Kevin Cheng and Michael Tse to Portray Rival Emperors in Mainland Series, “Hero”

In this year’s TVB Anniversary Awards, Kevin Cheng (鄭嘉穎) beat Michael Tse (謝天華) in winning the Best Actor Award. Although the battle in Hong Kong had concluded, Kevin and Michael will relocate their battleground to mainland China.In new mainland series, Hero <英雄>, the pair will be arch rivals and hold a battle of wits, with Kevin portraying Emperor Fuchai of Wu and Michael as Emperor Guojian of Yue during the Spring and Autumn Period (春秋时代)!

It turned out that the two good looking men, Kevin and Michael, never collaborated together at TVB. Hero will be the first time that the pair will be partnering together. At yesterday’s press conference for Hero, both Kevin and Michael wore a scarf over a light jacket. The pair often chatted with each other, appearing friendly together.

Michael Tse Unwilling to Fall Behind Kevin Cheng

In mainland, Kevin and Michael were often labeled as competitors. Although Kevin successfully won the TVB Best Actor Award, Michael boasted, “I did not lose in acting, but lost only in popularity.” With Kevin’s popularity rapidly rising in mainland China, Michael was unwilling to fall behind, “I hope that more people will get to know me after Hero. I am not worried about our acting being compared; I am only concerned that the performance will not be good.” It was understood that Michael Tse’s filming fee in Hero will be $150,000 Yuan per episode.

Kevin Cheng’s filming fees allegedly soared to $250,000 Yuan per episode in mainland China. Taking into account Kevin’s income from filming Ghetto Justice 2 <怒火街頭II>, Hero, and the modern version of Bu Bu Jing Xin <步步驚心>, Kevin was slated to earn $30 million HKD. Regarding his current filming fees, Kevin stated, “I am very satisfied, but the amount is not as exaggerated as the reports claim.”

Kevin Cheng’s Pure Friendship with Charmaine Sheh

The focus of the media yesterday was on Kevin and Charmaine Sheh’s (佘詩曼) recent reconciliation rumors. Both Kevin and Charmaine were currently filming in filming in Hengdian, China. Asked by reporters about the reconciliation rumors, Kevin said they were not true. “We have always been good friends and our relationship is not as described by the media. If the opportunity arises, we will have dinner together in Hengdian. We have a pure friendship and do not have anything that cannot see the light. It is fine even if we were to be photographed by the media!”

Other cast members of Hero include Ken Chu (朱孝天) as Fan Li, an advisor to the State of Yue. Newcomer, Li Sining (李斯宁) will portray Lady Ji Jiang, whose performance will be highly anticipated. Ying Er (颖儿) will portray the great ancient beauty, Xi Shi. Hero will be broadcast on Hunan TV station in China.


Jayne: Hero will be highly anticipated since Kevin is hot, hot, and hotter right now, while Michael is likely well known as Laughing Gor after Lives of Omission. However, I do have reservations in Kevin portraying an emperor, as he lacks a dominant acting style and strong leadership quality. He would fare better in the role of Fan Li?

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  1. I thinks its kind of ridiculous that the two of them are still getting the spotlight when I found both of their acting to be medicore. Anyway not here to bash them. Theres going to be a fight between the fans when the drama comes out. I do look foward to Michael and Niki’s tvb sereis next year though since Niki has not filmeed sereis for a long time. I wonder if Ghetto Justice 2 will be a hit like the first one. TVB’S grand production for 2012 is prominent family since it already started filming, but I wonder if War and Beauty and T Through the skies 2 will make it before 2012 ends since it does not start production until May of next year.

  2. Agree with Jayne that Kevin is lack of a dominant “emperor” feels, Kevin looks more like a handsome prince than a confident emperor to me. Michael can use his “chok” look to act as a cool emperor with evil intention.

    And why is it that all mainland actress looks are so “perfecctttt”?? just like a live barbie doll to me.

    1. them all might be using same surgeons or same makeup artists ROFL

      1. probably same surgeon will sound more convincing… U know their faces are really soooo perffecttt to believe..

      2. I usually don’t watch mainland series so I can’t really distinguish btwn all the girls. When I watched “schemes of a beauty”, I thought all the girls were pretty but they looked the same to me. I only remember ruby Lin and Yang mi.

      3. She needs to redo her lips. SHe looks tragic with that sort of lips.

      4. Still look beautiful is important :).

        @josie: In Beauty Scheme I think each girls have unique beauty. Ruby has the maturity, Myolie looks lightheart, Yang Mi looks bright pretty, Tammy looks elegant, Sun Fei Fei looks angelic. Yu Zheng did a good job in casting them.

      5. Have you seen Painted Skin, the film version with Donnie Yen? Zhou Xun, Zhao Wei, and Sun Li were the female leads, and honestly, if i wasn’t familiar with who they were, I will never be able to tell them apart.

      6. Addy, boring film.

        Zhou Xun
        The movie star. In fact she snubs TV series. And yet I never quite thought of her as being an effective movie star since her role is small but she gets top billing

        Zhao Wei
        How can you not tell her apart? The original HZGG!

        Sun Li
        No idea. Familiar name though.

      7. @Funn – Are you talking about Zhou Xun and her roles in general or her role in Painted Skin? Because she’s the central character in Painted Skin, although Donnie Yen got first billing. And I actually quite liked Painted Skin, mainly because of Donnie Yen and Sun Li. They were hilarious and made the film more entertaining to watch. And also Chen Kun with his godlike beautiful face. Sun Li is the main girl in the mainland adaptation of The Bund starring Huang Xiaoming.

        @Kidd – Not for foreigners LOL

      8. Zhou Xun’s voice is so low and deep. Was shocked when I first heard her speak just like how I was so shocked to hear Cecilia’s voice for the first time.

        Aside: Truth be told,I don’t like most of the tvb actresses’ voice. The perfect female voice for me would be the person who dubbed Ruby’s Ziwei in HZGG 1 and 2.

    2. yeah mainland actresses are just too perfect compared to TVB actresses even after their upgrades, LOL

      Shouldn’t be surprised since the population it’s much bigger hence better sampling.

      1. Not everyone gets plastic surgery but yea a lot of them do. I know that Sun Fei Fei did not since I saw her baby pix and you see her prominent features.

