

        4. Just because you said that you were single didn’t mean that you were actively seeking a boyfriend, especially online and at a place like this?? No way…
        Mr remarks: This thinking is abit childish lor. I do have few frends who knew their wife through the internet and they’re happily married currently. So, it’s not a guilt to open yourself up by starting to be frend and gain trust 1st before progressing further into an intimate relationship. Who know you maybe able to dig gold tortoise even in the internet? Not all guys in the internet are conman. I believe I’m the exception. Heheh…

    2. Fox, whether you have these frends of frends is not an issue. The issue is when there is a doubt, it’ s my honor to stand up & clear that out…. 🙂

      The kind of nice nature guy like kenneth is rarw & is pretty wasted and totally undeserving if he is being unsconsciously dragged into eating dead cat. …

      1. Yeah yeah Ma Ming the saint. Hope that he won’t be alone forever in order to avoid dead cat, lolz.

  9. MingYi fans will definately not approved of Kenneth and Rebecca if they are really in the relationships.Just to prove how crazy KenTa fans were.It doesn’t mean that they’ll get together even though their chemistry onscreen is really good.

    1. LOL agreed. Those crazy fans are unbelivable

  10. Kenneth and Rebecca could be an amazing couple together 🙂

    1. monica, you could be right! They are both could be an amazing couple but only as a sex couple overnight; not for life.

      1. So your nice in nature man only go for a girl for sex overnight but not for life :P?

      2. yea….yea…..that’s funny and I know that.. 🙂

        If they happen to be in love, then they must be ended up as an ideal overnight sex couple. What else if nit that?

        But since this issue is non-existent now and also highly in the future, kenneth will continue to preserve its image once again as a pretty nice nature man in the eyes of many many female fans.

      3. Oh, you are making him a fake man in the eyes of many females audience :P.

      4. Wah… you are making a very dangerous assumption of excusing me to fake kenneth. How can you say that, fox?

        If kenneth doesnt want to be a true gentleman, nobody can force him but I think he has no problem and there’s nothing for him to pretend or hide much because almost all the images that he carries currently are quite real. This explains clearly why his popularity as a good man keeps surging with his huge female fans.

      5. How real? Lolz. Nobody force him to act gentleman but audiences, companies, fans and himself, too. It’s his image or the image Txb is trying to put on him.

        Real? It’s word that rarely used to refer to artists :P.

        I can see you as a very big fan of Ma Ming. But blv me, nobody is perfect or nobody is real in this ent. industry :P. Of course, I don’t tell you to stop loving Ma Ming, just go ahead and continue with your love because it’s your emotions, you can’t do anything to change it. However, don’t put him too high or expect too much from him. And, don’t think that women around him are trying to be his predators :).

        What happened happened and what will happen will happen.

      6. fox, you’re wrong this time. I’m not a big nor die hard fan of kenneth at all. It’s just that when I sense something not right, I’ve to come out voluntarily with all the justice that I ‘ve in my mind to sort all possible misunderstandings out so that all of kenneth’s lovely female fans can have a great comfort & peace at heart to continue to admire their sacred idols of true self.

        Btw, did I say Kenneth carries images that is 100% real? I said his one was quite real and nothing to hide much and even more so real when compared with other celebrities…….but i wont deny that once a while that he might appear to be alittle bit naughty and disturbing to a gal’s serenity.

        Well, he’s still a good diamond bachelor that many females are dreaming of…

      7. Lolz, if you admit you are a fan of Ma Ming, it’s easier to understand all the bashes you are giving to Rebecca.

        Honestly, once again, Rebecca and Ma Ming didn’t date (or at least showed that) and nothing to ensure that Rebecca have any intention to pursue Ma Ming. She even says she only knows him through newspaper, so she means they are not close. That’s all.

  11. This is a rumor created by tvb to boost the series.. I dont believe in Rebecca aiming at Kenneth as a bf material.

    1. I think rumours that reoccur over and over and over again over a number of years and aren’t that ridiculous or unbelieveable may have more truth to them than we think. Time will tell. But if it is a rumour that only appears once or twice and is too ridiculous to be true, then I don’t believe it at all. This rumour has just appeared once I think, so there is a higher chance of it not being true… Lets see if it will occur again and again.. Then we will see how it is.

