Kai Ko Considers a Woman’s Figure to Be the Most Important Dating Criteria

Taiwanese actor Kai Ko (柯震東) had recently uploaded a series of sad and depressing posts on Instagram expressing his pain and that he will no longer love anyone in his life again. These posts worried his fans, and many suspected it was because Kai Ko had broken up with 18-year-old heiress Lillian Chen (陳亮君). But worries were dispersed after seeing him actively answering questions on Instagram about his dating perspective.

With drastic mood changes, it seems that the 27-year-old actor suffered an extremely bad breakup. It was believed Lillian had helped him recollect himself when his career hit a rough patch, so the loss of her emotional and psychological support must have provoked him to rely on social media as an emotional outlet.

Fans asked him a string of questions regarding his view on relationships, such as, “Are you really single?”; “What type of girls do you like?”; “Can I ask how many girls you have dated?”; “Do you admit that you’re a douchebag?” and lastly, “Which is more important? A girl’s body or her looks?”

Kai Ko replied to all of the questions and said that he is really single. He likes a girl who would trust him. This answer had many speculate that the possible reason of him splitting up with his girlfriend was because she didn’t trust him.

He then answered that he only dated five girls and emphasized he didn’t lie. Other than admitting that he was a douchebag a few years ago, he also clearly stated that he sees a woman’s figure as the most important dating criteria.

Seeing Kai Ko answer so honestly, everyone praised his confidence and said they will continue to support him, so he shouldn’t feel hopeless. Only time will show that he is a changed man.

Source: On.cc

This article is written by Minna for JayneStars.com.


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    1. @m0m0
      In Kai Ko’s spare time he enjoys women with good figures and drugs. He has plenty of time too with lack of work…

    2. @m0m0 Totally shallow, although the question itself is doesnt allow any answer but a shallow one. What kind of relationship can you sustain if its just physical attraction you are after?

      1. @megamiaow the question is bad, but that doesn’t mean you have to answer A or B, it’s not a multiple choice for score at school lol. He can answer his own option? But yea, totally shallow! I didn’t read the article on his suicidal tendency, but possibly just want press

  1. Wait, she’s 18 and he is 27? How old was she when they started dating? Isn’t that borderline sketchy? To the men out there saying that’s perfectly fine, imagine you teenage daughter dating an adult actor.

    She is way too young and is right to break up with him.

    1. @potatochip yup…. but then she’s a heiress, soooo possibly way too spoiled and out of control that her parents can’t do much? And she possibly way more experienced than he is lol. Also it said something about his character to dating someone that young, but many seems more frown if he was like 40-50 lol

  2. He is still young so his criteria will definitely change as he grows up. If it does not then he may have a psychological problem. I have known many guys like him that got married to plump and meaty women with decent or good personalities. Those guys realized that looks are not everything and personality and other things are more important.

  3. a woman’s figure changes after she gives birth. is he saying that he will dump her? he is very shallow. what’s the big deal about him? he went to prison before.

  4. honesty is disarming, after all. he’s just being straightforward with his replies, which while not very tactful, is placating at the same time. not a lot of men will answer so bluntly without regards for their image. not sure if he’s just naive or dgaf or dumb or honest.

      1. @megamiaow lol but like you said, the question isn’t asking for an in-depth answer. besides, all of us are shallow to an extent. but i don’t know why i’m defending him ’cause i’m not even a fan.

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