Kate Tsui Gave Tavia Another Big Edge to Win TV Queen

In a press conference held by TVB for its upcoming Anniversary Awards, many award nominees, such as Moses Chan (陳豪), Myolie Wu (胡杏兒) and Wayne Lai (黎耀祥) were present to pull votes for themselves. A visible absence was Tavia Yeung (楊怡)’s biggest competitor, Kate Tsui (徐子珊). Kate’s manager claimed that Kate was ill and resting and as a result, could not attend the conference. This gave Tavia a good opportunity to win votes!

Tavia’s Confidence Soared

Still glowing from the victorious win for My Favorite Actress at the Astro On Demand Awards on December 2, Tavia was all smiles at the press conference. She was flirtatious with rumored boyfriend, Him Law (羅仲謙), who was constantly beside her. They were seen posing and smiling confidently before the press. Even when Him Law was teased about their romance and caused an outburst, Tavia was still all congeniality. Apparently, winning the My Favorite Actress at Astro as well as Kate’s absence gave Tavia a huge boost of confidence!

Kate Only Hopes for More Work

Despite Kate’s absence from the TVB Anniversary Awards press conference, she was in good health and spirit when she attended a game show yesterday. In a body-hugging one piece suit with a plunging neckline, Kate explained her absence to the reporters. “My flu was bad, and I could not get well even after I went to the doctor. In Malaysia, I had to sing songs all through the night, making it even more difficult for me to recover.” When reporters asked her if she was afraid that because of her absence, the company would not let her win, she replied, “No! There are always more roles for me to play.”

Kate Does not Think Best Actress Award is in Her Pocket Yet

When asked if she had purposely avoided the press conference because of Tavia’s win at Astro, Kate was quick to deny. “Of course not! We were happy for Tavia and Kenneth Ma (馬國明) because they deserved the awards.”  Although Tavia won the Astro Best Actress award, Kate does not think that she will have a bigger chance winning the TVB award. She quipped, “You all think too much! Didn’t Myolie win two awards last year?”

Source: Oriental Daily

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    1. LOL both kate and tavia invited raymond up to the stage while giving their speech..

      1. LOL…I thought that was quite thoughtful of them to invite him onto the stage as well. Even Raymond was taken aback the second time he went up there at Tavia’s request.

      2. But during his speech,
        At 2:10, Raymond said ‘to me, Pat chan is the jiu nice’. I’m guessing that even though Kate and Tavia invited him up, Raymond’s closer to Kate because they call each other brother and sister in this speeches.

      3. I agree with Purplepaw as I also think that he’s much closer to Kate even though he has known and worked with Tavia for a longer period of time. I think it has more to do with Kate’s tomboyish personality which made them click more.

      4. When did Raymond and Kate swear brotherhood/sisterhood?

        Raymond called Kate ‘little sister’ and Kate called Raymond ‘elder brother’ in the award ceremony.

    2. I loved Kate’s speech. Especially the part where she mentioned that she’ll try her best to be an anti-drug spokesperson/role model, especially now that HK entertainment industry is tainted with numerous drug scandals recently.

      and yeah, it was rather odd for Tavia to invite Raymond on stage.

      1. .

        lol ..why don’t she invite Kenneth Ma or her BF Him Law as both of them from same drama The Hippocratic Crush ???

        Knowing Raymond strong fans base obviously invited him. She got everyone surprise..but everyone understand her “HIDDEN AGENDA”
        She is desperate for TVB Queen , looks like she is more stressful than Kate Tsui

      2. Agree. It made sense for Kate to invite Raymond because they co-starred in HAL which Kate won the role for. It’s like Liu Ye/Hu Jun, William San/Coby Chong. They invited the other to the stage when one of them won an award because they are great partners in the film/series.

        Tavia inviting Raymond is a bit out of the blue and unrelated. What reason did she give to invite Raymond up? Because they came from the same acting class? Because they played a couple last year?

      3. nope tavia invited raymond cause they were in the same class and she treasures that friendship.

      4. I remember someone here brought this up before that the reason why TY called LF up to the stage is to show she’s too can call LF like kate..just show that she’s somehow more superior than Kate..

      5. ridiculous that she invited Raymond. I thought she always said that Ron is her best friend? And they celebrate birthday together? why don’t she invite Ron then? Obviously she’s using Raymond for his popularity, like Hey, my ties with Raymond go wayyyyyy back compared to Miss Tsui.

      6. kate invited raymond bc they are in the same series for this year, and raymond help her a lot in the series?
        But tavia just invite Ray for a random reason? If kate did not invite Raymond up, I doubt Tavia will have the idea to ask ray to go up.

      7. and they have been many dramas together. Raymond help her to get to her level now and she also help Raymond.

      8. IMO the reason not just bcause same acting class. I remember Tavia said b4 tat she wish someday she can win BA(s)award togetherwith Ray since both of them grab Most Improved Awards and same acting class . Maybe she truly wish to share the victory together with LF as he is one of buddy tat grow up career together same period of time and have the fate grabbed same award with same time in the past.