  3. I’m afraid Michael still act like Laughing. Until now he still look and behave like Laughing in all his attendance

    1. Poor laughing can’t win against Law Ba even in TV series, hahaha

      1. However after his huge loss against Fuchai he was willing to eat poop in order to survive.

      2. Yeah, but overall Fuchai still died sadly in Guojian’s hand. It’s final battle. Fuchai has the chance to kill Guojian but he rejected it himself due to his arrogance, then he has to pay.

        I’d like to see who will act Wu Zisu more as Wu Zisu is my fave chac in Fuchai-Guojian battle. If there is a series about Wu Zisu I’ll be the first audience.

        春秋 period, here is the list of my fave:
        1. Jin Wen Gung – his life and how he becomes a king is very interesting. Wonder why ppl dun dig on it.
        2. Wu Zisu
        3. Qu Yuan

        Other than them, I also like some more chacs like Sun Bin vs Pang Juan, Zhou Ou Wang vs Baozi. Interesting period.

      3. Yeah interesting period indeed. Too bad TVB focus mainly on the Ching Dynasty.

        Joe the beast was just outstanding as Fuchai btw.

        Arrogance is the worst enemy of a warrior…

      4. Fuchai is similar to Han Yiu losing to the average joe due to arrogance and pride. Too bad i like warriors like them

      5. Han Yiu? You mean Han Sin? Han Sin is different to Fuchai. Fuchai is more arrogant and stupid and Han Sin’s death wasn’t clear (he died for his arrogance like Lu Shi claimed or died for his loyalty?).

        If not thank to Fuchai’s dad He Lu (who gathered the talented guys like Wu Zisu, Sunzi, etc.) and Wu Zisu (who is a talented strategist), Fuchai wouldn’t have anything. Wu is already a very strong country (lead of the countries, only under Zhou during He Lu’s time) so its victory was too obvious. Fuchai can be a strong warrior but he dun noe how to keep the strength of his country so he lost all. All he knew was beauties and play around. So he died because of his own faults. Look at how he treated Wu Zisu and we will know how stupid he was.

        If you like Fuchai, it’s truly lol. I can understand why ppl like Han Sin or Xiang Yu but Fuchai? Lol lol.

      6. I’d like to compare Zhou Ou Wang and Fuchai more as they are similar. Or Fuchai and Zhou Wang (紂王). All 3 are benighted kings and died because of women.

      7. My knowledge of chinese history is not that great and i suppose i like Fuchai due to Joe’s performance.

        They always blamed the women as they are secretly fox spirits LOL

      8. These kings died/lost because of their own faults and who blamed the women? They themselves :P. Man is coward and can’t accept they were wrong haha.

        For the history, actual history, history from the view of a historican, history in novels, history on movies, etc. — all are different. Then you should bonus you like Fuchai by Joe in your post?

      9. well it’s rather the historians that put the blame on the women as evil fox spirits.

        The kings died already, LOL

      10. Not all of them died. Some were losers. Like your fave Fuchai. He didn’t die when Guojian attacked, still had time to go back to gong and blamed all to Xi Shi a while then committed suicide.

        Historians were not man? Lol.

      11. hehe, alright i get your point and i guess most of the historians are men.

        Well it’s always easier to blame on someone else especially women for your own mistake.

      12. I agree with you on that.

        The ancient historians, I only know that there was a woman in Han dynasty. Her name is Ban Zhao. She is the woman who wrote 女诫 (the book used to teach women in ancient time of China). Other than her, I don’t know any female historians. Ban Zhao at first only helped her father and brother to write history. After her brother was imprisoned, Han King still kept her to write history. She was a Fei (the King taken her after her husband died).

  4. How is Michael gonna film this series at the same time as the police woman series w/ niki? Maybe he is only a supporting character and has much less screentime than Kevin.

    I think it’s funny that Kevin is practically daring the reporters to catch him w/ charmaine. He won’t like it once the paps start to follow him 24/7.

    BTW, he does not look good w/ that ancient hairstyle. Both he and Michael look way hotter in modern series.

  5. Is this serie has the same story like “The Conquest” starred with Joe Ma, Sonija, and Chen Kun?


    1. Yes, it is.

      Kevin will play Joe Ma’s role
      Micheal will play Damien Lau’s role

      1. Do you mean that Kevin will be overthrow by Michael at the end ,will Michael eat kevin poop like Damien Lau eat Joe poop like the serial conquest before he become King?

    2. I’ve just finished The Conquest. It’s excellent. I highly recommend it to anyone who is a fan of Chinese history. And even if you’re not, the romance between Chen Kun and Sonija Kwok is beautiful.

  6. there is going to be a modern version of Bu Bu Jing Xin? is it going to have the same cast?

    1. If it is so called modern version of BBJX, it can either mean BBJX adapted as modern version which is doubtful or like TVB same cast but different storyline hence so called modern BBJX. So far no news but I heard got BBJX epilogue stage ver.

      1. Couldn’t it also be a modern sequel to BBJX? I think that is more likely. Even Gong has gotten a sequel. But I think they want Tong Hua to be involved again which might be where the stalemate is. I do find it curious that the only times a modern BBJX has been reported with complete certainty is in regards to Kevin news. But it’s not definitely not TVB, as it’s been reported as another mainland series.

      2. Couldn’t be unless Tong Hua sells her soul. Maybe she will. I haven’t heard from Nicky Wu community and if Nicky Wu says so I will think the news is almost 100% true Since there can’t be 8th without 4th.

      3. Well, I think Nicky and Shi Shi talked about it too. But they said it was just rumours for now so nothing is set in stone (like those Kevin article state). However, I don’t doubt that they are working very hard to capitalise on BBJX’s enormous success, so imo, a sequel is highly likely. IF Tong Hua is too difficult to accommodate, they might move without her. Personally, I’m not sure I consider her involvement a necessity since a modern continuation wouldn’t draw on her writing.

