Kary Ng Clarifies Shawn Yue’s Playboy Rumors

Shawn Yue (余文樂) and Kary Ng’s (吳雨霏) short-lived relationship came to an end when they announced their breakup in June. It was rumored that the reason behind the breakup was because of Shawn’s involvement with another woman.

Shawn Cheated on Kary?

While Shawn was filming SDU: Sex Duties Unit <飛虎出征>, it was reported that Shawn and fellow actress, Angel Lau (劉安琪), went overboard with their heated bed scene. The pair openly chatted on and off set and eventually traded numbers. When Kary found out, she reported checked Shawn’s phone and found rather erotic text messages from an unknown girl. She confronted Shawn and it was said that they got into an argument. Shawn, who was trying to cool down from the relationship, missed Kary’s birthday party.

Many pointed out that Kary’s obsessive nature of constantly keeping tabs on Shawn was the primary reason for the split, but she only became this way after the Angel incident. Because Shawn and Angel have a lot of onscreen time, Kary became worried. With the constant warnings her friend has been giving her, Kary turned into an overly distrustful girlfriend.

Angel aside, apparently Shawn had multiple texting friends on his phone and one of them was model, Lulu Wang (王璐瑤). It was said that there were also sexual text messages between Shawn and Lulu. To avoid suspicion, Shawn changed the contact names of his female texting buddies to male names such as Sam.

Last month, rumors were spreading that the couple had split but both denied the allegations. Becoming frustrated, Kary demanded an answer from Shawn if he wanted to break up. Shawn replied that since Kary initiated it, he agreed to it. Shortly afterward, the pair announced their official split due to incompatible personalities. Both claim that they are still friends.

Playboy Nature

Shawn and Kary have always been good friends, but it was not until last November when romantic sparks ignited while filming a music video. After that, they were inseparable despite fans lashing out at Kary for not being good enough for their idol. Kary was rather average in terms of looks. Kary did not mind the rude comments and chose to spend more time with Shawn’s friends and family. However, an insider said, “Shawn hates being controlled, so he doesn’t like it when Kary constantly checks on him.” That aside, it was said that Shawn refused to meet Kary’s parents and did not particularly enjoy it when Kary spent time with his friends.

Being the playboy he is, this was not the first time Shawn displayed signs of infidelity. In 2000, while Shawn was linked with Natalie Tong (唐詩詠), he developed a crush on Candy Lo (盧巧音). Shortly after, he started dating Candy but it was rumored that he dumped Candy in order to be with Taiwanese singer, Rainie Yang (楊丞琳). And then in 2003, while Shawn and Emme Wong (黃伊汶) were a couple, Shawn allegedly cheated on her with a Japanese woman.

Shawn’s flirtatious nature was deemed the leading reason behind his split with Kary.

Kary’s Response

Kary protected Shawn amidst the recent flurry of negative rumors. “He and I broke up after coming to an understanding. The rest are false rumors.”

Shawn claimed that the rumors were spread by the film company to promote his new movie. “Hurting an artist will really make the movie sell more tickets?”

Sources: Oriental Daily; Oriental Sunday #813 iva ihktv.com

This article is written by Su for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Well it seems Shawn is wrong.
    But with kary as gf, who wouldn’t?

    1. That’s a disgusting thing to say. If he can’t keep it in his pants, he shouldn’t delude someone with the promise of fidelity.

    2. we should boycott the movie. is shawn really that famous and popular ?, he is basically unknown in south east asia

  2. can’t blame kary for wary of shawn since he has playboy history and once many years ago heard rumours of him fight with either edison or nicholas tse for another artiste.

  3. Kary is acting out her song 逼得太紧. Haha.

  4. Kary is a lot prettier now but seriously she and Charmaine Sheh look so alike.

  5. Shouldn’t “Hurting an artist will really make the movie sell more tickets?” be “Does hurting an(other) artist really help the movie sell more tickets?”?

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