      9. I believe it’s a shout-out to their TVB’s 13th acting class classmates and would like to share their successes.
        (Oops! Should be hers not theirs as never heard Ray gave a shout-out)

  1. Don’t worry Kate will definitely get the award at some point it’s just a cycle this year! Tavia gets it this year, next year Fala then Linda or Kate

    It’s just a matter of time unless she leaves TVB

    1. Maybe Tavia gets this year if she act as Pat on High and Lows instead portrays Hong Tsz-kwan in Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles.

      Her acting in SSSS not as good as Elena Kong. Elena portrays as third wife was good especially when she fought with Sir Arthur…so real. Anyway SSSS overall BORING…can’t stand Arthur having so many wife

      1. As much as i like TY then i don’t think she could have played PAT. Actually out of those fadans, then nune of them can play Pat as good as Kate. I think Kate is the only one that fit this role.

      2. @Linnh: I personally feel that Nancy would’ve done great as Pat too! but not too sure bout tavia though.

      3. @939393:
        Nancy have this mistress looks since she acted Rosy Business.
        Kate till now still look like Teenagers, that why she stand-out on HAL

  2. I don’t think next year will be fala turn since there will be a lot of good actress next year too, ada and sheren in War and Beauty2, Myolie in RB3, Esther in # life times, and more more versalites actress next year

    1. I don’t think its gonna make a difference! This year there’s Michelle Yim her drama is doing well she’s amazing actress but she’s not even a “hot” contender for the title. Charmaines performance in when heaven burns was extraodinary but its the same thing with Michelle. It’s only Tavia or Kate

      Actors wise there’s Wayne, Damien, and Michael they are better actors then Kenneth and Raymond but they aren’t a contender either.

      Sheren isn’t with TVB, Ada isn’t TVB’s “daughter”, Esther isn’t either. Though there are great actresses I don’t think they are gonna win unless they have a breakthrough role

  3. all i want to know is why kate looks so skinny in that picture. Is it the angle or is she just borderline unhealthy now. I wish she’d eat something lol!

    1. I could wrap my finger around her waist. She looks really skinny.

    2. It might be the angle since it looks like she has no breasts. But sadly, looking skinny like that is considered “normal” for females artistes.

      1. I agree!!! when ppl comment that they look really skinny, female artists’ most often disagree and say the otherwise..and they often geuninely sound as like they really think they’re not skinny, which is really concerning..they’re like paper-thin o_O

    3. she’s quite thin at the time I saw her in person during the AOD awards. Mandy’s bigger sized than her! it’s worrying since Mandy’s considered fit/thin

    4. I agree… she looks terrible. I’m not very keen on the “starving woman” look…

      1. agree with pop. she is not humble at all! just preparing the carpet for herself in case she doesn’t win BA since earlier she has been making noises about the need to get BA award for her fans sake? my god!

      2. Josie- U can see Tavia’s humble personality anywhere, anytime.

      3. Really? I find Kate to be one of the humble artistes if you pay attention to her interviews it’s well said. She’s pretty stress about the award as is Tavia

      4. Actually my sister is a member of her fanclub she has in HK so I met her quite a few times, the first time I attended this meeting I wasn’t even a member and she came and introduce herself to me cause she didn’t recognize me, really outgoing I wasn’t intimidated at all like I would with other stars.she’s really nice and down to earth.

        I followed that one interview she gave out on her opinion of the awards, it was well said.

      5. To me, Kate comes across as being very down to earth and friendly. I’ve seen her once when she came with LF as his guest performer for his concert and she gave me a wonderful first impression.

      6. lol funny pop, when people has evidence then you come up with that? out of words?

        I don’t see how you can tell people not to insult Tavia while you yourself is commenting negative about Kate in every posts that is about her.

      7. hey! I don’t always support Tavia. In fact sometimes I even laugh at her nose if u can see some of the comments I made. I did say I admire Tavia because of her personality but the one that really deserve BA awards is Michelle. I have always support her if you some of the comments I posted too.

    1. Agree with pop..humble?! Confident-yes, humble…I dont think so.

      1. During the AOD I was there, infact I have seen Kate twice in Malaysia, she indeed humble , never put on air. Entertainer and Polictician are well train to project them self looks good and humble, but Kate is so different .
        During the AOD, outside the hall I notice this Actress ( I won’t reveal her name but many of her fans put hate comment here) she acted sacaratic arrogant to some reporters. No wonder many reported always try to find fault on her

      2. LOL….is this hated actress really that bad in person? I’m really curious as to how her real life personality is.

      3. @Mark Y: really? at the time when the celebs arrived during the aod awards, I saw kate just zoomed by and never acknowledged or wave towards the fans.

      4. maybe they filmed her when her hands was down? You get tired by waving all the time too, so it don’t necessary mean that she didn’t wave.

      5. @Linnh: i’m not sure whether they filmed it or not on tv but i was there in person to see. And what i saw wasn’t appealing and i was a little taken aback.
        Hater will always be a hater? since when did i ever hate on kate? lol. get ur facts right dear.

