Kevin Cheng on Kissing Woman in Nightclub: “I Don’t Want to Feel Lonely”

On New Year’s Eve, Kevin Cheng (鄭嘉穎) was spotted kissing a long-haired woman in a Hong Kong nightclub. Single for four years, Kevin admitted that he “wanted to look for a companion and did not want to feel lonely”.

Since Kevin did not have a habit in frequenting nightclubs, he was initially cautious in avoiding others’ recognition. He walked away whenever he spotted others taking out their cell phones, hoping to prevent them from snapping photos. Although popular among the ladies at the nightclub, he acted reservedly until he downed a few glasses of champagne.

A long-haired woman in a tight dress eventually caught Kevin’s attention. Chatting for ten minutes, the pair hugged. Kevin put his arm against the wall, effectively trapping the woman from any escape. Kevin kissed the woman three times and the woman was heard laughing flirtatiously. Soon after, the pair disappeared into the crowd.

Kevin Admits Feeling Lonely

Kevin Cheng 29aAsked about making out with the woman in the nightclub, Kevin responded, “Thanks to everyone’s concern over my love life. I’m no longer young! I hope to find a companion and don’t want to be lonely.”

He added, “A celebrity is also a normal person. I have emotions and feelings too; I hope everyone gives me more personal space.”

When prompted as to whether the woman at the nightclub is his girlfriend, Kevin said, “If there is good news, I will definitely announce it.”

Nancy Sit Believes Kevin Cheng and Charmaine Sheh are a Couple

While filming Forensic Heroes 2 <法證先鋒II> in 2008, sparks flew between Kevin and Charmaine Sheh (佘詩曼). The pair reportedly dated, but broke up shortly due to personality differences. They remained friends and stayed in touch with each other. Over the past two years, reconciliation rumors between Kevin and Charmaine frequently cropped up, but both claimed they are still single each time.

Working with Kevin and Charmaine together in the past, Nancy Sit (薛家燕) was surprised to learn that Kevin had casually kissed a woman in a nightclub. Nancy replied, “[Kevin and Charmaine] have love and a brightness in each other’s eyes. I believe they are a couple. Perhaps they individually have love interests and I was mistaken. Haha, or maybe Kevin drank too much alcohol, otherwise he would not have behaved so openly. If he finds true love, I give him my blessings.”

Kenneth Ma Unaware of Kevin Cheng’s Love Life 

Kevin’s good friend, Kenneth Ma (馬國明), was asked to comment on Kevin’s behavior at the nightclub. Kenneth said, “I don’t know what happened. When we go out together as a group, he has never brought a female companion along! If they are in the midst of getting to know each other, I hope everyone gives him space. He is older than me, so it’s normal to date!”

Asked about his own requirements when looking for a girlfriend, Kenneth said he prefers outgoing and independent women.


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  1. Feel kinda bad for him when he said he wants people to give him space. He’s like 40 and is at the age where he should be married/have kids. It’s hard for him bc the paps are always trying to dish out every little things about the celebrity.

    Give him space so he has a chance to find someone! TT.TT Hope he’ll find happiness.

  2. Aww. I actually feel bad for him lol. I wish people/the media wouldn’t always be down celebs throats 24/7.

  3. This is ridiculous, leave this guys personal life alone.

  4. I agree absolutely with you people who think Kevin should be left to lead his own life without being hounded by reporters and the media. I think it was out of desperation that he did what he did! My sympathies go with him.

  5. I agree, just leave him alone :/ of course being a celebrity means lack of privacy and personal space most times, but man, paps really hound the crap out of them at any given chance.

  6. Seems like Kevin Cheng is seriously trying to squash all rumors linking him to the snake women. 🙂

    1. I agree with you. Paps keep linking them when there is nothing but so called rumour/”reports” but where is the hard evidence? I have never liked snakelady too because of how she carries herself. Diva + flirtatious + fierce and everything else that I’m tired of listing down now.

      Stop linking snakee with K3vin

    2. In term of fame and money, Charmaine is better than Kevin. Glad that she is not associated him…God Bless

      1. Typo…In term of fame and money, Charmaine is better off than Kevin. Glad that she’s not associated with him..God Bless

  7. he’s just doing what ordinary people do, don’t berate him.

  8. Is she a hook-er? Cos that’s what the report makes her seem like. kevin can have his pick of any girl so i don’t get it if he has to resort to that.

  9. I sincerely hope not!! This piece of news is really a shocker as Kevin is usually so careful and discreet in whatever he does. Why, oh why, this out-of-character behaviour?

    1. Lol, well may I ask what is his true character behaviour then? It’s what we as the public and media perceive him to be, but really he is like a normal human being like how he mentioned with emotions, feelings and needs. You believe it’s a sudden out of character behaviour because celebrities are always expected to hide and be reserved in public and not really do what ‘normal people’ do, which may include going to nightclubs as a form of socialisation or entertainment. The only reason why celebrities are usually expected to be careful is because of the media. If it wasn’t for the media This whole entire report /shock wouldn’t be a shock. Give him a break, besides being a celebrity, he is human. He just wants to live so let him live.

    2. This is superficial, wait till you know more. Leave him alone, he’s single, its a happy occasion, having fun, nothing wrong

    3. To be fair, he is single and is not dating anyone nor is he married. He is a guy too,so his can he resist an attractive girl? If he did, you really wonder if something is wrong with him? He has the right to have some fun just like any regular guy so there is nothing wrong with what he did.

