Jaycee Chan and Kai Ko Arrested for Drugs in China

Jackie Chan‘s (成龍) son Jaycee Chan (房祖名) and Taiwanese actor Kai Ko (柯震東) were arrested by mainland Chinese authorities for drug use last week. Authorities seized over 50 grams of drugs at Jaycee’s house, where he was hosting a party in which Kai was one of the guests. Due to their criminal offenses, Kai and Jayce may face three to five years in prison in China.

Hong Kong actor and singer, Jaycee Chan, is known for his extravagant lifestyle and nightlife. Jaycee was born in California and largely raised by his mother, retired actress Joan Lin (林鳳嬌), with little involvement from father Jackie Chan. Frustrated by Jaycee’s escapades and box office failures, Jackie had declared that he will give all of his financial assets to charity after death while forcing Jaycee to earn his own money.

Kai Ko debuted in 2011 through the Taiwanese film You’re the Apple of My Eye <那些年,我們一起追的女孩>, which set box office records in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Singapore. Shooting to instant fame, Kai released his debut album that same year and received numerous love calls to star in mainland Chinese dramas and films. The 23-year-old was previously linked with Elva Hsiao (蕭亞軒) and rumored to be dating Dream Girls’ Tia Li (李毓芬).

Manager Said Kai Ko Must Be Held Responsible

A Chinese netizen on Weibo first leaked the news of Kai Ko’s drug arrest on August 17. The netizen wrote, “Kai Ko was arrested for doing drugs. My father interrogated him overnight.”

The news was at first met with speculation by Kai’s manager, Angie Chai (柴智屏). Losing contact with Kai Ko over the last few days, Angie and her lawyer flew to Beijing to confirm that Kai has been detained by mainland authorities for 14 days.

In a press statement issued today, Angie expressed her disappointment in Kai’s behavior. “The company emphasized that young people, no matter what they play with, cannot touch drugs. Kai also told me in person that he promised his mother he will not touch drugs!” Angie said that Kai’s “youth is not an excuse” and that “he should be held legally responsible” for violating the law.

To add further irony to the situation, Kai had previously promoted an anti-drug campaign. At the time, he stated, “Perhaps people think that using drugs can help them relax and solve problems. But I don’t think this method has any effects.”

Jaycee Fong’s Arrest Confirmed 

Last night, Jaycee Fong’s management company confirmed his arrest for drug use. In the press statement, the company stood firmly behind Jaycee and asked the public for forgiveness: “We believe in Jaycee’s character. We are willing to monitor him, along with the public and involved agencies, to allow him to correct his mistakes and go back on the right path”.

The press was unable to reach Jackie Chan for comment on the drug arrest.

Source: Oriental Daily

This article is written by Addy and Jayne for JayneStars.com.

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    1. You don’t blame everything on the parents. Sometimes it’s just the kid.

  1. Wow – Jackie Chan is kungfu man with healthy fitness lifestyle but his son is opposite. We wonder if dad give too much pressure to son to success.

    All of us think how blessed to be son of rich/successful man but actually the pressure is there. But, there is also success example in Nicholas Tse, getting out of his dad’s shadow.

    1. Well, Jackie chan never really cared for his son, so, he can’t complain about why his son ends up like that. Nicholas tse on the other hand had a focus and was hardworking. IMO, Jackie chan should help his son find his focus as well instead off complaining.

      1. Didn’t Nic go to prison for having push the blame in a collision on someone else? Just as cowardly but prison did him good; he matured and stopped the whole angtsy rocker wannabe nonsense.

      2. I think Nick was sentence to community service, but I could be wrong

  2. What will happen to the movie “A Choo”? Has it finished filming?

    1. I hope the govt.’ ignore Jackie Chan and not give these boys any leniency. These brats need to be taught an important lesson!

      1. Ir-regardless it’s boy or girl, a father plays a very important role in shaping their behavior and character. The mother primarily function is to nurse and feed them while they were a toddler.

      2. What do you mean ‘ignore’ Jackie Chan? Did he try to plead for his son? JC (dad) has always been rather tough and critical toward JC (son)

      3. To msxie

        Critical towards his son during his adult phase is totally useless.

        He did not contribute to his upbringing and instil in him the good values.

      4. Let us see whether Jackie Chan will practice what he had said that he will personally report his son to the police if he broke the law.

      5. “Let us see whether Jackie Chan will practice what he had said that he will personally report his son to the police if he broke the law.”