    2. lol how come i only see TY fans attack Kate lately? ohh well!

      i also think she is humble 🙂

      1. Properly 1 or 2 persons Tavia diehard fans using different identity spamming hatred on Kate Tsui

        Frankly, what they did might backfire BAD reputation of Tavia. Not fair to Tavia

      2. As Kate fans kept on bashing Tavia and that is enough for Tavia. We didn’t make much comments while you guys are bashing Tavia and being nice to Kate.

  4. Kate is photogenic. She always looks great but for some reasons she looks too skinny in the above pix.

  5. I’ve never seen Tavia look so confidant and radiant than when she had achieved her awards that night in Malaysia. She is still smiling and exuding that confidence, I notice, so much so, she is even confident of winning Best Actress TVB Award. All I hope is she will not be disappointed later. The general consensus of the public over the choice of best whatever may be quite different from that of HK. Last year it was rather obvious what the choice would be but this year they are quite undecided about the choice. Wayne Lai is a very strong contender in HK, Charmaine too, I think. So, the outcome will be most interesting. Is it true that TVB wants to “ban” Kevin from winning the award for a particular reason?

    1. Tavia have always said in all of her interviews, her mentality in winning awards is very neutral and does not overly look at winning awards as being the first priority for her. If she’s not confident in her performances in the first place, how does she expect her fans or viewers to vote for her?? She has to express and show that she has confidence mate. Even if she does not win, like she said, it wouldn’t be such a big deal because she takes these awards as bonuses towards her career.

    2. I dont think it’s true that tvb wants to ban kevin from winning the award. But the chances of him winning it this year again is quite slim I’ll say.

  6. Do you think that it is 100% vote by fans this year?


      1. Astro didnt decide, Astro doesn’t manage those artists, they dont belong to the properties of Astro. Astro just organize the event inorder to honour these artists since they aldy signed contract with tvb.

      2. some sore losers will continue with malicious accusations that AOD awards are rigged. very funny. if only you are among the crowd in Malaysia, you could have witnessed how the fans yelled for Tavia & Kenneth’s victory that night. an awesome celebration!

      3. Astro is not an entity of Tvb and doesn’t need to decide in favour of whomever they please.

  7. Is it me or is Kate looking really skinny in that picture? I am not saying, that she is fat or anything.. but it appears that she’s really skinny :S

  8. she has indeed lost heaps of weight. she was on that mansion show with maggie tseung (is that her name?) and seriously she was like a bubble head on a chopstick. no joke.

    1. I think she’s a spoke woman for a local slimming centre called Terimee so I guess she just has to maintain being skinny not to break the contract.

  9. Her arms & face looks fine but dont understand why the body look so skinny.
    Is it the angle ?

    1. I think she’s actually that skinny. She’s lost a lot of weight recently..so no surprise she looks ill-skinny in that picture. Someone give her a hamburger.

    2. omg i hope tavia win but you guys need to stop talking about how skinny kate looks. dont be so judgemental.

      1. not being judgmental but merely worried for her! it’s unhealthy and unappealing that she’s staying so thin. I think most of us loves her trademark womanly curves more.

    1. pop and LyNN are you both twins or same person ?

      Seems you or both of you hate Kate so much, worry Tavia will lose out to Kate ?

      Lol.. ending up Charmaine Sheh, Linda Chung or Michelle wins Best Actress

      so both of you better start being critical if posting about Charmaine Sheh, Linda Chung or Michelle..lol

  10. Impressed at Pyro comment how humble Kate is :-

    Pyro says:
    December 6, 2012 at 7:10 am
    Actually my sister is a member of her fanclub she has in HK so I met her quite a few times, the first time I attended this meeting I wasn’t even a member and she came and introduce herself to me cause she didn’t recognize me, really outgoing I wasn’t intimidated at all like I would with other stars.she’s really nice and down to earth.
    I followed that one interview she gave out on her opinion of the awards, it was well said.

  11. Raymond and Kate have the same manager. That’s why they are close.

  12. hahaha why take all the blame on TY? she is not the only one that has been taking PS. A lot of celebraties out there has been taking PS too! I don’t find anything that looks to PS on TY face (beside of her nose off course) but she actually looks more normal than many other artists that looks like a barbie doll after PS.

  13. @cloud9 I support Michelle not Tavia though I did say she did a great job portraying a daomadan singer but the award should go to Michelle.
    Are u really not anonymous?
    Well you sounds like one.

  14. I’m annoyed at how Kate and Tavia are using Ray’s name and popularity to get votes for themselves. Ok at least Kate is Ray’s costar and Ray also support her, but Tavia?

    1. fyi, Tavia and Ray basically grew up together being classmates right from the very beginning of their career. Is it wrong for one another to support each other, even if they were not recently/currently costars? Why does it have to turn out to be some sort of popularity contest or so-called ‘using’ names to pull in votes?? They can support whoever they wish man, geez lol.

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