        With all that said, I would be perfectly happy if BBJX did not have a sequel since I consider the ending a somewhat “happy ending”. I would however, love it if Nicky and Shi Shi could work together again. Preferably modern since Nicky is way hotter with hair ;P

      4. They can’t move without Tong Hua’s blessing if the modern characters are based on her writing of BBJX. I know her characters are historical but the main one Ruoxi is from her pen. Copyright dictates she must at least agree to an adaptation even if it is scripted by someone else. My feeling is to move away from Tong Hua they must use a different writer for a different scenario (hence modern) but with the same set of cast. That is possible.

      5. What I meant was that maybe they can still make a direct sequel to BBJX without Tong Hua’s involvement – but of course with her consent. Though, technically, since they have bought the rights to BBJX, it might be possible even without TH depending on what the contract stipulates.

      6. @ Funn

        Here’s the newest news actually, from Weibo:

        @第7朵_盛开de花上: 卡爸承诺了大漠谣。步步2。三生。还有两部时装剧。我看她能完成几部//@面瘫晶了喂:时装时装!// @小壁虎爱老虎 : 真的?// @timing逝 :美好额~~~

        @oceanfleur:@gloriazr:唐人总裁蔡艺侬已经确认#步步惊心2#定于明年下半年开拍, 所有主演的档期都已预定;)#2011国剧盛典#

        Karen has revealed that Tangren is preparing for Da Mo Yao, BBJX2 and TWO modern TV dramas for next year!

        And BBJX2 will start filming in the 2nd half of 2012 and all the lead cast schedules have been booked for it.

        THANK GOD, NICKY IS CONFIRMED! LMAO, that was my no. 1 priority. Second is Damian, lol. I wonder if he can be consider one of the “leads”? I also hope YH can still film this even when he’s not with the company anymore.

      7. Story by Tong Hua or a Rosy Business type as in same cast, totally different story?

        And isn’t she bored with white or those material any more?

      8. And please for heaven sake,let Nicky have a happy end with the girl without one of them dying! But definitely Damien will die.

      9. No idea how BBJX2 will look like. But this does confirm that a sequel is in works.

        Yes, let Nicky get a bloody happy ending for once! Aw, I don’t want Damian to die. But we can begin casting the princes in their modern roles, lol.

      10. I personally think it will be new story, new characters, modern setting because if this is a sequel then it isn’t much since majority of characters are dead. It can be a modern sequel because it makes a mockery of the sad sublime ending of tragic proportions. So it has to be a new show.

      11. I would love a modern show with the same cast – but I don’t see the meaning of calling shows sequels when it’s with completely new settings. You’re probably right though, this way, they also don’t need Tong Hua.

      12. TVB explained to me what is sequels without being sequels. Look at Rosy Business and so called sequel No Regrets.

      13. LOL, but I would prefer it if TVB didn’t set the industry standards!

        Anyway, I’m actually wondering if Tangren can pull off a modern show since it’s not the kind of show they usually make…?

    2. If there is modern version of BBJX, Liu Shi Shi will have to travel from the past to the future?

      1. Nope, I mean a new storyline about a girl travels from past to future.

      2. LOL, from past to the present and she will be totally useless.

  7. There can be no worser casting than that of these 2 as emperors, unless one as a weak but gentlemanly emperor and the other as the dominant but cruel and yet ultimately lacking in character emperor. Either way neither is emperor material. And Kevin looks terrible with full hair ancient drama.

    1. Agreed. Neither guys give off an imperial feel. For their sake, I hope the script is good enough to make up for their acting weaknesses. In both of them.

    2. Even an average joe might inherit the throne , however in this case as the first king of an new dynasty should be different.

  8. If Kevin and Charmaine were really to go out to dinner, they can drag Michael along since I know he’s good friends with her. lol

  9. michael tse good looking men?. From looks i don’t think he is same level as kevin haha, no offence. Michael has only two expression look Chok all the time either that or when he smile he look ham sap lou. Another laughing movie?? really laugh till die..

    1. haha, i would love to watch laughing as a gam jui lou in a series. luring teenage girls into his laughing trap…

    2. Did you watch any other series of Micheal before E.U? Micheal has more than two expressions. If you watch an old series of Micheal and Hacken, he was convincing as a nerdy guy.

      Uhm, for acting, I seriously don’t think Micheal and Kevin are same level. The haunting of Laughing Gor might be annoying but Micheal is always a very good actor who can act my type of roles.

      1. that doesn’t matter because what people know this year is Michael lost to Kevin and Kevin sweep most of the awards.

      2. That is true. Michael has portrayed many different roles (Legal Entanglement, La Femme Desperado, Family Link and others) in the past but since Laughing he’s gotten stale.

        Frankly, he’s relying too much on Laughing’s popularity

      3. @Vivien: I said anything about award? Why I dun rmb?

        @advo: I guess because Micheal waited too long so once he has chance, he must take it and keep it on hand.

      4. He has acted in many roles but an emperor is difficult, even if dubbed with a deep voice, at best I think he is good as general but not emperor. It is a matter of who is worse; kevin or michael. Absolutely wrong casting.

      5. @Funn: Agree with you on wrong casting. Bonus with the baby face Ken Zhu. I bet that Ken Zhu will look “king” or “gong xi” more than both of KC and Micheal, but can’t look “smart”. Look at Ken Zhu in the series about Chu Liuxiang then you will understand.

        Act a king is easy but act a king with the king feel is different.

      6. actually he does come to think about it. I did watch his previous drama. Probably because he relying so much on laughing now so kinda forget about his past performances.

      7. @ita: In fact you can complain tat now Micheal is only given the roles similar to Laughing. After Laughing being aired, he only has the similar roles: Laughing again, Laughing alike, Laughing character.That’s why.

        For example, Woman knows pains filmed before E.U was aired (after E.U was filmed) and his role was different to Laughing, he did well.

        So the haunting of Laughing, half of the fault is TVB’s.

    3. ita: michael tse good looking men?. From looks i don’t think he is same level as kevin haha, no offence.

      So you mean kevin is handsomer than Michael? I don’t think so. I think both of them are equally ugly. By the way, despite Michael has only two expressions, I don’t think Kevin is much better. The worst part is that Kevin is not able to portray many characters as other actors can do because of his boring expressions.

  10. Fuchai is a warrior king and supposed to look strong, rough and even cruel. Honesty, Micheal even looks more Fuchai than Kevin. Even the above pix said so. They should switch the roles.