    2. Your thought is very sensible! I also hardly think Rebecca will allow herself to be sexually conquered by this Kenneth. Rebecca’s taste and eyesight are pretty sky-high as could be clearly seen by how desperate she dumped her kwai-loh boyfrend after she won Miss Hong Kong and how lame is the excuse she used to cover that sin.

      1. You can see how desperate Rebecca was in order to participate in Miss Hong Kong Beauty Pageant. She went to live in Hong Kong by herself for 7 years in order to become a Hong Kong citizen so that she could participate in the contest. She will not be happy to have Kenneth Ma as her boyfriend/husband in future. Her aim should be very high …… some rich guys to pair up with her.

      2. Rebecca needs to hang around with Kenneth Ma (an idol) to boost her popularity only. Once she gets her popularity and establishes her fadan status, she will dump whoever she has.

      3. I don’t think Rebecca Zhu is a simple person. She is very lucky to get her early support roles just because Fala Chen was not feeling well and she has Fala’s resemblance.

      4. wah! Your statement of facts almost make me numbed and I’m getting very scare of this Rebecca zhu as if she is Tavia Yeung in Beyond the Realm of Conscience……..

      5. I think if not mistaken, Rebecca did appear in Laughing Gor movie.

        Her accent was quite bitter and her cantonese grammar was simply sucks…….

        To rise to a fadan status, she needs the kind of a “fiery” speech like Tavia or a sweet smile comfortable talks like Fala Chen.

        If relying on boobs alone, it’s better to ask her to star in porn movies…. hahaha

      6. @sandcherry: If Rebecca wanna climb high, I doubt that Ma Ming is a very wise choice. Even in TVB, there are ppl with higher situation and more famous than Ma Ming. She is a desperate of fame woman, then why doesn’t she find these ppl?

        In the ent. industry, nobody is simple. If they are simple, they can’t survive :). So Rebecca isn’t the only one or the last one. Then, why judge her?

        And are you comparing a woman lived in HK for 32 years like TY to 7 years like Rebecca? So why don’t compare TY’s English to Linda’s English, lolz.

      7. Oh, the last paragraph above is @tony, not sandcherry. Sorry to forget to put @tony in.

      8. Rebecca Zhu was born in Suzhou, Jiangsu, China. When she was 16, she went to Hong Kong to attend the The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts. There are so many good arts colleges in China, why did she have to go to school in Hong Kong She wanted to get her Hong Kong citizenship so that she could compete for Miss Hong Kong.

        If she is such a well-planned person, she would never be happy to settle down with someone like Kenneth Ma who is not rich or has rich parents.

      9. No problem for her to study in oversea (ie. HK in this case) if she wanna do such thing. There are many reasons for a person to study oversea, not only just in order to acquire the citizenship status. And even if she plans to do such thing, it just means that she wanna live in HK. Ok, let’s think: She planned to do such thing, but what make her 100% ensure that she can be MHK? She just tried and did her best. If being MHK is a fault, then many girls are having faults :P.

        Now she is in the ent. industry, ok, let’s just have an assumption that she is dying for fame, then she should go for a rich man or a very famous actor or a director/producer/etc. because it’s the fastest way. Ma Ming – doesn’t stay in any group. He isn’t rich, has just be famous this year and steps to first line for 1-2 years, also doesn’t know many powerful ppl. What she can seek from him to date him? And is she dating him? I’ll say that Rebecca is rather simple to plan like this, lolz.

      10. Do you think Rebecca Zhu is dating Kenneth Ma? If she did, she only did it to get more news from the media so as to boost her popularity. Or it is only some kind of TVB’s promotion.

        I don’t think highly of Rebecca anyway ….. such a well-planned girl.

      11. No I don’t think so.

        Other than Rebecca, Ma Ming also has news on about this rumour. Both gains benefits. Ah, actually 3: Rebecca, Ma Ming, TVB.

