Kai Ko Treasures Elva Hsiao’s Love

Due to their 11-year gap, Taiwanese actor Kai Ko (柯震东) and Mandopop singer Elva Hsiao’s (萧亚轩) relationship was never expected to last.Twenty-two-year-old Kai was regarded as too young and not ready to commit in a long-term relationship yet.

In early June this year, Kai was romantically linked to 25 year-old Rigel Davis (程颖婕), who happened to be the ex-flame of Elva’s former boyfriend, Sunny Wang (王阳明). Rigel was seen celebrating Kai’s 22nd birthday in Shanghai. And perhaps out of jealousy, Elva maintained that she and Kai were just good friends, hence giving out signs that the two may have broken up.

Out of nowhere, Hong Kong model Bonnie Leung (梁晶晶) revealed that she has been chatting on the phone with Kai every night. Bonnie said, “He (Kai) never told me that he is dating someone currently. All along, I am the one getting all the scolding. There are people who, after a one night stand, do not even know the other party’s name. Anyway remembering or not is not important; I do not want to be involved with him anymore.”

Surrounded by Women

With both good looks and wealth, it is no surprise that Kai is surrounded by women. Because of work, Kai admitted his contact with the opposite sex has also increased. “I don’t rule out that because of my gestures and concern, ladies may have mistaken my actions and then it turned into a piece of gossip news.”

Kai revealed that he and Elva have been getting along very well, contrary to media reports. He believes Elva will not be doubtful of him despite the baseless rumors, but instead has full trust in him. Kai further added that nothing has happened in their relationship, “Didn’t you see the photo that we posted on our Weibo account?”

When criticized by netizens as being flirtatious, Kai reiterated, “I was a little unhappy, but I just wanted to do things that I like. I will not be on my guard against anyone. In the meantime, I will treasure my relationship with her (Elva), and this is all from the heart.”

Of late, Kai’s jobs have been pouring in non-stop. Besides filming a movie in Mainland China, he has also accepted many advertisement opportunities. Kai’s wealth has risen as well. Asked if his intention was to close the gap between Elva and himself, Kai said, “I don’t know! Though my fans base has been growing, I think I still have not reached the ‘Heavenly King’ status yet. But my fame is definitely better than before, so the gap is not as big as it used to be.”

According to a tarot card fortune teller, the two lovebirds will have a successful reconciliation, with possible to hear wedding bells this year. It is also predicted that it will likely be a shotgun marriage.

Source: ihktv.com

This article is written by Jennifer for JayneStars.com.

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  1. wow, 11 years huh? just wow…haha… that pic up there of her is pretty thou.

  2. IT WILL NEVER WORK OUT!! SORRY, but only the female being younger will work, cuz by the time Kai decides to settle down and hav kids, she just can’t physically hav one.

    To be honest 22 is very young and nobody at that age is committed and every likes to play for a bit.

    ELVA doesn’t even hav a natural face!!

    1. Maybe he doesn’t want kids?

      I’ve known guys who only go out with older ladies because they know for sure that they don’t want kids and they don’t want to rob women their own age of the possibility.

      1. +1 for these guys

        Although I know many young women who have confessed to not wanting kids as well. However, ditto to your mle friends for being so considerate and I gotta say, not bias to older women or anything but they do tend to be more wise of their own situation and are less likely to change their opinions etc. After all, younger women do have a higher possibility of changing their views on say, marriage, relationships or the whole kids issue as they get older.

  3. He always struck me as a bumbling little boy… I’m not all that surprised that he would go for someone like Elva who is (presumably) more mature. No, the relationship probably won’t last, but not every relationship has to be angling at marriage. Maybe they’re just enjoying each others’ company in the here and now. Nothing wrong with that.

  4. I don’t think it’s fair for anyone who does not personally know these two individuals well enough to comment. What’s more, when it comes to love and relationships, the only people who knows the best would be the ones involved.

    To hell with Kai’s image or his supposedly flirtatious actions, maybe it really is just his personality and many women have interpreted wrongly. Many of us tend to think we know certain celebrities very well just because we ‘see’ them onscreen all the time, so we think “yeah I know everything about them” which is just wrong on so many levels.

    What’s more both of them are grown-ups and I think they’re more than capable of handling their own god damn relationship, romance, pure friendship or any of those in between stages.

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