    Ken Chu as Fan Li is also a miscast. He looks too weak wong xi to a craft strategist like Fan Li.

      1. Tang Guo Qiang as Fan Li must be the best. From him I can feel the smartness but also the honest.

        SM somehow looks too “fast” to be Fan Li. SM can be Zhang Liang but not Fan Li.

  11. I’ve liked Michael from Virtues of Harmony and it was a nice change seeing him as Laughing. He can act. But I do feel like he’s getting cockier. But that may be his Laughing persona speaking. Realistically, if he wasn’t so, it might be harder for him to stand out amongst siu sangs because a lot are handsomer than him, or are more humble (like Wayne) hence are less featured in news. So maybe its a marketing thing?

    Kevin is so meh as an emperor feel, he does not have a commanding presence to me. For some reason, some Mainland girls are really pretty, then some not really to me. Like I don’t find the ones in this movie very pretty, but that’s my opinion, considering I don’t follow mainland actresses much spare a few really outstanding ones.

  12. Before BBJX I definitely considered Michael to be a better actor than Kevin. Now – eh. It feels like Kevin have improved tremendously in recent years, while Michael has been coasting of Laughing’s popularity. With that said, I still feel that Michael has more versatility – well, when he bothers anyway. If you consider his past work, he has shown way more range than Kevin.

    Kevin with only few exceptions, always portray the nice, friendly guy.

    Michael was the effeminate, weak gentleman in Virtues, kind-hearted nerdy lawyer in Legal Entanglement, *sshole Man in La Femme Desperado, middle-aged husband Family Link, cocky undercover cop in E.U, etc.

  13. Will Kevin be overthrow at the end by Michael like the TVB conquest?

  14. Well, this seems interesting, Kevin and Michael pitting against each other just after their recent “clash” in the Awards. Kevin certainly surprised everybody with his haul of awards and many even thought that Michael should have been given at least one. Remember, Kevin was only 4th choice for Law Ba and for only a low cost budget series, but what a surprise at the outcome! He has been put into deeper waters now. Will he emerge triumphant again or this time disappoint his supporters? I am quite sure he is able to spring another surprise. Good luck to him! As for Michael, maybe he’s a good actor but not better than Kevin. All the best to both of them. May they give their best to the task before them and delight the audience.

    1. “…but not better than Kevin.”

      Sorry. But I think you overestimated Kevin’s ability to act. I don’t think he is able to portray many characters like other actors can do. In fact, I don’t think Law Ba’s character is well portrayed by Kevin. In contrast to Roger Kwok and Bowie Lam, Kevin is still a B-class actor. After all, Kevin is popular not because of his ability to entertain and act, but his face. Unlike other actors, he has to be half-naked for every drama he acts. Just look his three previous dramas(home troopers, only you, ghetto justice),all these dramas he has to be half-naked, let alone other dramas he acted from previous years. The worse part is that in his up-coming dramas, he still uses his half-naked technique to gain popularity(gj2, boxing king). He forgot he’s an actor, not gigolo. I don’t really see other actors do like him, at least not at much as he does.

      1. huh? calling Kevin a gigolo is a bit much, in fact it is quite a false statement as well..just because he appears half-naked in a lot of series? So, what about the actresses who revealed their bras like Fala Chen and Aimee whatever? They are also prostitutes then by your logic?

        Kevin might not be as versatile as some of the actors that others have mentioned here but I think he is still a great overall package – he looks good, acts relatively well and sings ok too…his character off-screen seems fine as well – he does not appear to be cocky despite getting all the awards.

        I think calling him a gigolo is getting personal and uncalled for.

        Not sure if you’ve seen Korean dramas but in almost all dramas, the lead actor will have a shower scene to show off his abs so does that mean all K-drama actors are also gigolos?

      2. There is: Him Law since he got famous after appearing with his giant chest. I don’t mind much because his body is hot.

      3. @ Vivien, what do you mean re Hims Law? He got famous because of him revealing his abs or??? 🙂

      4. lOL, the label gigolo suits Him Him so much better as now he is involved with the “Nose”

        He is also famous of flykicking his gf, be careful Vivien haha

      5. What i mean was there is an artist who reveal as much or more than Kevin onscreen to get audience ROFL

      6. @ Vivien…oh haha ok, gotcha! you’re right…the other guy, I still call him by his Kindred Spirit name, Vietnam (he is now in When Heaven Burns as Ronnie) he always wears tank tops etc to show off his bulging muscles so I guess he must be one too then by ?’s logic haha

        @ Exoidus – the ‘nose’ haha funny

      7. Him Him got famous because of his body. He showed off his body in ‘Suspect of Love’.

      8. @? you don’t seem to be defending your gigolo statement anymore..perhaps you finally found out what gigolo means?

        Even if Kevin bares his chest in EVERY DARN series he makes, it does not make him a gigolo. That’s my point.

    1. …or Liu Shi Shi, lol. But then I realized this girl has more defined cheekbone. Must be a eyes and the makeup that made them all look alike.

      1. hmm… maybe a bit on the profile, but the I find more similarities with LSS or LYF than Ariel Lin. Really, I find most of the leading ladies in C-drama of late looked very alike. Not much differentiation in their features. The one thing I find unattractive in their makeup is the heavy fake lashes. Their eyes are not big or wide enough for such lashes. It is so obvious that it’s kind of distracting.

  15. I wish to address ? who made the remark.” He forgot he’s an actor, not a gigolo.” May I ask if you do know the meaning of the woed “gigolo”? The Oxford dictionary defines it as “professional dancing”. Do you really mean he’s that? Then I do think it rather mean of you think it so. It’s a cheap slur on his character. You can criticize his acting for all your worth but please do not be personal. What has he done to you to say things like that about him?

    1. No wonder why there are so many idiots in this world. I don’t want to waste my time on explaining what the term ‘gigolo’ means. He OBVIOUSLY relies on women in order to succeed in entertainment industry – 625, Amy Wong, his mother, his female fans. I’m not going to make it personal, but I don’t really think he has a talent for entertaining people; he can’t sing, he can’t dance, he can’t act. What he ONLY can do is take off his shirt and stand like a tree in front of cameras.