        That’s dumb! 😀 🙁 LOL!

    2. Jackie Chan will make a deal with Red China by doing kung-fu, singing, autograph, acting, BFF, etc to the government.

  3. I thought marijuana. And I thought death penalty. and Jaycee was accused as the dealer or distributor. And how very disappointing but daddy will save him.

    1. I read somewhere that if convicted he may be jailed a max of 3 yrs only. Nothing mentioned about death penalty.

      1. China take drug and abuse very harshly. They have always been like that since the Opium days in the old Qing Dynasty.

        I think in 2010 some Western guy was punished by death penalty because he carried drugs into the country. Just search it up, I don’t remember the date. He wasn’t even carrying a lot of drugs…

    2. When the dame kids are good and well off everybody’s happy. When the dame kids are not, the fingers are pointed at the parents. Joan Lin did a hell of a job raising the kid or the kid just happened to be on the stupid side, bad seed. 😀 🙁 LOL!

    3. China is very strict, CBT case is served with death sentence. For drugs, yet to know. Maybe Jackie Chan does the under table stuff but China is facing the anti graft issue now, nobody dares to take his money. Jackie Chan can try on President Xi…Hahaha

  4. Growing up without a father figure or mother figure is no excuse to act bad. Of course Jackie could have been a better father, but everyone makes their own choices. Jaycee is responsible for his own action. Growing up with famous and rich parents gave Jaycee many opportunities. He live a life of luxury and even get to achieve his dream without having to work hard. There is no excuse for his actions. The only one he can blame is himself.

    1. Agree. He is in his 30’s and no longer a child. Regardless of what kind of parent his father is, he still has his financial support while growing up and emotional support from his mother. These are more than what so many others have.

    2. Exactly, well said. Jaycee and Kai Ko has no one to blame but their own stupidity, this has nothing to do with how they were raised or how often their parents were around. They are both adults and should understand what they did was wrong and should face the consequences.

    3. Don’t agree completely. If you read how Jackie and Jaycee’s relationship was over the years, you would have known that Jackie was never really there all these years for his son to begin with. Despite his son’s efforts to get closer to him, he just pushed him away.

      Money can only do so much. Parents have a responsibility to educate them, take care of them and guide them. Add to the fact that both his parents are celebrities to begin with, that only adds to the pressure.

      Yes, Jaycee must be responsible for his own actions now but he never really had a dad to begin with. Jackie needs to look at himself on how he treated he and his son over the years to begin with. I don’t think he has any right to berate his son considering he was never really there for him.

  5. Celebrities seem to be able to get away from any or heavy penalties. Will wait and see if the above celebrities can do same with their drug arrest, especially in Mainland Chinese Government.

    1. Wrong to say that the Mainland Chinese Government gives leeway to celebrities, look at the Taiwan and HK government too.

      The biggest disappointment are the fans who seems to be indifferent towards these celebrities who flaunt the law, they openly say that they will support them irregardless of their crime.

      We should have zero-tolerance towards consumption of toxic substance.

    2. Last time they arrested C grade actor Roy Cheung for drug use. What happened to him afterwards? Jailed or freed?

    3. Not really. Gao Hu has just been arrested and strict publishment is waiting for him. Gao Hu was an A listed actor.

  6. The worst thing is that they are arrested for being drug dealer. They do not only use but also sell drug. Kai Ko did have a future. Now all end.

    1. I read somewhere else only Jaycee is caught under drug dealer offense because it’s his house, Kai Ko only charged as a drug user. So Kai Ko still saveable. Jackie might have to pull some strings now.

      1. In some sources I have read, Kai Ko is also arrested for being dealer because of the number of drug he had with him was more than personal use. He tried to throw them to the toilet before being arrested as well.

        Perhaps the official information from the police will come later and we will see.

        On the other hand, they will be banned in China regardingless they are drug dealers or users. It means they wont never appear on Chinese TV, news and else as public figure anymore. I heard that 15 years prison punishment might be applied for Kai Ko and longer for Jaycee.

  7. Sad thing is, most people think it’s mainly the poor, or ghetto kids who uses drugs a lot but in reality it’s usually the rich kids because they can get their hand on them way easier with money. It’s actually sad ’cause I like both of them esp Kai Ko because his acting is quite nice for someone so young and I always felt bad for Jaycee because of his whole family situation.

