JJ Jia Still Loves Louis Fan Despite “Homewrecker” Rumors

Since announcing her relationship with Louis Fan (樊少皇), JJ Jia (賈曉晨) experienced a bumpy love road. Tabloids claimed that Louis had a wife and two children, and labelled JJ as a home wrecker in his marriage. After Louis clarified through a press statement that he was never married to the mother of his children and that they had separated long ago, tabloids alleged that Louis had a girlfriend in Hangzhou before courting JJ. As a result, JJ was labelled as a “fourth party” in Louis’ colorful love life.

Amidst the negative rumors surrounding her boyfriend, JJ remains trusting towards Louis. She still loves Louis very much and reiterates that he never cheated on her.

JJ Upset in Being Labelled as Fourth Party

Although referred to as a fourth party, JJ’s confidence in Louis has never wavered. Admitting that she was unhappy with tabloids’ reports, JJ said, “I was upset when I saw the reports, but his press statement already clarified that he had a past romance before meeting me. Everyone has a past. I like who he is now and I will tolerate his past. He is an artist, that’s why his past is being dug out. Actually, it’s not that complicated.”

JJ: “Louis Did Not Cheat On Me”

After opening up on her romance with Louis, JJ has been plagued by negative rumors. However, JJ was determined to pick herself up again and she has also learnt to be more tolerant of others.  Emphasizing that Louis did not cheat on her, JJ had absolute trust in him. When asked about her feelings now, JJ said, “Actually, the entire matter does not concern me. It is other people’s matter. I know that he did not cheat on me, and I will believe him.”

Unsettled that her boyfriend was being branded as a love cheat, JJ said, “When I saw that report, I was unhappy. We already explained it so many times, and it is still written this way. Perhaps it was not explained properly and thus everyone misunderstood. The issue will resolve once we clarify properly.”

JJ: “Please Believe My Eyes”

After tabloids painted Louis as a flirtatious guy, JJ confessed that they did face some setbacks in their relationship. Her friends had also advised her to withdraw from the relationship. Revealing that she had never dated such a man with a complicated background, JJ learnt to persevere and believe in the love she chose.  Stating that Louis is a responsible man, JJ hoped that everyone will give their blessings to them.

“After the incident happened, we only communicated through the phone. He needs to work everyday. To be frank, the entire world called me and warned me to be careful. This is because they are not aware of the entire incident and Louis is also a low key person. Thank you everyone for your concern. Please believe my eyes. I did not fall for the wrong guy.

Source: Ming Pao

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  1. Is it just me or does she look a little bit like Gigi Lai in the picture above? ._.

    1. argh. Forget about this old auntie Gigi.

      Jj is definitely gunuinely pretty. Even Carat cheung and Tracy have to knee down ( her dignity ) when Jj’s beauty appears in front of them.

      1. Both Gigi and JJ are very pretty. You’re right about how Carat and Tracy would have to step aside as their looks are not as striking as the former two.

  2. I thought JJ has only known Louis for a few months and only started dating for 1-2 months. It makes sense why people around her are worried for her believing every words Louis said. JJ dear, never believe a guy 100%.

    1. Maybe these friends knew Louis earlier than JJ and worried for her. JJ looks too simple and weak.

      1. JJ look like a soft compromising girl that easily fell in love and will wholeheartedly love and trust the guy she’s in love with no matter what. Guys love girls like this. Not to mention she’s pretty and looks like a younger version Gigi Lai.

      2. Besides didn’t her ex BF also cheated on her with his Lan Kwai Fong sexy costar? JJ need to be careful with her choices of men.

      3. dont need to worry much about their relationship because Loius is a very very trustworthy guy who can give JJ a great happy love life despite his dark past.

    2. Sigh, JJ is a Venus in Virgo (like me), so I can definitely understand the way she falls so wholeheartedly for someone.
      Just wish her the best.

    3. LOL dated for a month and already this much ups and downs. Poor JJ

      1. Yes looks like they have a difficult road to walk!! or may seal their relationship.
        She is too young to be embroiled in such a complicated love life

  3. I have this speculation that Louis Fan is using JJ’s current fame from her TVB series to get some news for his own. He was basically not newsworthy until he and JJ become a couple. I hope my speculation is wrong. JJ can find a better guy.

    1. Loius is the best and in fact the most reliable guy I’ve seen in this entertainment world. If he is not any more reliable, can you think that guys like Lam Fung, Ronn and Him Law can be counted on even as part time lover?

  4. Ok, for this girl to fall in love w/a man w/a past is not a crime but i would def be more cautious w/this incoming relationship.
    I mean sure he can say my pass is this and that and i no longer have feelings for this person but living together for so many years w/2 children together he still says due to long distance such and such relationship faded away. sigh, he’s 39 now so had this relationship for more than 15 years and no marriage yes there is no guarantee a happily ever ever on a marriage cert but after 2 kids together there is still not such a need???? i mean sorry, to me that is still irresponsiblity no matter how unpopular/famous his is in showbiz. Def doesnt seem like a happily ever after kind of man.

  5. Is she sure that this is love and not just a “false” love feeling, so she can forget about her cheating ex?

    1. LOL ‘false’ love. I hope JJ isn’t being in denial just because she’s been hurt by her ex before.

  6. She looks so pretty in that picture!

    I just hope that everything works out for JJ <3

  7. Rumour mongers please leave JJ alone! I watched her interview at the Entertainment News Channel over the weekend and she is indeed one of the most genuine celebrity. Improved acting skills with leaps and bounds.. add oil JJ! You may be the next best thing at TVB!

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