        I don’t find Rebecca too well-planned. At least her plan hasn’t wowed me at this moment. I somehow don’t think highly of her in this aspect.

        But I don’t support Rebecca and Ma Ming to be together (of course, if they are really together, I can’t do anything lolz) but the reason might be different to some girls here. I hope Rebecca can find someone that she can understand well, not a guy on newspaper.

      12. @Fox,

        Are u saying she’s just b00bs with no brain? lolz

      13. No, Veejay. But if she thinks that she can use Ma Ming to climb to top, then I have to consider your comment again.

      14. fox, you may have a point to say that rebecca is a well planned person but to say that she’s smart, I think it’s too premature!

        How fast and how big the success she could achieve will depend extremely much on how daring, how far and how good she could sacrifice herself to “bed” on the right kind of people to push her up to the fadan status.! Because IMHO, she doesn’t have the kind of firm character of sheren, fiery speech of tavia and pleasant personality of fala, sympathy fetching expression of charmaine and mature behavior of liza wong or fans fetching luck of jessica hsuen. Thus, she has to count lots on her bed skill with the right connections in the entertainment industry.
        Remember, her big boobs & her ‘muscular’ like body is her biggest and most valuable selling point to stand out brilliantly among all her female rivals!!

      15. Oh man, Rebecca has just joined this ent. industry less than 1 years and you are comparing her who work in this field for at least a decade? What kind of comparison it is?

        If that, may I ask you that all the names you mentioned, maybe, when they first join the ent. industry and don’t have any experience, do they have to do bed job?

        Please, you can’t assume that Rebecca did the bed job with anyone just because she dared to have love rumour with saint Ma Ming!

      16. Fox, oh my god! We are not actually comparing Rebecca to those veterans in terms of years of experience in the field. Vaguely speaking, to be successful in this field, one must have her own specialization(unique kind of branding & talents) that makes her standout. It maybe too early to brand Rebecca but so far all that we can sense is given that she doesn’t have the kind of strengths that these veterans possess, all that she could count on is her bed skills.

        We don’t see there’s anything wrong with that and we never undermine her ability to fully utilizing this short-cut skill to shoot up to fame given that she lacked of higher education & cantonese speaking background as compared to her peers with similar beauty foundation.

        Also, just because she dared to have love rumour with Jesus Kenneth Christ, it’s a bold indication that she’s well-planned daring actress. If she can be so daring, it’s not inappropriate to make presumption that she might even go as far as selling her boobs cheap cheap in pursuit of this very much prized fadan status that she had been very crazy for since the 1st time she came to Hong Kong.

      17. tony, you are saying that you aren’t comparing the veterans and Rebecca in terms of how much experience they have in the industry. Then if you were to describe how Tavia, Fala, Sheren and Charmaine were personality-wise when they were newcomers, would you still have praised them the same way you do now? I’m sure you won’t. As they have all matured in terms of speaking skills and how they handle the media after years’ of experience. Rebecca is still a newcomer and we haven’t seen much of her yet to judge how she is. So why don’t you just wait a couple of years and see what people will say about her then?

      18. Fox, oh my god! We are not actually comparing Rebecca to those veterans in terms of years of experience in the field. Vaguely speaking, to be successful in this field, one must have her own specialization(unique kind of branding & talents) that makes her standout.

        No, you compared. If you don’t rmb I can copy for you: “Because IMHO, she doesn’t have the kind of firm character of sheren, fiery speech of tavia and pleasant personality of fala, sympathy fetching expression of charmaine and mature behavior of liza wong or fans fetching luck of jessica hsuen. “. Do you see your own comparison? It’s still here for you to see. The above things you’ve mentioned, are indeed the experiences of these names gathered through years. Rebecca is very green in this ent. industry, with less than 1 years of experience she is having, you require her to have everything in one day? If that, she’ll deserve to be best actress in Txb because she has all in one – catch all requirement.

        She needs time to show her improvement, her ability and her hidden charm. If she fails to do such thing in the next few years, then you can bash her. But at this moment, it’s too soon.

