Joel Chan Off to London to Mend Relationship With Florinda Ho

Two nights ago, Joel Chan (陳山聰) boarded a Cathay Pacific flight departing for London, England, at 11:55 PM, in hopes of saving his two-year relationship with Florinda Ho (何超雲). Joel had allegedly been using WhatsApp to contact his ex-girlfriend, only receiving no response in return. It looks like Florinda is still angry over their fashion business quarrel.

Joel thus decided to find Florinda in person. In order to avoid the media, Joel took a turbo jet from Macau to the SkyPier at the Hong Kong International Airport. He then directly headed for the airline transfer desks and passed through the custom gates.

Joel was busy sightseeing and spending time with Florinda during their relationship instead of concentrating on his career. After their breakup, he allegedly fell into a state of financial difficulty. Rumors indicated that he had to borrow money from friends in order to pay for his airfare to London. Instead of taking business class or first class like in the past, Joel only had enough money for the premium economy class.

After three days of not updating, Florinda finally posted on her Instagram today. She displayed a photo of a jar of honey and left a comment that said, “Very serious food poisoning. It’s been three days. What did I eat the most?? My dear honey.” Could it be that Joel has already succeeded in amending their relationship?


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  1. Joel’d better amend his relationship with Florinda. Otherwise his jack pot winnings will be gone forever.

    1. Yup, he is now trying to make his way down the rainbow to get to his lucky pot of gold. He had better hurry before the pot of gold flies away for good…

  2. He s got gold digger written all over his face. It’s dumb if she goes back to him.

  3. i never sense he was a gold digger … a true gold digger will make sure s/he never do anything to piss off the gold producer.

    i think there’s love …

    1. Yep, that’s what I was thinking too. If he was truly a gold digger, he would let her call all the shots.

      Now if he didn’t know that already, then I guess he wasn’t the brightest bulb in the box.

  4. If this peice of news is true, he is beneath respect! For her she must be the all time fool if she does not see that he is after her money.

    1. Seems like the Ho family is already onto Joel Chan. Since “money is the root of all evil”, Florinda would be wise to “not” flaunt her wealth.

  5. he is gold digger and she is not pretty but a rich parents. so win win but now joel is on losing end. he better salvage it before it dies off. she is still green so got chance to touch her with him flying over there to kneel down, does whatever he can to lure her back.

  6. I don’t buy his loving for her. It is her wealth, will bet with my last dollar.

  7. Can she STOP cryptically updating her weibo lol?
    Each post gets more hilarious than the last it appears!

  8. 2 worthless people who did squat to earn their livings… a perfect failure story… please don’t breed

    1. Oh, that’s funny. 🙂

      Those spoiled rich kids.
      Geez, why don’t they put all that $$$ to good use (like educating themselves in business to make their $$$ grow) instead of throwing her father’s hard-earned $$$ away on expensive items to show-off?

  9. this headline is so funny but it’s so incredible – are all of these news items just publicity for this couple?? otherwise, it would be too baldfaced and frankly, too hard to believe that the moneyed side would still be on the hook

    I find it very hard to believe that a Hong Kong raised girl would post that about a jar of honey … it would be too shoulder squinching.

  10. “Very serious food poisoning. It’s been three days. What did I eat the most?? My dear honey.”


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