Joel Chan Returns to TVB

Joel Chan (陳山聰), who took a quiet hiatus from showbiz after his highly-publicized breakup with socialite Florinda Ho (何超雲) earlier this year, will be making a comeback in January 2014.

At a company dinner held yesterday, TVB executives Catherine Tsang (曾勵珍) and Virginia Lok (樂易玲) confirmed that Joel has been cast in a new TVB drama and will be returning to the studios in January 2014. Catherine Tsang also stated that management is currently planning new activities for Joel in the upcoming year.

Various reports claimed that Joel would be starring in an upcoming episode of the popular game show, Super Trio Maximus <超級無敵獎門人終極篇>, to test the waters, but Catherine Tsang denied the reports, expressing that there was no need to make such an appearance, as many TVB producers are already interested in casting Joel in their upcoming productions. “He’s a talented actor. Jobs are lining up for him already!”

Catherine Tsang further refuted the reports alleging that Joel’s show price was lowered to a significant amount. She said, “Joel always had a contract with TVB and he signed a new one [last month]. We maintained a good relationship.”

Asked if Joel had a no dating rule in his new contract, Virginia Lok laughed, “Impossible! That’s cruel!” She praised Joel that is looking very fit and is prepared for his comeback.

Joel’s good friend Derek Kok (郭政鴻) is happy that Joel is returning to TVB and said, “Joel looks like a completely different person now. He’s so fit!”


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    1. The pic above is not his current pic. That pic already been use numerous times in all Joel articles.
      This pic was when he still dating Florinda

  1. I knew that he would return eventually but just did not want to admit it earlier. Joel has a lot of potential so I hope he treasures his second chance and does not drop it all again. Glad to see him coming back and good luck to him!

  2. Glad to hear Joe Chan will return to film drama series for TVB in 2014. He is a good actor, and his acting talents should not be wasted.

  3. yay! he’s such a good actor! Not everyone can play the roles he does.

    1. He was probably a good worker (and in my opinion- a good actor) before he started dating his ex, so they’ve probably never had any bad experiences with him and want to give him another shot.

      1. I hope Joe Chan will treasure his “second” opportunity and excel more in his acting.

      2. Yeah. Lee Tim-sing in particular really liked Joel. He was very disappointed when Joel decided to leave.

        I hope Joel doesn’t screw up his second chance up because I can see a lot of potential in him.

    2. Why wouldn’t they want to use him? He did not commit any bad crimes they cannot be forgiven. He has the right to a second chance which I believe he will treasure.

      1. Because he was always missing in action, going on long vacations despite leave unapproved, or so according to the media. If that is true, that is bad work ethics and hence, given another chance, he should treasure it

      2. I think Joel Chan will not be able to do it now as he has lost his “rice provider”.

      3. would your boss take you back if you have very bad ethic and doesn’t show up to work?

      4. I think Joel Chan is an unusual case. It should not happen to many talented artistes in TVB.

  4. I’m looking forward to seeing Joel return. I always liked him as an actor. Hope he will cherish his career more this time around.

  5. I reli love to watch him act..such a talented actor. hope he will treasure this 2nd chance and down-to-earth. All d best!.

  6. Joel Chan was the best artistes in “Curse of the Royal Harem”. He carried his role really well, better than all the other artistes in the drama series.

    1. I agree. Too bad he wasn’t even nominated for the best supporting award that year

    2. And on Last Steep. He was so adorably arrogant and such a hilariously handsome fanboy. Would love to see him and Samantha pair up again.

  7. I always like 3C but I don’t think I’m going to watch his return series.

      1. San Chung (sound similar to 3 Chung => 3C), it’s how his fans refer to Joel Chan

      2. Really? I thought 3C would be: cash, car and camera (in old days).

      3. Tat’s what he is called. Like Kate is Z3 (Zi Sam), Myolie is H2 (Hang Yi), Linda is ++ (Xin Xin).

  8. “Joel Chan (陳山聰), who took a quiet hiatus from showbiz”

    It was anything but quiet.

  9. i like joel! he’s one of the most potential actor in tvb. i dont really care abt his personal story. as long as he has talent~ it’s acceptable for this return 🙂

  10. Hi Joel, I hope you will see all the support that you are getting regarding your return to work for TVB. Please concentrate on your career and no more flashy designer wardrobe. You look great dressed like a normal person than those glittering matchy things you ere made to wear.

  11. Still don’t like how he treated his ex-wife.
    It was very bad and mean of him.

  12. Yes, come back to TVB… Just don’t do a repeat of stupid career suicide move.

  13. If he still look as good as above pic, I am sure he will be be very popular.

    Welcome back Joel!

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