        And if you wanna compare, let’s compare her with everyone you like but rmb, put them in their beginning of their career to have a fair comparison.

        It maybe too early to brand Rebecca but so far all that we can sense is given that she doesn’t have the kind of strengths that these veterans possess, all that she could count on is her bed skills.

        You can’t sense anything because you haven’t see anything. Her first series hasn’t been released. When it is released, you can judge her performance in it. Sorry if that time I can’t discuss much with you because I decided to quit this series or only watch few parts of Damien, Rebecca, Mary Hon and Idy Chan to know.

        We don’t see there’s anything wrong with that and we never undermine her ability to fully utilizing this short-cut skill to shoot up to fame given that she lacked of higher education & cantonese speaking background as compared to her peers with similar beauty foundation.

        Holly hop! Then no college = bed skill counted? Ok well. So one of your fave, TY, hasn’t went to college, too but you still praise her. A contradict? Or an imply? Lolz.

        Cantonese is her second language. Someone has talents in lang, someone not. Do you think that all MCI peers who can’t speak Cantonese have to count on bed skill, too? Lolz. In this case Rebecca is only a sand in the beach.

        Also, just because she dared to have love rumour with Jesus Kenneth Christ, it’s a bold indication that she’s well-planned daring actress. If she can be so daring, it’s not inappropriate to make presumption that she might even go as far as selling her boobs cheap cheap in pursuit of this very much prized fadan status that she had been very crazy for since the 1st time she came to Hong Kong.

        If she is well-planned, like I said, in TVB there are many actors with higher status or richer or larger fanbase than Ma Ming. Why Rebecca doesn’t come to these men?

        And in addition, she shows quite clear that she is NOT DATING and KNOWING NOTHING about saint Ma Ming so she has no plan to go with him. Of course, maybe she is lying or he is only under the pursuing period, but it means she isn’t using Mr. Ma Ming to climb up. Reason? If she is doing such thing, she will make everything more foggy to feed the reporters and gain more news.

        Again, if she is very desperate and daring, choosing Ma Ming is pointless. Very pointless.

    3. tony, may I ask you how you can “sense” whether someone has what it takes to be successful in the industry? You make it seem like Rebecca has no talent, but she was choosen among a bunch of children to study in Shanghai at a young age and then got in to The Hong Kong Acedemy of Performing Arts and also a scholarship to study in the states, so that already shows she is a good dancer. For a newcomer to be able to cry almost immediately when asked to, that’s also pretty good, considering how some actresses still have problems despite having lot of experience.

  12. This rumor are to promote Rebecca n Kenneth upcoming series. I can’t wait to see the series and see if they have any chemistry as onscreen couple.

  13. Like i’ve said, she’s just doing what Fala Chen did years ago. Hooking her name with various male actors to get exposure. “Wool Lee Jing”.

    1. Having such a devilicious body like that, it’s hard to avoid rumours with male artists hehe…

      But I won’t say she’s a woo lee jing yet since her action isn’t that sultry, seducisive etc yet towards Kenneth.

      1. Haha devilicious? Seriously she is overrated both in terms of beauty (face) and body.

        Where are you Nancy? It’s time for you to use your newly acquire skills i.e. kickboxing and beat the crap of this WLJ, LOL.

        Ok, she still hasn’t reached WLJ level yet but she does possess great hidden potential.

        Obviously this news is made up in order to promote her and to some extent the series as well. So many artists jumping the sinking ship has made the ship so light that a wave will be able to turn it around, LOL.

      2. haha, I just labelled her devilicious like everyone does for eg. she was highly praised for possessive big b00bies etc.. to me, I dont find her pretty at all too.. As a matter infact, I don’t like how she looks like actually..

        and yeah I agree that she has potential into turning a WLJ when she gets older and more experiences.

      3. In that case you should’ve labelled her “boobilicious”, haha.

        Yeah agree with you with regards to her looks (her face looks kinda weird). Besides there’s something about her that gives me a bad vibe probably due to my natural WLJ and plastic detector, LOL.

      4. exoidus, are you the nickname ‘exodus’ in site? are you a member in there too?

