Joel Chan Lost Slimming Deal Due to Enormous Fees

Since Joel Chan (陈山聪) broke up with Florinda Ho (何超云), his dream of having a luxurious lifestyle was dashed. Packing on extra pounds recently, Joel was approached by a beauty company, Regen Medical Group, to be the spokesperson for their slimming ad.  Both parties were discussing the terms and the deal was almost finialized except for the endorsement fees. Joel also gave a lot of ideas during the discussion and was hoping to incorporate fashion into the ad. It was slated to shoot in Korea.

During that time, Joel ended his relationship with Florinda. When Florinda flew to London, perhaps Joel was eager to patch things up with her; he suddenly went missing for two weeks before he could sign the contract.  The ad agency was looking for him frantically but unfortunately, Joel was not contactable.

Eventually, Joel could not salvage his relationship with Florinda. Realizing that he needed a job, he reportedly went back to the beauty company and asked for a 7-figure endorsement fee. Joel has been jobless for a while and his exorbitant asking price frightened the company off. Besides, his sudden disappearance earlier was not well regarded. The beauty company decided not to use him.

Reporters called the beauty company to clarify on the matter, with a representative stating, “We did indeed talk to Joel and in the end due to some minor issues, the deal was called off.” When asked if Joel had asked for a 7-figure sum, the representative replied, “It’s inconvenient to talk about fees.”

Earlier, a report said that film producer, Stephen Siu (萧定一) was interested to cast Joel in his soft porn movie Due West: Our Sex Journey (一路向西) and willing to pay $1million HKD for Joel to go nude in his movie. When reporters called Stephen again, he said, “I am still keen to cast Joel in the movie but the director is now busy with other projects, thus there is no further progress.”

Florinda Happy Over Breakup

Since he broke up with Florinda Ho, Joel was back to living his former lifestyle and staying at his old house. In contrary, Florinda seems to have moved on and started her new life. Florinda has been actively losing weight and smiled happily when spotted in public. Florinda reportedly has been selling the clothes and shoes that were gifts from Joel to used clothing shop Chew Close.

Joel evidently offended TVB when he was dating Florinda. He neglected TVB work and took long vacations in Europe with Florinda instead. Since Joel has parted ways with Florinda, will he go back to act for TVB? Virginia Lok (乐易玲) commented, “TVB did not receive any calls from Joel showing his interest in coming back to act.”

On the other hand, producer Lee Tim Sing (李添胜) is supportive of Joel, “People go through good and bad times. Young people need a job; if I have any suitable roles for Joel later, I will include him.”


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    1. Reality finally set in for this loser. Ha! did he really think the Ho’s family would take this loser as one of their own. Asking for a 7-figure endorsement fee, you got to be kidding, he is not even hot like edison chen.

      1. Edison dating Florinda would be interesting 🙂

  1. Gosh! From this report, seems like he really wanna eat “soft rice” @@!!!

  2. It was wrong of Joel to abandon everything for Florinda, but hey he is paying the price now and has learned. Therefore, I hope that everyone will give him a break and another chance. It find it a bit strange that women often try to marry a rich guy and eat off of them too and no one says much. However, when a guy does that, he is looked down upon and accused of eating “soft rice”. I guess many are still in the traditional mindset that the guy has to be the provider, but times have changed now. I hope that Joel has learned a good lesson that he should work and have a career himself since honestly, even IF he did marry Florinda or anyone wealthy, it is always better to have your own income…

    1. I honestly think Love is Blind. People are reading him wrong as a person trying to eat soft rice. If he really cared about money that much, he would have made sure he had a better balance b/w his career and her since there’s no sure win in this world. But once a person is in love, s/he lose sight of everything.

      His recent few series showed some potential. I’m looking forward to TVB giving him an opportunity. If TVB can give AMIGO so many opportunities, they can afford a few for Joel.

      Best of luck to him!

    2. @HTS
      U are wrong..just look at the reactions Karena Ng got by “dating” Raymond Lam.
      Gals are not labeled as “eat soft-rice” cuz they are labeled as “gold-digger”!
      At least, Karena still working and unlike Joel.
      Who will want to hire such an irresponsible ambassador?!
      Just disappear and out of reach @@?!
      Imagine the company loss when Joel couldn’t be contacted during their functions!!

      1. @Yen,
        I would not say that I am 100% wrong because many girls who marry rich get a lot better reactions than guys who marry the rich. Karena’s case is not a good example. I was speaking in general too and not aiming at anyone. But you are right to some extent that girls are labeled as “gold diggers” instead, but honestly, in general they seem to fare better compared to guys who marry the rich due to the traditional belief that guys are expected to be the primary providers.

      2. Heard of Gigi Lai? You think people reacted better when she married her husband? Have you seen what netizens have wrote about her and her husband?

        Most people reacted badly towards Joel because of a series of negative publication towards him. If he didn’t give TVB the cold shoulder I’m willing to bet the publications wouldn’t be as negative. Just look at Moses, he can do no wrong, its always positive.

