Joey Law Drives Joey Thye to Work

Entering TVB after participating in Mr. Hong Kong 2008, 32-year-old Joey Law’s (羅天宇) dating life has never been empty. After breaking up with Roxanne Tong (湯洛雯) in 2018, Joey’s latest rumored girlfriend is Wonder Women <多功能老婆> actress, Joey Thye (戴祖儀).

Over the Christmas holidays, the two Joeys were seen having dinner together. Joey Law paid for the bill and the pair went for a stroll on the beach afterward. When reports surfaced about their date, both denied the dating allegations and said they were only friends.

Recently, Joey was seen driving his new Tesla and picked up Joey on his way to work. Joey’s avoidance of the paparazzi was so extreme that he was seen dropping off the actress mid-way to work. Joey Thye then walked the rest of the distance to TVB Studio.

Both Joeys Claim They Are “Still Single”

When asked by the media why she got out of Joey’s car and walked the rest of the way to work, Joey Thye said, “We both had to go to work and he gave me a lift since it was on his way. But the company has a policy that said two people can’t be in the same car when entering the studio, so he had to drop me off by the entrance.”

Stating that she is still single, Joey Thye did admit that Joey Law is very likable. She revealed, “Among the girls, we will privately discuss who are great guys at TVB. Usually, Joey Law is in the top three because his looks and personality are both good.”

Asked if Joey Law is pursuing her, Joey Thye expressed, “No, his ex-girlfriends are too perfect. Me, on the other hand…I don’t know what to say. We only play basketball together because there’s a team. Sometimes, we play basketball so I wouldn’t say there’s absolutely no contact with each other. I’m a pretty slow person, I wouldn’t know something unless someone says it to me directly. He’s not pursuing me – we’re only friends.”

During the blessing ceremony for new series Hong Kong Love Story <香港愛情故事>, Joey Law was asked by the media if his girlfriend would be jealous about his intimate scenes in the new drama. Joey quickly responded, “I’m not dating anyone, why would I be scared? I’m still single.”

Sources: Weekend Weekly; HK01

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