      1. I just replied to you on top…

        oh well..I guess you can stick to your opinion and we can stick to ours -_-

      2. LOL, by your definition almost all actresses can be classified as high class escorts.

        Well in some cases this might indeed be the truth!

      3. @ exoidus, this may be the truth re the actresses -_-

        but ? called Kevin a gigolo just because he appeared or will appear half-naked in some TVB series..I demand more evidence to prove that he is indeed one 😀

      4. not sure about his exact relationship with 620 behind closed doors, but due to benefit of doubt i declare case closed. Kevin is not guilty of being a gigolo.

        Sure in terms of acting he might be only average at best, but hey take a look at wooden Ron who should have been frozen years ago!

      5. @exoidus…hehe yeah we don’t really know what’s going on behind closed doors and with 620 could be dodgy but I agree with your verdict! In the light of insufficient evidence, this case does not even have prima facie evidence haha…so I think ?’s case should not even be admissible in court!

        OMG – Ron the wooden face! TBH, I somehow think Ron used to be better..poor guy!

      6. Jasmine,

        It seems to me that you didn’t read CAREFULLY what I wrote. If you read again what I wrote in the first comment(the one that you replied), in the last sentence I wrote, ‘I don’t really see other actors do like him, at least not at much as he does.’ Can you see the sentence ‘at least not as much as he does’? I knew the fact that in entertainment industry, sometimes actors and actresses have to appear to be half-naked in order to gain popularity. Yes, Fala and Aimee as well as other actors and actresses used to appear to be half-naked, but the point is that they all didn’t do as much as Kevin did. Even Bowie Lam and Moses Chan appear to be half-naked in the Gem of Life and When Heavens Burns/Moonlight Resonance respectively. However, did they appear to be half-naked in ALMOST every drama? Absolutely not! I’m not somebody who is very conservative; it’s just that Kevin really relied on his face/body too much when he’s acting. More amazingly, many of his dramas were from Amy Wong. By the way, Jasmine, it’s not ‘some TVB series’. It should be ‘many TVB series’. Evidence? Go watch his previous and up-coming dramas, and you will notice that.

      7. I forgot to mention one thing. Kevin CAN”T sing. If he’s really that talented, then why he switched from being a singer to being an actor?

      8. I doubt when Kevin read the scripts he said “I want to be NAKED here, and here and here”. It is what the script dictates and that is what he had to do. Is he a gigolo? gooooood. What’s his price? Can I hire him? Can I afford him? He looks terribly expensive.

        By the way relying on women is not gigolo. Gigolos are male prostitutes, prostituting being their main income. By definition Kevin is hardly a gigolo. You can say “eat soft rice”, but not gigolo.

      9. Funn Lim,

        Yes, it’s what the script dictates, but do not forget the fact that what the writer writes doesn’t mean the producer will follow the script exactly. The producer and actors/actresses can give their own opinions when filming in order to make the drama more interesting. Go and watch his dramas, almost every drama he appears to be half-naked, especially modern dramas. Why? Because that is the only way he can do to make his female fans like him.


        Three? Are you serious? Are you kidding? These are the dramas he appeared to be half-naked:

        1. Under the Canopy of Love
        2. The Ultimate Crime Fighter
        3. Last One Standing
        4. Burning Flame 3
        5. Home Troopers
        6. Only You
        7. Ghetto Justice
        8. The Boxing King
        9. Ghetto Justice 2

        I’m not really sure about Life Art, The Seventh Day and Forensic Heroes 2 as I didn’t watch these three dramas. The dramas that I can think he doesn’t appear to be half-naked are Beyond the Realm of Conscience, Devil Disciples and A Fistful of Stances. By the way, the list above hasn’t included his dramas before he got Best Actor in 2006. Do you know that he acted in gay film before? Look at

      10. Yes, I know he acted in a gay film before. So, what’s the big deal with that? You have something against gay?

        I watch most of the series and I don’t even remember he appeared topless in them except the recent ones like Only You and GJ. It’s funny how the person who most remembers this stuff is a hater.

      11. Who cares what Kevin reveals in dramas? It’s your opinion that he can’t act. Honestly if you believe he won all these awards, became massively popular ALL because he revealed his body for a mere 10 seconds, you are just finding reasons to hate him. He became popular in China because of his outstanding portrayal of 8th prince (and no, he didn’t reveal his body in BBJX).

        If only if it was that easy to win TV King, just stand there half naked “like a tree” and females will adore you and your popularity will sky rocket. *roll eyes*

      12. KC’s supposed attempt to attract female fans with his topless scenes must have failed big time if only a hater remembers it and can list it out in details.

      13. ? is a hater. Kevin wins audience approval and all these popularity because of his perfect and charming potrayal of 8th prince in BBJX and yes he didn’t reveal anything in BBJX besides his handsome face and charming acting.

        @? you lose 😛

      14. I notice that only ? alone is criticising Kevin for being topless in his series lol.

      15. @Vivien: Are you a KC fan who is finding a time just to criticize Micheal? Even if ? is a Micheal fan, it doesn’t a matter.

      16. @? : Guess that you should find stronger reasons to support your opinion. Half-naked in few mins dun mean much to the whole series as it can’t help the whole series to get rating. KC has a dip in his TVB career after UTCOL and only made a come back this year thank to BBJX. Give him some space.

        BTW, if Amy Wong’s series has a trend to force actor to half-naked as you stated, I’m thinking of Ruco Chan’s future. Someone posted that in ToT there is a scene Ruco Chan half-naked. Now let’s see the ATF and new series in Jan of him. Both are Amy Wong’s.

        Watever, half-naked a bit isn’t a big deal. Like Him Him, he is half-naked always but his career only went down because of himself, not because he is half-naked.

      17. @Fox

        I’m not KC fan. I just find it laughable that ? is bashing KC for being half naked when KC getting popular and winning all these awards have nothing to do with being half naked.

        If Him Him is yes he became popular because of his body in SOL and he get nickname of ‘giant chest’ but I think might be changed to ‘gf beater’ now.

      18. ? perhaps but I am a woman and I like him fully clothed. I don’t mind a bit of undress but to say female viewers watch him solely for him to strip is a bit of a stretch. He is good looking enough fully clothes. Now Nicky Wu, I don’t mind a bit of stripping.