      3. Gigi Lai’s example is also not a good one because in her case, her husband is not good looking and is disabled. BUT, he is really rich, therefore, of course people would think she is after his money.

      4. Your argument is girls gets a better reaction than guys that marry the rich. Neither you nor me knows the real reason behind theses marriages, we are only debating about netizens reaction. So isn’t it silly to say Gigi Lai’s example is not a good one when there’s just as much negative reactions? Or perhaps because its been a few years that you can’t remember the reactions and your own comments at the other forum?

    3. with his attitude like this, of course joel’s seen as ‘soft rice’

  3. earlier when he started dating florinda, we all feel abit “jealous” (well, we all know why i said “jealous”)… especially when notice he been driven in out of the grand mansion, wearing latest style futuristic fashion, eating at fancy high class restaurant, travelling to exotic places ..high life…then now suddenly back to his old place … now from feeling jealous to pity

  4. This guy is such a loser, living in a dream world. haha!

  5. He will probably end up being a skydiver, jumping off the highest building in Hong Kong. Haha!

  6. At least the guy is talented, he can act better than some of the leading actors in TVB right now.

    1. totally agree…people learned their lesson in life,,, give him a chance… beside, I think He truly loves Florinda, she is really pretty as well..

  7. what a failure guy joel is now and he still dares to think too highly on himself and put a high price. he should just go back to tvb since only tvb and lee tim sing willing to take him back!

  8. ” Florinda reportedly has been selling the clothes and shoes that were gifts from Joel to used clothing shop Chew Close.”

    how pathetic that joel and his gifts now are just ‘used goods’ to florinda

      And lolll doesn’t Florinda showers Joel with lots of expensive stuffs too?!
      Or HAHAHAS it’s all her “CREATIVITY”, thus no valuable?! xD

    2. I wonder what happened to the proceeds of the sale, I hope she donated it to a good cause.

  9. I don’t they was any problem loving a rich girls, but I just hope that Joel learns to be more responsible in his life. There is more to life than romance. He needs to be more reliable to his employers and colleagues and stop disappearing on a whim.

    Woudl like to see him back at TVB soon.

  10. I’m beginning to see a trend here where most people are willing to forgive the man while they put all the blame on the woman. Calling Karena a golddigger who bewitched LF, forgiving Joel Chan and calling Florinda Ho ugly…that’s…wow.

    1. I have no problem with Karena dating Ray. They are both consenting adults. At least Karena is still responsibly going to work and getting paid. Right now, neither have done nothing wrong and they have my best wishes.

      I am not forgiving Joel because he treated everyone else (his friends, TVB, his ex-wife, the body slimming company, etc..)like crap cos he was dating a rich girl. But if he is willing to change, I don’t see why as TV audience, we should not given him a second chance to act.

      Florinda is just weird – full stop. Just look at the way she dresses. Her sisters looks much better than her.

    2. Not seeing the trend, mainly because LF and Karena are such an unique example where it’s truly hard to put it as an example here.

    3. Well, let me help you by pinpointing dd’s alleged “double standard”:

      Fact: both involves May/December relationship with the insinuation that one party was in it strictly for money.

      Fact: The “gold-digging” parties in both relationship appear to have lied about their own “rich backgroup”.

      Fact: While Karena Ng has been blasted for her “evil” intents and almost aspects of her life, on the other hand, Joel has been categorized as suffering from a momentary lapse of reasoning and “should be allowed” to return to TVB and continue on with his “fine actng”.

      Let me know if this has become clearer for you

      1. I mean seriously, pretty much everyone’s acting as though Karena Ng gave LF a lobotomy, or placed an implant in his brain like in “the Manchurian Candidate” making him a slave.

        Comeon you guys. LF is a player and he’s vain as hell. 19 year old boo-tay is his thing.

        The girls here are too easy. They’ll forgive any dude with a nice face.

      2. @dd,
        Agreed, another reason LF goes for 19-yo may be because they are more obedient (听话) and do whatever he says. When young ladies get older, they develop their own sense of right and wrong (or independence) and are no longer as agreeable.

        As for Joel Chan, he has good acting skills but he is an idiot loser and would not make a good businessman because he burns too many bridges and is not responsible enough to see things (projects, career, marriage, friendships, etc.) to the end. He needs to do some serious kowtowing and mend some deep wounds. He should not expect roles/fees to be as good as before.

    1. Yep totally agree. A fool to burn all bridges or put all eggs in one basket!!
      Let this be a lesson to all

    2. on the bright side, at least he has alot of fire matches to start with. 😀

  11. I agree with Lee Tim Sing. Hope Joel can learn a lot from this and start over again.

    1. oh but science news say it’s hard to learn after your 20s. my friends’ grandpa tried really hard to learn english and he talk like “eng-ga-lious- is-see go-oot.”

  12. It is safe to describe his situation as similar to a bout of severe diarrhea: when he sh^t, it pours.

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