Joey Law Spills Details About “Hong Kong Love Stories” Season 2

With the success of Hong Kong Love Stories <香港愛情故事>, TVB is planning on turning the series into a trilogy and will start filming the second season this year. Speaking about the second season, Joey Law (羅天宇) expressed his nervousness, “Everyone has expectations now that the first season was so well accepted! Now, I’m even more nervous, and the pressure is even greater.”

It is said that the second season will focus on unemployment brought upon by the pandemic, while the third season will focus on the food industry. Joey shared the details he already knows, “I’m not sure what phase of the pandemic the show will center upon. Although I have never been unemployed, I experienced a low point in my career. I hope to be able to try different jobs in the second season–I am okay with delivering takeout too!”

Asked if he will continue to have scenes where he can show off his muscles, Joey said he will be ready as he has many shirtless scenes in the upcoming remake of Return of the Cuckoo <十月初五的月光> as well. “I’m currently trying intermittent fasting for 18 hours at a time. I mostly eat vegetables or protein and have cut out carbs.”

The new year is already off to a busy start for Joey. Currently filming for TVB’s The Gatekeepers <把關者們> which is about the Customs and Excise department, Joey will start filming for Return of the Cuckoo 2021 in mid-January. He is uncertain when filming for the new season of Hong Kong Love Stories will start, as producer Lincoln Lam (林肯) is currently busy with another drama.

Source: Sky Post

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  1. Looking forward to part 2 of this series but I am also hoping to see Joey grow as an actor. I don’t mind him but his shyness in real life is really coming thru even in the characters that he plays. It’s a wall he has to tear down to become a better actor. Since TVB is promoting him, I hope he can break through his own timid personality and really embody stronger characters that he hopefully has a chance to portray in the future.

    1. @gnomageddon good observation, I never considered that he was shy in real life. He does seem reserved in his acting, and I actually had a difficult time relating to any of his characters outside the one from “come home love”. Maybe because he comes off as fairly young as well. But I do like him, and hope he makes the most of his opportunities.

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