      19. @Vivien: ? bashed KC for watever reason, it’s her own matter and do you find that ? also can find your post is laughable when you drag Micheal in from nowhere? Even if ? is Micheal fan (or not), she can be KC hater without any jealousy involved (for example: Hate KC before the award is given).

        ? can simply reply you that KC won how many awards for watever reason, it doesn’t a matter since s/he hates him because he is half naked :P.

        BTW, her/his support points can’t convince ppl to agree with her/him as ppl dun find half naked is a big deal (or even can be a treat to fans :P), that’s all.

        @Funn: You want to strip Nicky Wu?

      20. Give KC some credit not many TVB actors can showcase their body.

        At least he exercises instead of playing dolls from mainland…

      21. @exoidus: Can’t say anything too soon :P. He is going to China frequently now and maybe, one day he’ll announce a marriage with a Chinese model like Benny and Lisa :).

      22. @Fox

        Whether he choose to play with a plastic dolls made in mainland is not an issue here. The issue is that he exercises regulary in order to look good.

        The other plastic doll players can’t show their body due to “onepack” with alot of fat 😛

      23. i didn’t mention sixpack however im sure his onepack is fatfree 😛

        Only guy from TVB i can remember with a clear sixpack is Kenny Wong.

      24. @exoidus: Ron might have flat one pack if he goes dancing again. Recently he gets beer belly. BTW, I dun mind fatty guy because they looks cute and warm (especially in summer). Maybe ppl in tropical country like you can’t feel the value of fatty guy in the winter, hehe.

      25. @Fox

        Here you are making assumptions again, who said that i live in a tropical country?

        In the winter what you do is starting the heater with a blanket. Why the need for a fat guy 😛

      26. Did you say you are from Msia? Msia is a tropical country :). If not, sorry, I might rmb wrongly.

        A guy to hug is better than a blanket, haha. A blanket can’t sweet talk :P.

      27. Ofcourse i know that Msia is a tropical country. LOL, do you think im a moron 😛

        So you prefer a fatty guy to hug then a sumo is the right one for you, haha

      28. Sumo guy is too much. Just some normal guy with a small belly is ok. Board shoulder is preferred.

      29. You mean broad shoulders right?

        Well all you need to do is to find a guy with a sixpack, make him eat alot of fast food e.g. pizza, hamburgers etc and deny him to exercise, LOL

        In that way you can create the perfect tummy you like, hehe

        it’s harder the other way around 😛

      30. broad shoulders, yeah.

        I want to notice that not all 6 packs guy has broad shoulders :). Some looks very weird with 6 packs.

      31. you have to look at the overall picture i.e. some bigchested girl is not atractive and vice versa.

        i suppose you are referring to those very skinny types.

        well in the end the most important thing is their personality and intelligence.

      32. Not that this make your argument any more valid – but Kevin did actually show off his upper body in BBJX. So, I guess you can add that to your long list, lol.

        Although, I wouldn’t go a far to argue that Kevin’s showing off his body often means he’s a gigolo. I will say that it’s probably a recurring theme because it does support and sell Kevin’s “image” as a attractive guy/a hunk. But I don’t see why we should judge him for it, since more Chinese actors would do the same if they had a good bod. And actually, the Chinese entertainment industry is sorely LACKING hot male bodies in comparison to other regions.

      33. advo,

        Again, he’s topless in BBJX (I didn’t watch this but thanks for mention.) Another drama to be added to the list. Yes, the Chinese entertainment industry is actually lacking hot male bodies, but after all, being half-naked is american thing, not asian thing. I don’t mind if actors/actresses reveal his/her body once in a while, but if they reveal too much and rely on it rather than his/her own acting is really unacceptable. Why should we not try to use our acting skill instead of our body/face to gain popularity? As I’ve mentioned, I’m not very conservative, so being half-naked is not a big deal for me. The problem is that being half-naked for ALMOST every drama is too extreme. Anyway, Vivien and Fox, up to now, I DIDN’T write that he doesn’t deserve for any awards. I just wrote he can’t act, sing, dance and even entertain.

        advo, Kevin’s body is not really that hot. He has/used to have big belly, and if you’ve seen him in real life, he’s actually small and short. No offense, and I apologise if ‘small’ and ‘short’ sound rude to you, but he’s in fact small and short (not VERY short and small). Perhaps because I’m tall, but I think that his height is acceptable as a human being but not acceptable as a man. I won’t apologize for calling him ‘gigolo’, though.

      34. His height “is not acceptable as a man”? Wow, quite harsh. I guess your standards are very high. Anyhow, u may think he can’t act, sing, entertain, or deserve to live but obviously all these awards show that many people like his acting. So u keep hating and we’ll keep supporting.

      35. @ ? no one asked you to apologise for calling Kevin a gigolo but the simple fact of the matter is that you were wrong in calling him a gigolo because a definition of a gigolo is NOT being barechested on screen…so that is a factual conclusion unless you have evidence to prove otherwise..and remember to make sure it is not heresay evidence and that it is evidence that can prove beyond reasonable doubt that he is indeed one.

        It seems like now you have added ‘..’ to your ‘gigolo’ which you did not in your first post sooo I’m guessing you realised that being barechested does not equate to being a gigolo.

        It sounds like you really dislike Kevin which is fine – but it’s quite laughable that you said that he is tall enough to be ‘human’ but not tall enough for a ‘man’..sorry but that statement sounds ludicrous..I am now wondering if you are male of female…

        Anyhow, tall enough for you or not, I can safely or probably say that it’s the least of anyone’s worries when it comes to Kevin. I have seen him in real life before and he is very good looking, even better in person..he is not exactly very muscular so btw I don’t see what the big deal is about him baring his body haha..

        Btw, Jacky Chan bares his chest in almost ALL his movies too when he’s displaying kung fu does that make him a gigolo too?? HAHAHAH

      36. If Kevin’s height “is not acceptable as a man”, I guess Eric Tsang and Teddy Robin have to kill themselves for being unacceptable men.

        Honestly, ? might as well fault Kevin for being alive and taking up oxygen in this planet.