      5. @exoidus: Nancy is avoiding Ma Ming now, so she won’t waste her boxing skill, lolz.

      6. Yeah LeilaFan, same person I ended up being exoidus here due to a typo.

        I was mostly in the wuxia section discussing and reading JY novels 🙂


        Now that I think abt are you related to the foxes “fox” or “icyfox” that used to translate these novels?

      7. @exoidus: Nope, I don’t translate novels in Spcnet. I also feel lazy to translate novels and normally like to read only.

        P/S: I don’t read JY for a long while after finishing all of his 15 books. Nearest wuxia novels I’ve read is Cang Hai (don’t mention of the Tian xia novels 🙂 or advanture novels such as Zhan di mi ma – if you like these type, I can suggest you some, for example Sou shen ji or Man zhou sa wah or Zhan di mi ma :)).

      8. @Fox,

        Should’ve known since translation is hard work and for someone who likes to copy&paste it won’t make any sense, LOL.

        Tian xia? you mean “stormriders” manhua. Not familiar with other wuxia novels besides JY and GL to some extent.

        Thx for your suggestions, but I can’t read chinese. Besides unless they are really good I will get bored quickly.

      9. No. Fung Wan is a comic aka manhua not the type of novel I’m talking about :). I’m saying about the text book novel.

        JY and GL are veteran wuxia novelist so they dun write anymore for years (GL who passed away). Therefore after reading all of their novels, I tend to find other author’s. I’ve read Leung, Wen both, personally I like Wen more (even more than some of JY and GL). After that, I expand my reading to the newer authors to see how they put the modern life in their works. There are many good works to read and in them, there are strong points that the veterans also dun have (due to many reasons). For example, the love under JY novels can’t never be as sad and beautiful as in Cang Yue’s. Or I find the ability of putting layers in a mysterious case of Xiao Yuan can compare to Gu Long. Older than them, Huang Yi has an unbelievable ability of arrange the historical events in a logic. Or I can’t find a character in JY novels that can make me love as much as Kuk Chun in Cang Hai. Hence, I think you should enlarge your reading if you wanna know more about wuxia, too. The world of wuxia novels is huge and if you like it, you can find many good things in it.

        Yes, I’m lazy. But since my job isn’t a translator, I don’t find any reason to force me to translate stuffs. Sometimes I translated some novels for fun (for example, I translated several works of Wen Rui On for my friends to read) but it’s just a habit. I can’t compare myself to the pro translators.

      10. @ exoidus

        Fox is definitely not IcyFox. Fox is a lawyer, IcyFox is physicist. Fox is a she, IcyFox is a he. 🙂

      11. Hey, hey, hey……While all of you gals talking about Rebecca’s boobs, why suddenly change topic and turn into talking about wuxia/novel? This bores me lots…….

        You gals gonna to help us guys to dig more stories to discover deeper about this wulijing. Thanks 🙂

      12. Sometimes I feel that you are kinda weird, tony.

      13. Thx for the info Fox, can’t comment since I haven’t read any of the novels you mentioned. Huang Yi is the guy behind ASITP and when I search for his name it seems TVB has already made several of his novels didn’t know that 🙂

        Not sure how accurate these adaptations were, however LWOLAP was utterly rubbish, TOB was alright and ASITP remains one my fav, LOL. I suppose you love all of them due to a commom denominator.

        Well the translators do it not bc it’s there job but bc they like doing it so none of them can be considered pros.

        Btw, im too lazy to read the novels prefer adaptations, haha.


        Thx for the info. Think we have talked in Spcnet before abt wuxia and TVB series, hahaha…

      14. TVB made 4 adaptions from HuangYi’s novels. The first one is Hunter’s Prey, second is A step in the past, third is Twins of brother, forth is LWOLAP. Among this, I consider TOB is the closest to the novels. LWOLAP basically only has the name of the characters and few details. ASITP is not much better, just has the chacs’ names and few contents in the beginning. Hunter’s Prey has more relevant contents than that but also not much. But most of ppl dun noe that HP is also an adaption of Huang Yi’s novel.

