Tia Lee Admits to Dating Kai Ko? “He is a Very Important Friend”

For the past two to three years, Taiwanese idol actors Tia Lee (李毓芬) and Kai Ko (柯震東) were in everyone’s dating radar, but none of them ever stepped out to confirm whether or not the rumors were true.

It wasn’t until a recent interview that Tia finally hinted at the relationship.

“Yes. The one’s I dated were the two that everyone knows about,” said Tia, also referring to her rumored relationship with Taiwanese pop singer Show Lo (羅志祥) back in early 2010.

Tia and Kai’s dating rumors first broke out around the same time Kai was arrested for marijuana use back in late 2014. Kai admitted at the time that the scandal had brought them closer. He described Tia as a friend “[he] wasn’t originally close with, but after exchanging messages, [they’ve] become friends that frequently met.” Tia had offered Kai her comfort and support during this hard period of his life.

Soon after, Tia’s manager Amanda, whom she was really close with, died after suffering a brain hemorrhage. Her death was sudden, and Tia was devastated. Though he was still dealing with the aftermath of his scandal, Kai showed concern for Tia.

She said, “He knew I wouldn’t be able to come out of this.” Having spent the lowest points of their lives together, Tia admitted, “He is a very important friend.”

As for whether or not Tia is still dating Kai, her response was ambiguous. While calling him an important friend, she also expressed that she is not confirming anything. “There really isn’t anything I can make public now. If we both come to an understanding, we’ll do it. I’m not at that stage yet.”

Source: Sina

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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