Joel Chan Returns to TVB a Changed Man

An entertainment career is sustained mostly by market demand. Celebrities are always on full alert, knowing very well that a small misstep can put an end to everything they had worked for. Joel Chan (陳山聰) certainly got a taste of this terror when he flirted with danger and was thrown to rock bottom. Away from the limelight for the past six months, he dedicated the time to self improvement and is now ready to make a return. Opening up about his personal life for the first time since his hiatus, Joel shares the lessons learned and how the darker times forced him to change for the better.

Although he was appreciated for his acting talent, Joel is mainly known for his whirlwind romance with heiress Florinda Ho (何超雲). Their relationship began shortly after Joel filed for divorce from his former wife Ponny Yeung (楊渡萍) in 2011, and immediately prompted cheating speculations and massive backlash.

Without a care about his worsening reputation, Joel and Florinda dated on and off for two and a half years amidst accusations that he was only wooing her for her money. Joel was also on bad terms with TVB after repeatedly skipping jobs and taking time off to be with his girlfriend. His nonchalant behavior and unprofessional attitude angered his company and eventually isolated him from his old social circle, including friends Christine Ng (伍詠薇) and Sharon Chan (陳敏之).

When the couple finally broke up in May of 2013, Joel became a laughingstock and few expected his career to survive this embarrassment. He returned to his modest flat and spent his days hiding at home, afraid of running into paparazzi. Guilty about the impact his actions had on his family, Joel felt helpless and was trapped in a dark mood. Luckily, he was able to make an important mental breakthrough. “Others may say that Joel Chan is a negative person, but that doesn’t mean that Joel Chan is negative in real life. I made mistakes, but I have reflected on my past and have let it go. Now I will only look ahead.”

Making his emotional health top priority, Joel realized that he needed to do whatever it takes to move forward. He picked up running during this time and slowly turned a hobby into an obsession. He goes for his daily jog at 5 a.m. without fail, and continued the habit even after landing an office job. “I worked at my friend’s company for four months. My colleagues were kind, though they refused to go out to lunch with me out of fear of having their pictures taken.”

Although Joel was reportedly “frozen” by TVB, top executive Virginia Lok (樂易玲) remained in contact and is now working to ease him back onto TV screens. She recently offered him a raise and a new three-year contract, paving his comeback with a role in a new series by director Lee Tim Shing (李添勝).

Humbled and more mature, Joel feels that he is ultimately responsible to and for himself and is grateful to be given that rare second chance. “Humans grow from experience. You win some, you lose some. The most important thing is [how I live] my life… I don’t need to prove to the world who Joel Chan is, but I owe myself an explanation. I am very lucky to still have the chance to do the work I love.”

Source: Ming Pao

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  1. so happy joel chan is back in TVB..he is indeed have the quality of become lead actor due to his handsome look, slim fit body and most of all an A+ in his acting standard.. hope he can get 2nd lead actor in this new series, then move towards become a lead actor…If christine and sharon still ignore joel, then its the actress losing

    1. Good for him and it’s time to get on with life………..learn that all the women in the Ho family are garbage and money-grubbing beetches and that mixing with them will get you nothing but trouble……I think all of Stanley Ho’s daughters are garbage.

  2. Joel Chan deserves a second chance, he’s a pretty talented actor.

      1. And he deserves a second chance. Who does make mistakes in his life!

    1. I agree and am glad that he is back. He is right that humans do learn from experience and through those experiences, we hope to become better people. Hope he will work hard and cherish his second chance. I think he really shines even in supporting roles.

    2. Agree- he is quite a talented actor. People make mistakes,and he did, but really hope he learns from it and puts all his energy and heart back into his work now…

  3. I like Joel and Vincent Wong. Hope they both get lead roles soon!

      1. Joel (Raymond Lam’s time) has been in the industry longer than Vincent. So you can’t compare their experiences and exposure.

      2. If you got acting talent time isn’t necessary and if you don’t whatever time you put in is useless.

  4. Love his acting 🙂
    I’m so happy that he’s filiming dramas again! 😀

  5. It’s not easy to start over and just for that I believe Joel deserves a second chance. IMO he is pretty talented and has a good range.

  6. Good News! Thumbs up to Joel for picking himself up. We look forward to seeing his new dramas. Whether he plays the good guy or bad guy he’s still convincing.

    1. Happy for him and thank god he god rid of that spoiled rich kid.

    1. I don’t know if he is good but he is much better than that Kenneth Ma that’s been around and haven’t got a girl yet.

  7. joel chan was damn good in Bottled Passion and Curse of the Royal Harem

  8. this drama lead is kenneth and tavia again~~juz saw the interview from tv~

  9. Very hapi to noe he is trying to change for better. He is a good actor!. All d best!.

  10. Yay! Good news for viewers 🙂 He’s a great actor, one of my favourites. Looking forward to watching him again.

  11. He is talented and I’m glad he’s doing the right thing for moving foward.

    1. He can’t do wrong because he has a hot dog and she has a hamburger. People break up everyday no big deal. He is so lucky that Miss Lok takes him back. Good for him.

  12. Joel is very lucky to have Miss Lok on his side. As for Felix Wong’s daughter(who is she?)true Adrian Wong is just some potato to her because you have to work at it not accepting bad hand down from little old dad.

    1. Adrian Wong is a brand new actress, backed by her dad only, and Joel Chan is a good and talented actor. I don’t blame Ms. Lok for supporting Joel and not Adrian. Joel is someone who acts well, and Adrian is someone who has uncertain acting talents and abilities.

      1. If she has what it takes to make it She doesn’t need hand down from little old dad. He who has many problems with employers on his list shouldn’t have taken her on his wings. He should have ask Michael and Jamie to do that for him. It is still not too late especially she has the youth to back her up. Lack the knowledge. Sticky situation or what.

  13. i use to dislike him until i watched The Last Steep Ascent. He is a versitile actor!

    1. Joel had always been a versatile actor! I first saw his acting in Maiden’s Vow and felt that he was quite good in his role xD

    2. Coincidentally I watched somewhat of The Last Steep Ascent and took a notice in him. I thought his acting was great. I didn’t know who he was at the time till I came across his high profile dating with that promiscuous girl. He looks better now than before. I’m glad he flushed away that bitter cup of tea. Hope to see more of his series in the future.

  14. He is a very good actor, very talented.
    Lucky he can still move forward, very happy know that he is very positive.
    All the best to Joel Chan.
    I hope Christine Ng can be more forgiving and learn to stop attacking other actors.

  15. Always liked him as an actor and do think he is very good looking actor too. Always have wonder why tvb never really promoted him to leading long ago????

  16. This guy has so much potential. Hope he uses this second chance and work to the top.

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