        I’ve read a very nice comment: Never judge a book through its movie :). Fu Yu Fan Yun (LWOLAP) is an awesome novel – can say that it’s one of HuangYi’s best novel. It’s very mature but not getting worse in the end like Da Tang (TOB). Qin (ASITP) is ok, not as good as the beginning of Da Tang but consistent from the beginning to the end. U (HP) isn’t my fave. My order to the novels: FYFY>Da Tang>Qin>U. But the series is ASITP>TOB>HP>LWOLAP.

        I’m not saying of the translators in scpnet because I haven’t read their work :). I’m saying of the translators in general. In my opinion, to translate a novel isn’t hard but how to use beautiful words to bring to the readers all the emotions like the novelist did in the novel or even better than that, make the translated novel reaches to a higher level, it’s the real/pro translator. Not just word by word and A to A, B to B – if that nothing more than google translator :). Of course, like I’ve mentioned, I don’t know how the quality of the translated work in Spcnet is, therefore I can’t comment that it’s a true translation or not.

      15. Hmm, didn’t know HP was one of his that’s for sure. Can’t remember much of this series but in that time period TVB was still making decent series in general.

        Very wise words indeed, but how come you don’t live by it e.g Anne Rice, LOL.

        Don’t remember much of any of these series besides ASITP since I have watched it several times.

        Well I suppose the translation there is not bad not sure since I haven’t read the original. Guess im not picky as long as I understand the context and can compare it to the adaptations.

      16. I know that you don’t read, therefore I just state for you to know. Actually I often like to read the novel than watch series/movie. You are opposite, like to watch more than read. So our aim when reading is different, lead to different requirements on the translation.

  14. The spin doctors are at work.

    They have to create news to make Rebecca remain in the news and relevant.

    1. Yup, I agree. I think she’s just creating news. I hate to judge her before even seeing her act but I don’t like news makers. It makes me think that they’re not trying to be good actors but just wants to get on the cover of magazines.

  15. Just saw her on a TVB lifestyle show. Man she is crap, can’t even speak canto properly.

    1. Sushiroll i think you’re being exaggerated, Rebecca deffinately not crap in there, in fact she is a very friendly girl and her cantonese for sure has improved alot i said this because i watched the Lifestyle show too

  16. For a 24 year old girl to have a goal to buy a house so she can live together with her parents instead of buying lots of cars, brand bags like the other actors and actresses do does show she isn’t a materalistic girl. At the lifeshow sushiroll was talking about she also said she usually doesn’t make too much food as she doesn’t want to waste the food she isn’t able to eat up. Jugdying what she has said she doesn’t seem like someone who is eager of money or who spends a lot of money. So where did you all get the impression of her being someone who is after rich men? By simply looking at her?

      1. Guys will always fall for the oldest trick in the book.

  17. Honestly i dont why Tony & sandcherry bashing Rebecca so hard, you guys sound so retarted by making assumption and accusation of a person that is so new to the industry, just because Rebecca praised Kenneth that doesnt mean she like him or interested in him. Obviously u guys only judged a book by its cover and only see things one sided. I’ve seen many interviews of Rebecca i thought she is friendly and a hard working person, she’ve gone through alot in life…therefore i think she deserves everything that she got now but certainly doesnt deserves all those nasty comments what have she ever done to you guys?

    1. NO, you’re wrong lilo. We are not completely pessimistic about this so-called wuleijing by sushiroll.

      At least she possess a pair of fantastic eye-catching boobs – a very powerful nuclear weapon which can kill lots of guys…..I’ve observed very closely that her boobs have actually increased by at least 2 inches now – measuring from the 1st day she joint MHK. This is a very huge achievement that not many gals can achieve. Heheh….

      1. i don expect guy to be reading jaynestars. opps.

      2. tony:

        Really?! …….. “I’ve observed very closely that her boobs have actually increased by at least 2 inches now – measuring from the 1st day she joint MHK. This is a very huge achievement that not many gals can achieve.”

        Wow, then it is a huge achievement for her!! I guess contestants are not allowed to do any beauty surgery (such as breast in-plants) before the competitions, but they can do whatever they wish after.