    But being young and rich is not an excuse for their actions. Just sad ’cause their reputation will now be tarnished…

  8. Perhaps this is how he funds his lifestyle. He can’t have earned a lot from films so this must be his main or maybe side income.

    1. Anyway if any consolation if it is marijuana it is not cocaine, heroin, meth

  9. I’m disappointed in Kai Ko since he’s participating in anti drug campaign and always has this sunny innocent boy image.

    1. Jaycee has always been unsuccessful and under the fame radar, and with a dad like Jackie, it’s not that surprising. Besides that he’s already a grown man at 32.

    1. The public will forgive Kai Ko easier since he’s still a kid. Have you watched his apology video? Very sad.

      1. Ok from bbc, Jaycee definitely has the bigger charges.

        “Mr Chan, whose father Jackie was named an official “Narcotics Control Ambassador” by Chinese police in 2009, had been put under “criminal detention” for the suspected crime of “providing a shelter for others to abuse drugs”, Beijing police said.

        If convicted, he faces a maximum prison term of three years.

        Mr Ko, accused of consuming drugs, had received a two-week detention term, his management firm Star Ritz Productions said.

        “I feel very regretful, very sorry to all the people who support me. I’ve been a very bad example, I’ve made a very big mistake,” he said in an interview broadcast on Chinese state television on Tuesday.” http://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-28848199

      2. If the BBC one is the most up-to-date, then Kai Ko may have the second chance. Hope he will learn this lesson.

        3 years is light punishment to Jaycee because at first, the reporters said of 15 years for Kai Ko and longer for Jaycee.

  10. Pretty much like another case. Wang Wei 25 year old rich heir who used drugs. His grandfather is a Chinese Billionaire. He was arrested for using drugs, but in the end. The case never went on court in the end, someone else took all the blame, while Wang Wei is happily partying and clubbing with models. Well on the bright side, His younger cousin Wang Bing Bing 20 year old Harvard Law Student, had been confirmed to already have 55% of their grandad’s empire. More for her i suupose!

    1. “Well on the bright side, his younger cousin Wang Bing Bing 20 year old Harvard Law Student, had been confirmed to already have 55% of their grandad’s empire.”

      Maybe Jackie Chan will reconsider developing that relationship with his daughter now? Otherwise, all that hard earned $$$$ will be wasted by Jaycee.

      1. Years ago Jackie said his inheritance will not go to Jaycee but to charity.

  11. No meant to offence, that Jaycee has been good for nothing. I used to think he is popular because of his father only but after reading his profile and about his work, he is even more useless than I thought.

  12. Off topic, why do Jackie and his son have different surnames?

    1. I read somewhere that 房 is the real surname of Jackie Chan instead of Chan.

      1. Yeah. Jackie’s father used to be a spy and in order to hide and protect his family, he made it to Chan.
        But why don’t they call Jackie Chan as Jackie Fong, but only calling his son, Jaycee Fong?

  13. to be totally honest, pot isn’t a huge deal… especially nowadays but Jackie Chan must be pissed. Kid is a failure in all aspects of life. education (drop out), entertainment career (non existent unless you count the movies his dad produced) and now this. kid is 32 and hasn’t done anything memorable in life… but this is 2nd gen. rich kids for you.

  14. I never had a thing for Jaycee, but I feel bad for him if his personality was influenced by bad parenting.

  15. I have zero tolerance towards drug use, but I do have a hard time making sense why it is so morally wrong? In the US, marijuana isn’t a big deal. Celebs bounce back in no time, and there’s rarely a “I’m so sorry for my actions” statement. I know Asia is on the conservative end and thus the huge public uproar and expressions of disappointment.

    Kai is most likely going to bounce back, given time. As for Jaycee… Jaycee who? If his father wasn’t Jackie Chan, no one would care about him.

  16. Apparently it is very common for people in showbusiness to use drugs. Some because of work pressure and stress and some just wanna have a good time.

    1. Who does not have work pressure and stress?
      Perhaps if they don’t they must be in a minority group.

      Majority of us have work pressure ans stress, it’s part of the rat race and modern lifestyle.

      This is not an excuse to consume toxic substance.

  17. Kung fu talent dont transfer by blood. It required practices and determination.

    If Jaycee doesn’t want to be compared to his dad then he should ask for some money to invest in a music company or food industry or whatever he likes. Im the guy who party so much wouldn’t have interest in staying healthy and doing martial arts.

