Ji Chang Wook Brings Comfort to a Hospice in “If You Wish Upon Me”

Starring Ji Chang Wook, Girls’ Generation Soo young and Sung Dong Ji, South Korean drama If You Wish Upon Me is a touching drama that is set on the backdrop of a hospice.

In the drama, Ji Chang Wook plays a young man with a hard life after having grown up in the orphanage and getting caught up with crimes. After an accident, he volunteers at a hospice to help people realize their last wish while healing his own pains.

Joining Ji Chang Wook, Soo Young will play a nurse in the hospice while Sung Dong Ji plays a knowledgeable volunteer leader of the hospice.

Set with a hopeful tone, a trailer opens with a patient revealing that his “time is over.” Sung Dong looks over a crutch and asks his patient, “What miracle do you want? Who are we? This is Team Genie, the avenger of the wish world.”

The hospice is filled with positive energy as the patients and staff exercise and laugh together. Ji Chang Wook’s character is also touched by the scene and with a clear mission, the drama ends with the statement, “What do you want to see, say and accomplish? This is our last gift and we are here to realize it for you.”

The drama is inspired by a real Dutch organization that helps patients with terminal cancer realize their wishes. The drama’s screenwriter revealed that he wanted to write a heartwarming drama that the whole family can watch and discuss together, “In the drama, there are different people taking care of each other and sharing their stories. There are stories of people dedicating their time and helping people physically and mentally. Young people who lost their will to live meet people who stand before the end of their lives. They not only regain their will but also discover unexpected stories with secrets.”

If You Wish Upon Me will premiere on August 10.


Sources: Korea Daily Star

This article is written by Sammi for JayneStars.com.

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