      3. As long as u have the money, you can change whatever body part u want.

      4. What kind of breast implant that Rebecca has undergone is beyond our knowledge. I think it’s definitely not the kind of prohibited type of silicon gel implant that can be very shameful if accidentally burst in front of audience.

        The kind of implant that Rebecca has done is the one that is commonly adopted by the Japanese gals working in AV porn industry industry…..Soft, juicy and toxin-free….. 🙂

    2. Hello lilo:

      I was not bashing Rebecca Zhu at all. I was just saying what I felt about her and the fact that Kenneth Ma would not be the type of man for her.

      What is wrong with my saying? You can praising her like a queen or promising star in 2012? Everyone has the right to express his/her feelings.

      1. Sanderry, I really appreciate your views because of the impression that you give to us guys that each piece of your writing really comes from your heart. Thus, guys like us don’t find anything wrong by the inner expression that you’re trying to convey to all readers as long these views are honest and really visually reflective of Rebecca’s true mask. Even if you don’t speak up, others might step up to speak on your behalf someday & somehow…..

  18. Sandcherry of course you have the right to express your thoughts but to attacked someone you don’t really know and an artist that just starting her career in the showbiz then I don’t know what kind of thoughts is that?

    “I was just saying what I felt about her and the fact that Kenneth Ma would not be the type of man for her”……in this quote ur basically accusing her as if she really does have an interest in Kenneth, so judgmental

    1. Infact, 99.99% of all readers and writers here are judgemental and biased in one way or another.

      A lot of people here actually don’t really have a consistently good feeling towards Rebecca – most probably because she has nothing really outstanding to prove so far. So, “amateur” like her must be able to stand firm and prove that she can deliver what we expect from her if she wants to stamp her fame (maybe more as a boob goddess)deep into our audience’s mind…

      1. Tony is that all can say is Boob, boob and boob?

        well at least 99.99% of all readers and writers is not as harsh as you guys!!!!

      2. Do you know that when charmaine started acting in the very 1st few of her series with TVB, I started to be very impressed of her. Dunno why? She was totally boobless at that time but she’s very sweet & innocent despite her mediocre acting skills at that time. However, I just feel that I’m abit hard (if not completely weird) to accept Rebecca – she’s very cheap to me and her acting and character are totally nonsense!!

      3. I started to watch rebecca in laughing gor movie. When I 1st saw her appeared in the court to testify the crazy guy Francis ng , the impression that she’d given me was like making me wanna to slap this bitcch’s face….Talk also could not talk properly…..She’s a lame duck!

  19. to be honest i dont think she is that pretty. like this photo above she looks good but it the photos from sliver spoon, sterling shack she looks horrible. and i wonder how good her acting can be. if she ruins this drama for me, its going to annoy me big time

    1. I can assure that rebecca definitely annoys you big time particularly the moment she utters any words from her mouth. She doesn’t have the kind of good initial impression like fala (airport) chen or candy (fattie) cheung gained when they 1st entered the entertainment industry.

      Some more, her cantonese is irritating and hardly understood.

    2. Don’t watch this series and she won’t ruin or annoy anything in you :D.

      1. If you have your lovely kenneth jesus ma in your dreamt series where there is boob queen rebecca in, do you have any sense of injustice & embarassment for not watching them?

        Eventhough I know she’ll sure annoy as many people as she could, there is definitely something that she can excite us if she knows how to make good use of her strong selling point. You know what I mean?

      2. I won’t watch this series, FYI. Reason is that I don’t want to watch TY.

      3. Too bad. A lot of good & grand tv series these days involve TY. That plastic gal & Kenneth when combined together to film series with both taking villian character will deliver a combo effect which is can be very much impactful and handier than Gallen lo + Cheung Kar Fai together in evil character.

      4. Whatever. I don’t watch her series unless with someone I really like, then I’ll fast forward her parts.

  20. The only thing TY did when play villain is have bulging rolling eyeballs and thick makeup that screaming ‘look at me I’m the villain!’

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