  18. People can be so negative these days. Let’s not forget, Robin Williams was once a druggie yet people are willing to see his actions in a different limelight. I understand Jaycee parties like crazy and etc. but who didn’t go through that stage when they were younger.

    Try to see yourself in his shoes, could you have done better? I question whether I would have survived without a strong father figure and when he showed up, all he did was add unnecessary expectations.

    Jaycee, in my eyes, is another person with some personal battles but with a kind heart. He reached out to his stepsister without ulterior motives. For me, that speaks volumes.

    No need to tarnish him at his lowest moments. We should hope for this failure to turn his life around. We all make mistakes, not a big deal! Be a little more forgiving … society is not in need of folks pointing fingers! Pftt ..

    1. Being a drug addict and being a drug dealer are 2 different things. If I was in his shoes could I have done better? Yes because I would have had a better start in life. I don’t do drugs. Whatever demons I have, can’t be worse than the ones who had no food, no money, no education, no career, no chance. I don’t see him having personal battles. If news are accurate, he takes AND he sells, supplementing his own income. This is a matter of choice. No one pushed him to it. He chose badly.

      My background is similar to Jaycee’s, one absent parent, etc etc but not as privileged as his. I don’t do drugs. Period.

      Nothing to forgive. He screwed up his own life. He will get off, no doubt and hopefully become a better person. I am just disappointed a guy without much scandal per se is what he is now reported to be. No one is perfect, everyone has a flaw.

      1. That is because you are not in the entertainment industry. Don’t sound so righteous. You are not in his shoes and hence has no right to condemn the way you did. Keyboard warrior

      2. everyone has their own journey. you wouldn’t know what he has been through, neither do we know what you have been through – it could be very different, though you both grew up with an absent parent. his parents are famous, yours are not. his family status, background, wealth, education, culture, country where he grew up, his social circle, his friends are different to yours. you can’t compare.

        also, how could you tell for sure that people who had no food, no money, no education, no career, no chance had it worst? maybe a bowl of donated white rice makes them really happy and grateful. they wouldn’t know what they are lack of – they’ve not been exposed to luxuries. as opposed to someone who has it all, maybe, it takes more to be happy, though logically it shouldn’t?

        i just wish to reiterate that there are two sides to a coin, for every situation. and that everyone has their own journey and is responsible for their actions/the decisions they make in life.

      3. oh look, Funn Lim being a condescending douchebag as usual.

    2. People are already lenient at Jaycee. He’s not a kid anymore he’s already 32 and this drug party thingg is held in his house. It’s his responsibility that he has to bear the consequences. People are more lenient and more sorry and more likely to feel for Kai Ko because Kai Ko is a kid much younger than Jaycee, most likely influenced by his more seasoned friends in the ent circle, and who has a bright long future ahead. Jaycee who? Jackie Chan is not a good dad, but Jaycee is an adult who can take care of himself and make his own decisions.

    3. Although Jaycee Chan didn’t have the best role model, making excuses for his actions isn’t going to help him. He needs to grow up and take responsibility for his own actions and blame no one else but himself. So long as he blames others for this situation, he will not change.

  19. Why am I not surprise? He has a father who was largely absent for most of his childhood and teenage years, fooled around with women outside home, exerted pressure on him when he entered the entertainment industry. Basically father was a bad role model. Mother probably spoilt him rotten.

    1. He’s in his 30s. Don’t you think he should shoulder the blame for whatever happened? He’s not a kid anymore. His father is a screw up but to be fair to Jackie, Jaycee made his own choices, albeit badly.

      1. I guess if he had a loving, responsible father who guided him on the right path from young, his choices would be made differently, his life would turn out differently too.

      2. “He’s in his 30s. Don’t you think he should shoulder the blame for whatever happened? He’s not a kid anymore. His father is a screw up but to be fair to Jackie, Jaycee made his own choices, albeit badly.”

        Agreed! 😀

  20. Nothing will happen to them eventually. Example Makiyo and Janice Man

  21. I think that there is a lot to say about this news:
    – first of all: it’s not to say that it is the influence (or lack of) parental guidance, because they are adults and should have known what is legal or not. On the other side, I can imagine that is difficult to live in the shadow of your famous parent, though they don’t seem to care.
    – Second: I think that this will dissolve because of their ”fame” (themselves of their parent). It seems that famous people can get more done than if you are just a citizen.
    – Third: it is true that a lot of people use marihuana and where I’m living it is actually not even illegal, but somehow I haven’t have any urge to try it. I think that it could be the pressure of being famous or just being ‘gangster’ by using it, but on the other side, it is illegal in China and HK so not allowed! Why do it and give a bad example to the youth who look up to you and make your friends and family worry? Kind of stupid, but at least now they learn their lesson (I presume).

