Kenneth Ma Gives Update on His Wedding Plans

Having announced his engagement with Roxanne Tong (湯洛雯), Kenneth Ma (馬國明) is glowing as he prepares for his wedding. Appearing at a public event for his drama The Invisible <隱形戰隊>, the star was teased for showcasing his handsome charms and his engagement bliss.

Speaking to the media, Kenneth shared his thoughts about his image transformation in the drama, “I also think I am quite handsome. After the series was aired, many of my classmates started looking for me. I don’t mind [filming more action films.] After so many years, I also want changes and bring some freshness to the audience.”

Talking about his fiancé, Kenneth shared that Roxanne just returned from a Japan trip with her friends, “she had a friend who got married and the girls went on a trip together. She came back already and watched the drama with me every night. She also praised that I looked handsome. I’m very casual at home and it’s very rare that her husband gets called handsome.”

Picking up that Kenneth called himself as “husband”, the media asked for more details on how they refer to each other. Kenneth added, “Sometimes at home, I call her my wife.”

Although the couple’s wedding is underway, Kenneth currently has little information to share, “You really need to ask her. I’m a little busy since I’m filming News Anchorwoman <NEWS新聞女王tomorrow. Frankly speaking, I want to become a family with her, but I have filmed so many wedding scenes, I don’t have much vision for the wedding. I just want to give her a wedding that she is happy with and to fulfill her wish. I will definitely wrap up filming before getting married.”

Source: HK On CC

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