      37. @?: You’re a ridiculous Kevin hater. If Kevin’s too short to be a man then I feel sorry for Jackie Chan, Bowie Lam, Jet Li and many more guys. I bet Donnie Yen is shorter than Kevin too.

      38. He has to be topless doesn’t he? If not how to put on medicine after being pierced by arrow. Maybe ? is right, there is a conspiracy to derobe Kevin. I mean Nicky also got scratched by arrow, no topless. Yes yes a new conspiracy theory. Maybe there is a special award for the most derobed actor in a none pornographic role.

      39. @ Funn

        LMAO. I WISH there was a conspiracy to de-robe Nicky! His body is gorgeous!

        Anyway, Kevin is short but I think he’s pretty well-proportioned so he looks good. The most important thing is that he’s tall enough. Have never seen any actress tower over him, so his height will do just fine.

      40. advo: Have never seen any actress tower over him, so his height will do just fine.

        Funniest joke I’ve ever read. You made me laugh. Thank you so much.

    2. My goodness, I’m gone a couple of days and suddenly KC is accused of being a gigolo for benefiting off his good looks. Hello, don’t hate him b/c he’s beautiful! This is the entertainment industry afterall. He can’t help it that female fans love to see his body and he does work out to supply that demand.

      And I find it funny that @? Can’t stand to see Kevin’s topless scenes and yet he/she has watched so many of his series. And watched so closely in order to have caught all of those scenes. Seems kinda “fann jeen”.

      Anyway, I hope KC doesn’t stop his shirtless streak. I definitely appreciate his type of eye candy. 😀

      1. josie: I hope KC doesn’t stop his shirtless streak. I definitely appreciate his type of eye candy.

        So you admitted that you like him because he is shirtless and not because his acting? Then what I wrote was right: Despite Kevin can’t act, can’t sing, can’t dance, can’t entertain, many people like him because he is shirtless for almost every drama he acted, suggesting that Kevin is a gigolo.

      2. No, I do think KC Can act, sing, and entertain. The eye candy is just the cherry on top. (He can’t dance but 3 out of 4 ain’t bad.)

        Anyway, u still didn’t answer why u keep watching him even though u can’t stand him.
        And btw, Christmas is over. No need to keep the “bah humbug” attitude.

      3. Entertain is a bit too much to describe KC. He is not an entertainer. Sing… anyone can sing these days. Whether the singing will break record is another thing.

      4. Really, u don’t find him entertaining?
        He certainly entertains and charms me to bits.

      5. I remember an article about him and it wasn’t pleasant. No I don’t think he is entertaining. If we are talking about the same Kevin Cheng. Doesn’t make him less charming.

      6. josie,

        Sorry, I’m back. I’ve been very busy for these few weeks, and no, I didn’t watch most of his dramas(some I did but not because of him). Anyway, do you want to know why I knew he appeared to be shirtless? Go and watch the theme songs for Home Troopers, Only You as well as Ghetto Justice. He appeared to be shirtless in the songs. You don’t need to watch the whole dramas in order to know how he is shirtless.

      7. And I would like to agree with Funn Lim. I don’t find him entertaining either, let alone his acting. Singing? Ha ha ha ha!

  16. You just don’t like Kevin. FULL STOP. But stop being abusive and obnoxious in your so called criticism of someone who can’t defend himself, which I doubt he would, being a fine gentleman as he is. It is useless arguing with you as you are so pig-headed and rude.

    1. Sorry to butt in and not that I say ? is right, but isn’t all the criticisms to the artists here and there are the same? The artists themselves can’t defend and often, fans will do such thing. Then if you want to say of criticism this way, you should never say any word “bad” on any artist, as they all can’t defend themselves.

      I said this because I notice you did say something so-called “criticism” :). Maybe to avoid this, next time you shouldn’t say anything “bad” again.

      For the comment of ?, sure that s/he is a basher/hater but pig-headed and rude isn’t good way to reply against her/him. The way Funn did might be better than a personal attack.

      1. @ Fox, I don’t think that P.Tan meant it as a personal attack she is just expressing the fact that ? is stubborn (pig-headed) and rude which is true as she called Kevin a gigolo just because he bares his chest in series.

        True that there is a lot of criticism by non-fans of celebs on here but so far I don’t think I’ve heard ppl criticizing a certain actress and calling her a prostitute just because she bares some flesh…or any actor a gigolo just because he bares his chest so I guess that’s the difference 🙂

      2. Not a matter. As P.Tan mentioned “abusive and obnoxious in your so called criticism of someone who can’t defend himself”, s/he can’t do this to anyone else since they all can’t defend themselves.

        You might miss but I saw some comments like this to call an actress prostitute alike because she wore bra or something like that I dun rmb well. Or some comments like this provided by a lot of ppl in the similar situation, but not to KC. Since it isn’t for someone you like (assumed by me), maybe you didn’t notice.

        BTW, a personal attack won’t let ? becomes less but more angry and hatred on KC will increase, hehe. So a personal attack is unnecessary, that’s all.

  17. Thank you, Funn, for further expanding the definition of the term “gigolo”. Usually it’s the old women who have tons of money to spend and are lonely who hire young men as ‘companions’ and sometimes even take them on holidays all over the place. To me, a disgusting way of earning a living.

    1. But not a bad way to earn an income. Better than robbing? It is after all still an “occupation”.

  18. How come no one here is defending Tavia when people are writing abusive comments about her in other forms? I think this site is biased and everyone has teir own preferences. Poepl should respect each other’s opionion cause it makes the fans feel bad when people write **** about their idol. I know this will never happen cause people will continue to bash other artisits.

  19. Kevin time will end soon, 5 years at most. He is already old man but I wonder if he has special trick to keep him looking not so old.

    Ron Ng’s career is dying, I have not seen him being leading roles for a few years. Not sure about his singing career. Just saw his face in FH3, a useless role.

    The Laughing Gor never gets very popular but he never dies.

    1. Ron’s singging career died a long time ago. He released one EP in 2005 and that was it becasue people complain about him getting music awards and he cant sing live.

      1. Kate Tsui is the same: one EP artist ROFL and she got big complains about her live performance back then

      2. Didn’t KC only has one album in 2006 and no more after that? Lai Lok Yi, Jack Wu also released one album/EP and disappeared in music industry.

