JJ Jia Sacrifices Career to Love Louis Fan?

Fans of JJ Jia (賈曉晨) may not be seeing her on the small screen for a while after her brief appearance on “Friendly Fire”.

While JJ was on her way to becoming TVB’s next promoted female artist, unfortunately her reputation was damaged when it was discovered that she was dating Louis Fan (樊少皇), who was not only 9 years older than her, but also had a girlfriend and two children. The news not only cost JJ some work as she was being labeled as a “homewrecker”, but may cost JJ her career as well. Boss Nat Chan (陳百祥) has ordered not to renew JJ’s contract and is interested in signing model-actress Carol Yeung (楊焉) instead.

Without a job on the horizon, JJ has nothing else to do but to spend her time strolling the malls.

Although 39-year-old Louis clarified that he was never married to the mother of his children and that they had separated long before he started seeing JJ, it was speculated that he had another girlfriend in Hangzhou prior to dating JJ. However, JJ did not seem to be worried about her career as she is frequently seen flying to Qingdao to visit Louis.

JJ even admitted that she hopes they can get married soon when she revealed that Louis has proposed to her. “He mentioned it several times and I think it’s about time I seriously consider it. Every time I’m in a relationship, of course I hope it lasts forever, so I am not ruling out the possibility of a wedding in the near future!”

Source: East Week

This article is written by Natalie for JayneStars.com.

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  1. guess you gotta settle for what you got. You make your bed, you gotta sleep in it.

  2. JJ’s boss, Nat Chan is not only trying to hold the high morale ground, but he thinks he can play God too. Most of the time, people like him are the most immoral.

    Who is he to decide what is right or wrong? Acceptable or not so?

    What has JJ done wrong? The Louis guy is not even married. And has separated from his girlfriend. So, its fair game.

    Then says he still has a gf in Hangzhou,.. well, well, well, those ‘highly moralistic’ producers and bosses in TVB produced a script in ‘friendly Fire’ that encourage ‘Bo Dey’ to chase Sharon Chan right up to the airport and on the plane, why? because she is not married yet and is fair game despite being on the verge of marriage.

    There you see, still like to play angel and God?

    1. Nat is probably doing the smarter business move. With her “negative” scandal, we might not think it’s that bad, but the audience in HK might. Especially the older generation. So he’s making the smarter move.

  3. JJ, a piece of advise, just move to rival TV station, TVB is too much.

    You got talent, you can thrive anywhere.

    Its your life, your happiness. You don’t owe it to TVB at all. And certainly not to that Nat fella. He’s a moron!

  4. Prob not personal, just that her image in public eyes have altered due to so so scandals. So her company prob think they won’t get much money out of her now. Its all about business….like pop idols would never tell they have bf or gf, so their fan base gets bigger, cos ppl get so obsessed ..etc

  5. It doesn’t help that people think she has a “vixen” look too. Reminds me of Sonjia Kwok too bad thorough I was starting to like JJ!

  6. This Louis Fan is only 39 years old? I thought he would be older since i remember him when he was in older series and i had no clue it was even him and he was never that popular to beging with. Come of think of it, isnt this girl JJ also a 3rd or 4th supporting cast? This guys gone like forever, wonder how this TVB girl even hooked up w/him..haha..oh well, TVB is weird, it’s ppls’s personal lives and that interferes w/the professional life?

  7. I love Louis Fan; He is a good actor. If TVB did not renew the contract then JJ should go to china to word with Louis Fan.

  8. The price that many pay for love but you really wonder will that “love” last or will it feed you for life??

  9. I don’t think this is true, especially if they’re saying that Nat Chan is the one that is ordering this. He’s not exactly conservative. Also, she is filming right now- she’ll be in the upcoming Bobby/Esther series.

  10. She knows what she’s doing – she’s not a little kid anymore. I say if she loves him enough to give up her ‘career’, good for her.

  11. its probably her attitude, not whose she’s dating. she complained it was tvb’s fault for some late matter and it offended them, thats all.

  12. I think people are confused here. I don’t believe Nat Chan has any power to dictate who will be signed to TVB. The article is probably referring to Nat not renewing JJ’s contract to his own company, not TVB.

  13. Nat Chan is her boss???

    She can do whatever she want. Once a guy don’t have feeling for that person anymore then he will move on to the next. Good luck to them

  14. JJ has improved a lot in her acting and Cantonese. It is really a shame that she sacrifices her career to love Louis Fan. I have some doubts about the personality of Louis Fan. Would he marry JJ soon???

  15. Isn’t Charles Chan her boss instead of Nat Chan?

    Btw, it dun even sound her fault at all.

  16. Dont really underatand.
    She has the choice to choose her own partner. Doesnt need to get consent from other ppl!!

  17. I really like JJ in her series! She improved a lot! Hope tvb will give her work!

  18. What is Louis Fan’s religion? I wonder if he has to convert to Islam to marry her.

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