  22. Jaycee Fong is his stage name. Jackie Chan was born Chan Kong Sang. So of course Jaycee’s real surname should be Chan. People stop getting mixed up.

    Kai Ko is not a youth. He’s a grown man. Under the law he deserves to be prosecuted as a responsible adult. Just because he’s some fan girls flower boy doesn’t alter that fact.

  23. Finally he’ll be vanish from hongkong movie for a good while was really sick seeing this child.

  24. Taking drug is wrong. Wrong means wrong. They are above 21 year old. They are not kids anymore. They have the capability to understand the fact that taking drug is illegal. Moreover one has been involved in anti-drug campaign.

    The government should take the necessary action as to send a clear message to the public that taking drug is wrong, it is illegal.

    Agreed that parents should take some degree of responsibility but these people are already adults. Let them face the music.

    Will their career end? Not really as long as they can prove to the public that they learn from mistakes, accept the punishment and show people actions. I think Nicholas has proven to us that he has matured and becomes sensible now and a person who gains respect from others.

  25. Most of many artist does something in there own lil time for exp: alcohol sniffingK popping E and etc its just that you wont know cause they have there own private space and many outsiders wont know and besides they shield themselves pretty good and make you guys thinking that they are DRUG FREE artist

    1. that’s only my therory and even tho they come saying doing campaigns like dont take DRUG its full of crap and the reason that they dont look like a pot head or a druggie is because the magic of make-up and all those Botox n plastic surgery

  26. That’s why Jackie chan once said his son won’t inherit a single penny when he is dead. Guess he has made the right decision. He should get the punishment he deserves she hope he learns his lesson and repents.

  27. My god Jaycee… Where the hell you get lots of marijuana?

  28. What the hell is 50 grams of drugs? What kind of drugs? Weed, cocaine, heroine, etc?

    If it’s weed then this isn’t really that big of a deal. IMO.

  29. Hope Jaycee gets locked up for a long time and China tells Jackie to F off when he tries to set a deal to go easy on his son.

  30. I read that it was weed, which in my opinion is not a big deal. Then again, China’s drug laws are mad strict. I just don’t see why MJ is considered such a hard drug when the effects are less severe than alcohol. SMH

  31. He should be in California smoking marijuana, not in RED CHINA

    1. He should just move back to the US and be among the potheads.

      1. Yep! If they feel that US has more freedom, go back to US to stay and work.

        Why stay in China

  32. The different response from the actors’ management is funny.

  33. Why are we so harsh with people who use weed? There are far more worse things going on in this world. We sit behind our computer/smartphones/tablets/etc.. making sure crazy remarks about his looks, his status, his family and wishing the worse upon him. damn! Has he done something to u or your family? Its just weed. Some places it’s use a medicine and some countries, weed is consider legal. Chill out! It’s way too harsh of a punishment. There are far more serious stuff to think about.

  34. I dare u speak or write to the Chinese president about what he need to really focus on..1) recycling 2) poor, hungry, neglected and abused children in China 3) Put more money in education for smaller village. Any input to help?

    1. That just poor excuse just because they are famous people.

      1. We are all human, not superman! It’s just weed. I would say the same if it’s the president of China or USA. What’s the big deal? You guys are very bitter toward the rich and famous. What the hell did they do to you? They chose a profession in acting or singing. So what? Why do they need to pay a higher price? Such hatred!!!

      2. “Why do they need to pay a higher price?”

        Why should they get a lighter sentence? Because money talks?

  35. It’s just weed.. Leave the kid alonee ! It’s also not Jchan fault !! What can he tell his kid ?? Like “no you don’t smoke weed” while he uses cocaine and those painkiller pill !??
    Jchan’s frigin traitor anyway, so nobody cares !! He got what he deserves. Come back mainland and die there

  36. I’m more worried about Kai Ko 柯震東! Dude got popular with You’re the Apple of My Eye and had a bright future now it’s ruined. =/

    1. I personally think it’s easier for Kai than Jaycee..
      I mean.. Jaycee had always been like this where as Kai would probably have more support.
      Idk maybe that’s just how I see it.

  37. Would be even more interesting if they reveal these guys hold drug AND orgy parties. Heh.

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