      3. Which is why KC is now an actor. Yes he was a failed singer. If he was successful he wouldn’t have returned to HK to act.

      4. KC singing is not bad i like his themesong from “a fistful of stances” alot.

        Whereas Kate and Ron fails at everything besides being furnitures!

      5. KC’s singing is good or bad isn’t the matter here. Matter is he is also one album/EP singer just like Ron and Kate.

      6. Weeeeell, it’s because of his bad singing that his singing career failed and he became an actor instead. And I would have to say that Kevin is lucky because his good looks gave him roles that his acting didn’t deserve for many years.

        Strange how looks can sustain an acting career, but not a singing one. Shows how vain people are ;P

    2. Laughing Gor was VERY popular after E.U. It’s the way TVB milking him to much makes him become annoying.

      1. Laughing Gor got lucky. Poor Ron and Sammul who are the original lead of EU who got neglected after Laughing character got overrated by some internet fans. After that TA was forgotten and sequels keep being made of Laughing Gor.

      2. Sorry for the disagreement. Fact that Micheal wasn’t lucky with Laughing Gor at first, it’s his own effort. Who can think that a supporting role like Laughing Gor can gain the attention. You must see that E.U was purposely made to make Ron famous (as an undercop) but Laughing became the dark horse and suddenly made big, outshined all Ron and Micheal Miu (I dun put Sammul in as his role is nothing more than a supporting in E.U). Don’t forget that Laughing chac died half way and only re-appeared in the end due to the request of the audiences. Ron failed to make big with E.U and ppl get tired with Chung Lap Man already. They only concerned about Laughing Gor after E.U. That’s why TA ended. Ron wasn’t neglected at all.

        So in fact, Laughing Gor at first is a success, but the way TVB milked it make ppl from love turned to hate this chac.

        My prediction: If TVB milks the role Law Ba this way, ppl will turn to hate Law Ba soon.

      3. I’m not much of a Michael Tse fan (in fact, I’m not a fan of him at all), but Laughing is so entertaining to watch. LOO, the two Laughing films, etc. were great fun. TVB will continue to milk his character if this character makes money.

  20. Kevin Cheng is WINNING, once again. Best Actor in the Beijing Anhui TV drama award show for his role in BBJX:

    also Best TV series award for BBJX, he was with the beautiful actress Liu Shi Shi; KC also did some singing in Cantonese around the end, which I believe one of his singles. Liu Shi Shi also sing her song on BBJX.

    Sheren Tang won the Best actress award for No Regrets:

    She also sing a song:

    1. Congrats to Kevin for the Best Actor award and BBJX too, but did Nicky Wu win something? He was great too. Congrats to Sheren too.

      1. Thanks Larry3. I think Nicky might win someplace else. 4th and 8th are both fabulous.

    2. Ahhh, congrats to BBJX, Kevin and Shi Shi. They deserve all their awards. Though honestly, there’s so many of them that it kinda dilutes the meaning. They don’t seem particular significant, though winning an insignificant award is surely better than NOT winning of course.

      Shi Shi looked STUNNING in red! I don’t know why she changed into the white dress, which had way less WOW factor imo. Kevin’s sequin jacket – lol. I suppose an unconventional take on the suit is better than not wearing a good suit at all… but bwah, it’s a wee bit too glitzy for me.

      Kevin should also stop singing. He’s terrible. Despite not being a singer at all, I still enjoy Shi Shi singing the BBJX sub theme way more than any of Kevin’s singing. Ever.

      OMG Sheren is singing the theme from “I Have a Date With Spring”! I LOVE THAT SHOW! *Nostalgia FTW!!!* Sheren was SO good (when is she ever not?) in it! Always loved the song too!

      (Hmm, maybe Shi Shi changed her dress because Sheren was wearing a fabulous red dress too actually?)

      1. Kevin winning this Beijing Best Actor award via BBJX can counterattack some arguments that he’s not a main lead.

        Maybe Nicky is winning awards from other ceremonies.

        I’ve never been a fan of Kevin’s singing. He’s been lacking something in his singing from his start.

    1. Funn must be happy to see this. I know Funn loves Kevin and BBJX 😀

    2. Kevin got Best Actor in Beijing,that means Kevin is more popular than Nicky????

      1. @mimi: Kevin and Nicky are both popular afte BBJX. Maybe Nicky is getting some awards somewhere else while Kevin is getting this one.

      2. @lol:
        But the Best Actor is the most important award. Nicky didn’t get this award.

      3. There are like hundreds of awards; must be shared, he gets this, then that one the other gets. One Best Actor is not indication it is the only one. Between Nicky and Kevin, Nicky got the most boost, because he is rather popular in China already but point is everyone gets a chance at the awards.

      4. @Funn: Yes that’s what I think Nicky might be getting other awards that don’t get into the news since there must be lots of awards in mainland china.

      5. LOL, seriously these awards mean practically nothing. Everyone can make one and every region has a thousand.

        Furthermore, Kevin got “Most Popular Network Actor of the Year Award” which does NOT translate into a Best Actor award. Doubt Nicky was even eligible since he isn’t signed with a network as far as I know.

  21. Thank you, Larry3, for posting the articles on Kevin, Liu Shi Shi and Sheren. You seem to be first on the spot for such news, amazing, and I do enjoy reading them all. Again congrats to Kevin and Sheren. Kevin looked and sounded good too with Liu Shi Shi on the stage. They looked so sweet wiping away I don’t know what, he from her face and she from his hair. You should know each other pretty well enough to want to do that!

  22. Meh. It’s going to be hard to top The Conquest. It was such a good drama. Having Kevin Cheng and Michael Tse portraying the two kings just automatically made this new show a fluffy idol drama LOL. But maybe I’m wrong about them.

    The Conquest made Goujian (Kevin Cheng’s role in Hero) very foolish, although he did beat Fuchai in the end. I wonder if Kevin will do the same portrayal?

    1. Kevin is playing a compassionate, suave and good looking but tragic Fuchai. Seems like a revisionism of the famous Yue and Wu historical saga.

  23. If Feng Shao Feng can play Xiang Yu, then, Kevin can play Fu Chai. 😀

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