Joel Chan Makes Teary Apology to Ex-Wife and Family

Joel Chan (陳山聰) is lucky and he knows it. When a slew of unfortunate decisions led him to rock bottom, Joel for a moment gave everything up and buried himself even deeper under layers of guilt and shame. While the public wrote him off with pity and scorn, his family moved in for the rescue and was successful in turning his life around. Given a second chance, Joel is grateful for the support he received and is now openly apologizing for the grief he had caused his loved ones, including ex-wife Ponny Yeung (楊渡萍).

Born to a well-to-do family in Macau, Joel was the youngest child loved by two older brothers and four older sisters. While many of his siblings turned to business, Joel’s adventurous spirit brought him into the colorful world of entertainment. Working for TVB since 2000, he was slowly securing his way to the top when he made a choice that he now regrets. In 2011, he announced that he had divorced his wife, who is six years his senior, and very publicly pursued the much younger heiress Florinda Ho (何超雲). Sadly for him, his much-coveted relationship fizzled just two years later.

Although many speculated that he was dating Florinda for her money, Joel insisted that he did not spend even a dime as he reflected on his scandal on February 4. With healthy savings, he was able to avoid falling into debt during unemployment and was even able to pay Ponny her alimony on schedule. Genuinely sorry for the pain he brought his ex-wife, Joel finds some solace in providing for her financially though understands that he may never be able to truly make it up to her. “I feel that she is a person I have wronged, so I should take responsibility [for my actions] We will take things slowly; it is difficult to become friends again so soon after what had happened.”

Joel felt even more ashamed when discussing the scandal’s impact on his family. Feeling defeated after his break up with Florinda, he hid from the world in a smaller home while his mother took care of his daily needs. Even though he is now ready to face the consequences of his own mistakes, he became teary-eyed as he recalled his father’s concerned phone call when the tabloids broke the news on his alleged infidelity. Helpless, the only thing he could do was to tell his parents to ignore the gossips.

While his whole family was loving and supportive, it was his favorite brother Chan San Hoi (陳山海) who inspired his change and to whom Joel owes the biggest apology. Breaking down in tears, Joel recounted San Hoi’s guilt in failing his brotherly duties and shared the advice that jump-started his healing process. “Even though he did not accompany me all the time, he would still send me messages, saying, ‘Younger brother, you must move forward’. I asked him how, he said, ‘Put down your left foot, and step ahead with your right. That’s how you can walk onward.'”

Source: Ming Pao

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  1. Wow…. pretty bold move. There are two possibilities. Joel is seriously apologetic towards the people he hurt. Or it is a publicity move to win the audience favor again. Sometimes you don’t have to really be sincere to fake an apology. I really hope he changed for the better. Hopefully he can patch things with Christine Ng.

    1. Fake or not…at least he publicly apologized for being an ass. You just have to feel bad for the ex-wife.

      1. Christine Ng was Joel Chan’s good friend, but he broke up with her after dating Florinda Ho.

      2. Thanks, guys! I always like Christine, and it felt like her characteristic is like my aunt, head strong, if there’s something they are not happy about, they will explode and said it out loud instead of holding it in 🙂

  2. I like Joel as an actor, but he is an unfaithful ex-husband to his ex-wife. I think Joel tried to gain sympathy from the audiences since he comes back to acting.

    1. Gaining sympathy or not, he needs to for his acting career-without the support of the audience, as an actor he is nothing and won’t get anywhere if the audience does not appreciate and accept his performances because of his messed up personal life or jackass attitude. But I really feel like he is genuinely sorry for his arrogance and naive actions in the past. But as to if he’s really a changed man and will stay changed for the better-who knows. But career wise, I don’t blame him for trying to gain back sympathy from the audience, afterall, the audience are a large part in depending whether or not his career is here to stay imo..

    2. He’s damned if he does, and damned if he doesn’t it seems.

      If he doesn’t apologize then he’s a scoundrel and doesn’t deserve sympathy for the mess he created.

      If he DOES apologize, then he’s not being truthful and is just doing it to gain sympathy from the audience.

  3. Joel Chan is very lucky to have such a good brother to help him overcome his big failure.

  4. I like his good attitude not that many people can do it. His family is so loving.

  5. He’s lucky to have a older brother like that.
    I don’t think this is fake or “publicity stunt”. Why would anyone joke about this? Wouldn’t his brother and his family members be even more furious or disappointed that he “faked” his public apology? It must have taken a lot of courage to climb back up..

  6. He is obviously the baby of his family, doted by his older siblings and parents. So when he faced failure he hit rock bottom so to speak. Well at least he is now able to stand back up again and move forward even if he is a bit of a drama queen. But I do believe he is genuine.

    1. the whole apology thing is in part sincere but mostly salvaging his public image. He is after all an entertainer.

      1. Agreed, all I can say is let his actions speak for him.

        “Actions speak louder than words.”

      2. Yea, I never like him as an actor, but it does felt sincere, I guess we will see. However, I don’t think my liking of him as actor will change much.

      3. Yeah, I agree.

        Joel can be the most talented actor ever, but it wouldn’t matter if the audience is not willing to accept him again.

  7. Who cares if his apology sincere or not? I don’t know him, I only give a damn if he’s a good actor or not. And he’s a decent actor.

      1. HTS,

        They are characters in the TVB series ‘Inbound Troubles’.

        Chiu Chiu was attracted to Monica D, who is a famed fashion icon and designer, because they have similar taste in fashion. He broke up with his steady girlfriend of many years to be with Monica D. He also quited his steady job and spent a lot of money during his dating with Monica D. Later Monica D got tired of him and dumped him. He ended up jobless, penniless and girlfriendless.

      2. Kidd,
        Oh ok,thanks for the info. I do not think I gave seen that series yet if or if I did,I completely forgot. At least it us not in real life.

  8. His brother gave him good advice.

    Own up to your past mistakes, be responsible, apologize, and move foward.

    Doting on them with only keep you and those around you mired in misery.

  9. He has come back with tail between his legs| I do hope this apology is genuine and not a marketing ploy to gain sympathy to get back into people’s good books.

  10. I like his last acting (Last Step) which he was very funny. A pity he got out of acting at the wrong time when he was gaining popularity. Hope all goes well for him from now.

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