Kenneth Ma and Natalie Tong’s “Invisible Clan” Premieres on March 6

Starring Kenneth Ma (馬國明), Natalie Tong (唐詩詠), and Joel Chan (陳山聰), anti-terrorist drama Invisible Clan (隱形戰隊) will begin airing on March 6. The trailer looks exhilarating and rivals effects from local action movies!

Natalie, who often stars in soft-spoken and demure roles, will portray a feisty officer and have a romantic storyline with Kenneth. On the other hand, Kenneth, who has always starred in morally righteous roles, will portray a complex character with an abundance of action scenes. Although this will be their fifth time collaborating, the distinct change in their roles will bring new surprises to their onscreen chemistry.

Citing the biggest difficulty being his action scenes, Kenneth exclaimed, “The action scenes are quite intense, with each punch hitting the flesh. It’s real fighting. It’s safe to say that the audience has not seen me in this kind of role before. These past few years, I’ve primarily starred in professional roles such as doctors and police officers. I hope that my character in Invisible Clan will bring a sense of freshness.”

Joel, who stars as the captain of the police tactical unit, will share a romantic storyline with Tiffany Lau (劉穎鏇). Due to his action-heavy scenes, Joel spent half a year undergoing special physical training for the role. Although he has always been fit, Joel gained increased muscle mass and a bulkier frame. Joel shared, “I had to gain weight, so I trained to increase my muscles. In addition to a larger frame, my neck has also bulked up. Although having to wear heavy uniform in the summer is quite challenging, most importantly, the effects come out great and believable.”

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