Kary Ng Actively Pursued Shawn Yue?

Kary Ng (吳雨霏) and Shawn Yue (余文樂) have known each other for ten years. In autumn of 2012, they became a romantic couple. After dating secretly for three months, their relationship was finally exposed by the media. Although they have only dated for a short period of time, Kary and Shawn has already encountered a breakup, in which Kary allegedly pursued Shawn again, resulting in the couple reuniting.

After the exposure of their relationship, the media were unable to question Kary and Shawn, because they are currently vacationing in England. When Shawn’s assistant was approached, she claimed that she did not know when Shawn will return to Hong Kong, and she will not respond to further questions until his return. On the other hand, Kary has earlier informed her music company that she will not be responding as well.

Even though the couple is far off in England, it is hard to avoid fans. Whenever fans saw their idols, they quickly snapped photos and uploaded them onto Weibo. Recently, Kary and Shawn were photographed in Soho, London.

It seems like the couple has intentions of remaining low-profile, but their relationship was long exposed to their friends. An insider said, “Many friends know that Shawn and Kary are dating, because they never avoid the situation. In fact, they were the ones who told us they were dating. We’re also confused as to why it wasn’t exposed to the public. Perhaps reporters never got the chance to photograph them?”

How did the couple’s relationship begin? The insider revealed, “Actually, Shawn started to date Kary because she was really nice to him. After all, it was Kary who initially pursued him. Later on, Shawn began to think Kary is too ridden as a girlfriend, and he has not reached the stage of deep love with her yet. Since their relationship just started, Shawn asked for a breakup with Kary.”

Allegedly, Kary did not distance herself from Shawn after his proposed breakup, in fact, she became even nicer to him. “Kary is a very caring girl. Most importantly, even after Shawn asked for a breakup, she still stood by his side instead of becoming angry with him. She was willing to consider everything from his viewpoint. With a girl that loves him so deeply, how could Shawn not be touched?” The insider said.

In the end, Kary and Shawn reunited as a couple after Kary’s persistence. However, many of their fans do not support the relationship, and continue to verbally abuse each other online.

Source: Ming Pao #2311 via ihktv.com

This article is written by Shirley for JayneStars.com.

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    1. Atleast she didn’t have any Plastic surgery on her face yet u called her ugly..funny.

  1. For some reason, it doesn’t look like Kary Ng in that picture, and more Yui Aragaki.

    Must be the make up.

  2. I like kary, she was in that group ping pung.You gals are so superficial.

  3. Such a coincidence that my two favourite idols, Raymond Lam and Shawn Yue are both dating girls with the surname Ng and with similar names, Karena and Kary!

    I was pretty upset with Raymond dating Karena and it put me in a bad place but at the end of the day, I realised that I want my idols to be happy. Having said that, I give my blessings to Shawn and Kary and hope they find happiness.

      1. I know, that sounds funny like idols really needs their fans blessings? hahha…

  4. >Later on, Shawn began to think Kary is too ridden as a girlfriend, and he has not reached the stage of deep love with her yet. Since their relationship just started, Shawn asked for a breakup with Kary.”

    Ah yeah, this is the exact reason why I broke up with my ex.

    Only difference is I cut all contact from her.

    and I guess I’m not as handsome as Shawn Yue.

  5. I don’t know who she is but she looks cute. He doesn’t look that good. I don’t understand why their fans are so troublesome though.

  6. Nothing wrong with a nice caring girl. Girls don’t come like that nowadays. Its all me, me, me. I will take a Kary Ng anyday over some high maintenance Queen B.

    Shawn is the lucky one here.

    1. Actually, i find them quite matchable since they both seem to have showy kind of attitude, a bit conceited so from that vibe i sense from them, def compatible in that way if nothing else.

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