[Breakup Files] Joel Chan and Florinda Ho Officially Break Up

Joel Chan (陳山聰) and heiress Florinda Ho’s (何超雲) relationship has been nothing but tumultuous for the past two years. Although Joel flew to England in hopes of reconciling his relationship with Florinda, he failed to win back her heart. Joel returned to Hong Kong yesterday by himself.

Joel allegedly divorced his wife, Ponny Yeung, after falling in love with Florinda. He adopted a new lifestyle and left behind old friends, Christine Ng (伍詠薇) and Sharon Chan (陳敏之).  Ever since the start, their relationship has been looked down upon. Joel also abandoned his TVB career, taking frequent vacations and flying to Europe while dating Florinda. Despite being frozen by TVB earlier, he did not show any initiative when TVB gave him a second opportunity. An insider stated, “The film producers couldn’t reach Joel at all. He doesn’t answer his phone, and Derek Kok (郭政鴻) is the only one that can find him!”

Breakup Over Money

This past April, Florinda uploaded a photo and wrote “Love = Money”, causing many to believe that the couple broke up over financial disagreements over their fashion business venture. In the end, Florinda flew to London, England to mend her broken heart. Unfortunately, during her time in London, Florinda contracted food poisoning. Joel immediately flew to London to care for Florinda, in hopes of saving their relationship.

Joel took great care of Florinda during this time period – bringing her to doctors and taking care of her every need. Although several of Florinda’s friends were not supportive of their reconciliation, Florinda slowly warmed up to Joel’s attentiveness. Deciding to give Joel one last chance, the pair eventually continued their vacation and flew to Portugal.

It was rumored that Joel even took this opportunity to propose to Florinda. When Florinda’s mother Ina Chan (陳婉珍) found out, it was said that she tried to get Florinda to return home immediately. A close friend then disclosed that Joel didn’t propose and that Ina never demanded Florinda to fly home.

Despite all the effort Joel has put in, the final outcome has been rather ambiguous for everyone. However, an insider informed that the public might not see them together anymore, indicating that perhaps Joel’s attempts have been futile after all.

Joel Returns to Hong Kong

Joel arrived at the Hong Kong airport yesterday and was mobbed by reporters. Asked about his relationship with Florinda, Joel remained silent. However, Joel denied that he owed large amounts of credit card debt. He will continue working, although he will not film for TVB temporarily. Asked if he will be investing in a business, Joel said he will make announcements at the appropriate time.

Florinda: “We Are Friends Only”

Florinda updated her Weibo blog yesterday to stop the recent scorching reports. She hinted that she had indeed broken up with Joel, referring to him as only a friend. “My mom sent me a report; when I saw that Mr. Chan was smeared, I felt very sad.  As to the press’ continuous coverage on my personal life, I didn’t feel the need to clarify false rumors before. I am good friends with Mr. Chan in the past and present, and should be in the future as well. I only hope that everyone gives us privacy.”

Sources: Apple Daily via ihktv.com; Ming Pao Weekly #2321 via ihktv.com

This article is written by Su for JayneStars.com.

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  1. ABOUT TIME. I saw his airport pictures. HE did not age well in the last couple of years.

  2. Well this is not a surprise. Everyone knows this relationship will not last except Joel.However its sad when a relationship ends. Joel has turned his back to a lot of friends when he started going out with her…so its going to be hard for him to get back where he left off including his career with TVB

    1. If he is smart, he should go back to TVB and say sorry to the people that he didnt speak too in a long time.

      1. Didn’t Christine Ng say that people are not free to board the so-called “bus” (after exiting)?

        Joel may get many cold shoulders at TVB.

  3. NoooooooooooOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! good going. f’d it up. your life was set. wouldn’t of had to do shiit, now you have to go backto yor shiit life and job. good going.

  4. he’s got lots of arse licking to do the next few months …

    he screwed over so many people when he bailed last minute.

  5. “when I saw that Mr. Chan was smeared, I felt very sad”

    So why, why dear heavens, did you put “Love = Money” in the first place?

    1. That statement is just for diplomacy?

      Only a good name can be smeared. Joel did it to himself.

      1. I wonder how Joel’s ex-wife feels. Hmmm …

      2. Well, if there’s still love for her ex husband she’d be sad I guess to see him in this mess.

        Otherwise, probably just waiting for the 18 months of alimony he allegedly owes her.

      3. Didn’t know Joel owes his ex-wife alimony. In that case, I guess she’s sad because her chances of getting alimony is more remote if Florinda is out of the picture. 🙂

        Joel sure burned a lot of bridges.

        “Money is the root of all evil.”

      4. Wrong….money is good when put to good use and it is the GREED for money which becomes the root of evil.

        It’s so apparent he’s the gold digger. Bridges burnt, friendships destroyed, career screwed. If I’m the ex-wife I’ll keep in touch only to claim whatever alimony is owed, that man is not worth a cent to get back to.

      5. “GREED for money which becomes the root of evil”

        @jasmine7, good point but without “money” (being the root), what would “greed” anchor onto?

        Alimony may be another reason Joel was unreachable?

  6. Honey, would you mind pulling out that bottle of champagne I had on ice for the last 2 years? Its time to celebrate…

    1. Did you take a number? There’s a long line for the $$$. 🙂

  7. Aww I feel sad for Joel!! Kinda like him though..

    1. I actually thought his acting was pretty good, and his personality quite cool as an artist until he turned on his good friends (i.e. Christine Ng) and went all high-class with his now ex-gf…well if that ain’t Karma!

  8. Atleast he get to taste some rich spoiled brat in bed…… before got dumped.

  9. back to the dog kennel sh*thole (aka tvb). karma’s a biatch isn’t it?

  10. WOW NO KIDDING…THEY BROKE UP??! … well no one saw that coming did they? lol.

  11. euh god. you know why Stanley HO would have been okay or even encouraging with this marriage? because between her dyed hair/Miami Vice outfits and the fact that she was obviously having sleepovers with this guy – she will not be considered wife material by the kinds of families that Stanley HO would have hoped to attract with his wealth. There’s not going to be a Julian Hui in her future.

    oh well.

  12. what he lacks in wealth, he makes up for in what she lacks in that his position in life does not preclude him from making HK friends and allies – the way the Ho daughters interact with the paparazzi is not a good sign.

  13. It’s kinda sad for joel. I would blame the female on this since she encouraged him to turn his back on his career to go on vacations with her. Then, she should marry him!

    1. Wow, fangirls man,
      if the guy is good looking they can get away with frikkin murder.

    2. he might even get MORE roles because people (1) are curious about him and (2) that family is really hated for exploiting Chinese weakness for gambling, for being hanjian, for being polygamous, for being gross – so they would want to see him have a career and then the young paparazzi will ask all the sisters pointed uncomfortable questions about oh, have you seen his latest hit movie just because in traditional Chinese society, she shouldn’t have been licentious with someone as a young unmarried daughter.

      This isn’t such a disaster for him but it is a death knell for her socially but it just won’t be total obvious ostracization.


    3. What?!?!? “Wear bad shoes” forever? At least, she tossed it in only “two” yrs and didn’t waste each other’s time any longer.

  14. I just realize that the breakup immediately signals that she loses the excuse and the sympathy of being innocent, young, duped and most importantly – in love (i.e. pure of heart) – now she’s just a participant in musical chairs.

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