Kenneth Ma: “I Would Have Been Married Without the Pandemic!”

Dating for two years, Kenneth Ma (馬國明) and Roxanne Tong (湯洛雯) envision their future together. Living together and sharing finances, Kenneth is even applying for a supplementary credit card for her. The 48-year-old admits to the possibility of already being married to Roxanne if the pandemic did not present so many challenges to wedding arrangements!

Highly compatible, the couple even discussed what type of wedding they would like. “We considered a destination wedding, but we’ll see if pandemic restrictions will be loosened by the end of next year. It would disappointing if our  wedding guests have to quarantine for a week upon their return to Hong Kong!”

Looking a few years into the future, Kenneth feels it is not necessary to leave too much money for his children. “I’m very much like my father, who is strict with boys and spoils girls  because he doesn’t know if they would marry into good families. You can spoil girls, but boys have to take care of the family one day so it’s not good to just hand everything to them on a silver platter. They’ll be lost if they’re given unlimited money at 18 years old and wouldn’t know how to be responsible.”

Praises Moses for His High EQ

With Kenneth’s drama Big White Duel 2 <白色強人II > entering its finale week, reviews and ratings have been ideal. Kenneth shared that he prefers a Best Drama award instead of any any individual awards for himself because filming is truly a team effort. Filmed during the peak of the pandemic, the entire crew flew to China and endured a 21-day quarantine for filming. “It felt like we were going to fight frontline in the war–it was a profound moment for me,” he said.

Praising his co-star Roger Kwok (郭晉安) for his ability to analyze the script, Kenneth he was able to learn a lot from his wealth of experience. He was also impressed with Moses’ personality. “I’ve lost my temper on set before, but I’ve never seen Moses lose his temper. He has the highest EQ among all the men I know. He’s even higher than me– it’s like he’s supernatural!”

This is Kenneth’s 23rd year in the entertainment industry, and he remains a pragmatist. “I don’t plan ahead because you can’t predict the future. Often, it is society that will makes you change. I don’t have plans for retirement yet, I still have to take care of my parents and children in the future. I’ll need to save up for them to attend university.”

Reflects on Poor Treatment Towards Mother

Well known for a being a filial son, Kenneth was photographed walking hand-in-hand with his mother and buying brand name bags for her. Sharon Chan (陳敏之) had previously revealed that Kenneth’s paychecks are deposited into a joint account with his mother.

However, the actor did not always cherish his mother properly and disclosed he had lost his temper at her before. “My mother had ruined [an expensive brand name] shirt in the wash, and I went crazy yelling at her.” After calming down and returning to the bathroom, he saw his mother “kneeling to wash the shirt” and immediately apologized. “I felt so guilty and couldn’t stop crying.” It was an unforgettable memory–Kenneth learned that love is priceless and to love his family more.


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  1. It almost sounds like an excuse for not marrying Roxanne, while trying, at the same time, to make it looks like he so badly wants to get married, but the pandemic is preventing the wedding front happening. Earth to Kenneth Ma, the pandemic is not going anywhere, anytime soon. Get married already if you really want to. Friends will understand if you do not have a destination wedding. I really respect and appreciate you KA, but I am not buying this one.

    1. Yeah! It’s pretty obvious that it’s an EXCUSE at this time. Consider so many celebrities got married during this time. Look at Tony Hung who got married last year. Kenneth and everyone is just enjoying the spotlight and gossip of this relationship right now. If a man really love you he will marry you regardless whatever is happening or happens. AND he might be still deciding if he want to take on the responsibilty as a good husband for the public or whether his carrer will affected once he is married.

  2. If they really want to get married, they can have a destination wedding with just the two of them. Then come back to HK and hold a banquet. That’s what my husband and I did and a lot of couples I know did and we all got married during the pandemic. You can’t wait for the perfect timing and perfect conditions especially the pandemic we’re talking about. If you really wanted to get married, no one is stopping you from just signing the papers and getting married in HK like everyone else. They seem like simple people yet they don’t understand this simple concept. Is the idea of a perfect dream wedding more important than marriage itself? Afterall, it’s just one day. You can travel and celebrate and start working on your family plans for the rest of your life. That’s what true marriage is. Kind of silly to be putting it off indefinitely for the pandemic with this mentality. What if the pandemic doesn’t go away for another 5/10yrs? When is it time to just do it? All they’re doing is simply wasting time and her youth with her clock ticking at this age if they want to start a family.

    1. You can also look at it this way: They’re already living together. They know they are right for each other…why the rush to get married? Honestly, marriage is just a show, an announcement, and a way to celebrate their love for each other. I think in their simple concept, as long as they have each other, a marriage license isn’t a priority. Besides, it’s not like they’re going to stay like this forever. They said they will get married, so why are the comments so impatient and negative? Time will tell.

      1. I get what you’re saying but I don’t think the comments were meant to be negative or bashing at them. Personally, I don’t care for a big lavish show or wedding either. My husband and I eloped. Just the two of us and it was perfect that way. Our families still wanted a banquet so we did that for them a few months later. I was in the same boat of living with my husband for a long while before getting married so I get it. But the reason and push to get married came from the traditional mindset of wanting to start a family and in order to do that, we wanted to be married first. Kenneth and Roxanne seem to be pretty traditional as well hence the urging of tying the knot if they want to start a family. Otherwise, if they don’t mind getting pregnant before getting married or don’t want kids then it wouldn’t matter if they wed or not as long as they’re happy and in love like you said.

      2. HK is still pretty conservative compared to the west and the ultimate goal for a couple is always marriage. Just 15 years ago, very few celebs would admit to cohabiting before getting hitched.

  3. I’m honestly kind of tired of seeing articles pop up about their marital status. Don’t reporters have anything new to ask? They’ll get married when they’re good and ready. We’ll see the announcement I’m sure. Until then, who cares.

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