Kai Ko and Elva Hsiao’s Rumored Break Up

Taiwanese actor Kai Ko (柯震東) and rumored girlfriend Elva Hsiao (蕭亞軒) may have finally called it quits. The two were first romantically linked in January of last year when they were spotted on a movie date. Although they never officially admitted to their relationship, they were often seen acting intimately in public. Recently, Kai had un-followed Elva on Weibo and Instagram, prompting rumors that they have broken up.

The two later reconciled, and Kai re-connected with Elva on his social media accounts. Despite this, Elva was nowhere to be seen during Kai’s 22nd birthday celebration, and some say that the couple is in midst of a nasty fight.

Recent reports also linked Kai with Rigel Davis (程穎婕), a 25-year-old model and entrepreneur who owns fashion boutique chain Vanitas. Rigel is half-Chinese, half-American whose wealthy family held prominent positions within China’s government. In a surprise twist, Rigel is also the ex-girlfriend of Elva’s former love, actor Sunny Wang (王陽明).

Kai and Rigel’s close friendship was first discovered when Kai posted photos of his toy purchases. On May 29, Kai shared that he had bought toys created from popular Japanese animation series One Piece. Two days later, Rigel posted photos of the same toys on her Weibo. During Kai’s birthday celebration in Shanghai on June 17, Rigel also presented Kai with One Piece merchandise. Kai happily accepted the gifts and later praised Rigel online, saying “Thanks for your gifts! You are so sweet to me at this moment”, followed by three hearts.

Sources close to Elva claimed that the couple is fighting because of Kai’s flirtatious behavior. Elva is said to feel very insecure in the relationship because Kai often posts photos of himself with his many female co-stars. When Elva confronted him about the photos, Kai immediately became angry and removed her from his social media accounts. Kai’s close friend presented a different story however, saying that the couple was fighting over minor issues. The source also stated that Kai and Rigel are only friends, and that the One Piece toy Kai had purchased was never gifted and remains in his home.

Kai was pressed by reporters about the break up rumors. He seemed unhappy about the questions and only gave brief responses. He denied dating Rigel, saying that he bought the toy for himself. When asked if he knew about Rigel’s status as Sunny Wang’s ex-girlfriend, Kai denied any knowledge. Asked if he is worried that his photos with Rigel may hurt Elva’s feelings, Kai said, “Why would it? It won’t. I have many female friends!”

He declined to comment when pressed about his and Elva’s current status, and later expressed his frustrations at recent reports with the following Weibo post: “I won’t say anymore! No matter how others see me or say about me, I can take it! Isn’t this how life should be? What matters is that I know what I am doing! Love me or hate me! Whatever! Only God or Satan can judge me now.”

Source: Ming Pao 

This article is written by Katrine for JayneStars.com.

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  1. I’m SHOCKED. I thought they were going to be together forever…

    1. Such a HUGEEE gap in their age plus the guy is starting to enjoy his life as a CELEBRITY, it surely won’t last!
      Elva w/o a doubt is pretty and sexy but can’t deny that age is catching up. More pretty sexy lovely and YOUNG gals lining up for him

  2. Only God or Satan can judge me now? Okay, KaiKai!

    If they did break up, I’m surprised it lasted this long. I’m a fan of both and I’m sure they will move on.

    Damn, Sunny Wang has dated a lot of girls!

  3. Vanness Wu’s girlfriend is best friends with that Rigel Davis. Did I mention how scary and doll-like her face looks like?! It’s no surprise they wont last.. he just got his first break in the industry. What makes you think he will throw it all away and prioritize their relationship? I think Elva should be smarter and look for someone who is more stable!

    1. Lol who says she’s looking for a long term partner? She may just wanna tap some young cutie.

  4. Is this the dude that went naked on his first movie that was a huge hit in taiwan? i am suprised he’s dating someone so much older…hum…

  5. This often happen to those “older” female who dated “younger” guys. Guys tend to get mature later as compare to gals, so having a stable bf for Elva is kinda difficult unless she looks for those above 35 and above. Younger guys still want to enjoy themselves and won’t be settle down so fast.

    1. That is generally true and usually those
      “Jiedi” relationships do not last long, especially when the age gap is so big.

    2. ‘Guys tend to get mature later as compare to gals’

      A myth that has been perpetuated mainly by the irrationally excessive doting on sons (vs daughters)by Chinese, or Asian parents thereby prolonging their “childhood”.

      Only a couple of generations ago (WWII), men matured and took responsibility early; they are now celebrated in a book called “The Greatest Generation”.

  6. Kai is so much better looking that some her “persuer” esp. that FAT boy fr M’sia 🙂

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