      1. Yep, nothing wrong with people “dating” around until they find the “right” person. No “vows” were made/broken. Busybodies/多是是非八婆 should stop spreading “false” rumors about other people and interfering with other people’s lives.

  10. He’s in his mid-40s now. At this age, if he were lucky, he would be a father now. I can totally understand that he’s desperately in need of find a wife and maybe have kids.

    1. at his age, he should have been happily married with 2 kids…hope he finds love soon.

    1. The girl in the pictures is not the 17-year-old girl. Sabina Altynbekova is the 17-year-old volleyball girl mentioned in the original article.

    1. Lmao that’s what I think too! Cus you’re lonely and you go to a club to kiss some stranger you dunno? Yah sure you’re looking for a companion…a sleeping companion

      1. of course he said he dont want to feel lonely,even if he is,do you think he would have said literrally to the papa’s that he is horny?,would you?

      2. Obv I know that being “lonely,” is just an euphemism for being horny. But judging others here who actually pities his situation…I think they’re a bit too naive and frankly need a reality check.

        But now ppl really see how professional celebrities are at covering up and twisting facts around. Man, I give Kevin props for public relations. Top dollars if he ever loses his showbiz job.

  11. So there is nothing between Charmaine and Kevin?
    If they are trying to reconcile, or if Charmaine wanted to reconcile their relationship, Charmaine would sure be hurt.

    1. Man Charm should count her blessings she didn’t get back with him. Remember nikki? Now this random chick in the club. A leopard’s spots never change.

  12. Well, he is single for four years and he usually is busy and focuses on filming. It was New Year’s Eve and he was lonely and single. He is hot and attractive and was surrounded by girls. Forget that he is a celebrity. A normal guy (that hot) in that situation might do even more crazy things because they don’t have to worry about paparazzi.

  13. Nancy Sit should be ashamed of herself of constantly dragging Charmaine in, this is at least the 3rd time she mentioned Charmaine in relation with Kevin. If you want attention, go create scandals of your own, don’t use other’s name to appear in news.

    Charmaine & Kevin made it pretty clear that they are not dating, thank goodness for this tabloid exposure, at least now they’ll stop asking Charmaine abt Kevin.

    Btw, congrats to Kevin, may you find your bride someday.

    1. “…at least now they’ll stop asking Charmaine about Kevin.”

      I think just the opposite will happen. Charmaine will now be constantly asked about this. How she feels about this, what she thinks, will their friendship be affected, etc.
      I kinda feel sorry for her to be dragged into this.

    2. This is sad. Nancy’s comment on Kevin and Charmaine’s relationship seems out of place as she is not close with either of them. I wonder if she had been misquoted?

      Anyhow, I like Kevin and Charmaine as a couple but if they do not get together as a couple, they at least are very good friends. This “scandal” makes them both embarrassed when in reality, it is quite a normal action by a single lonely guy that has been blown up by the media.

    3. Yeah I think this time around Nancy overdid it a bit. But at the same time, she’s just trying to flame the fire she thought was possible between charm and Kevin. But now that it’s seemingly unrealistic and papz are swarming her with questions targetted towards her earlier suggestions, she has to bring charm and Kevin back up. I’m sure she had good intentions and it’s just PR tactics for everyone involved.

    4. cuz she believes they are meant to be together and wants them to be together…. 🙂 nothing wrong with that LOL 😀

    5. Whatever their agenda, it’s so nice when busybodies like Nancy Sit are caught spreading “false” rumors about other people.

  14. This will create a rather award situation between Kevin and Charmaine. After this incident will they remain just as pally or would Charmaine be dsappointed with Kevin’s behaviour and distance herself from him further? In fact, I wonder what all his girl friends would think now.

  15. Seems like he is putting up a show. Trying a little too hard at nightclubs. Putting his hands against wall, trapping woman and kissing her. Hmmm, seems like a script. Nice picture. Come on, Total fake Lol

    1. I think the same too. He would have wrap his arm around her and passionate kissing her and not putting the hand on the wall. Well, maybe he was drunk at that time. Need the wall to support him.

  16. I really think he just put up the show so the rumor between him and Charmaine would die. For someone in show biz for years and no record of this type. His behavior is a bit out of norm.

  17. I remember he has a female cousin that always do things for him. She has a crush on him. Where is the female cousin now?

    Kevin might be has no interest in the female cousin?

    1. Are you refering to Vivian Wong ? She is a married woman and having two grown up kids. That rumor of his female cousin has a crush on him was very old news. Kevin already clarified last time. Nothing to do with her. I think Kevin knows this girl otherwise he would not be so daring.

  18. This is getting to be more and more mysterious, who the girl is, why in the nightclub, of all the public places(knowing the reporters would be there watching his every move)and why his out-of-charater behaviour.

    1. Maybe he invited the girl to celebrate the NY with him. Truly speaking, that kind of places is actually not the right place to look for a girlfriend especially for Kevin with his age now. He needs to look for someone who is pleasant and nice, to be his wife. No offend to other ladies here.

  19. Kevin is single, already above 40 years old, urge to have sex is normal…Lol Its not a crime

  20. Of course it is ‘normal’ as you say. It’s only that it’s Kevin, in public, that’s not normal.

  21. Be careful Kevin, having casual sex can easily lead to social disease…Eekkkkk

    1. @ Lilian:

      Yep. I agree with you. It’s so dangerous. STD can be deadly. Yuck!

      He is 45 year-old now. He’ll find someone – just don’t do anything irrational.

      1. Yup…one night stands are dangerous after a drink at the pub.

  22. he should follow aaron kwok…date for sex, then dump when you find someone better..don’t be single.

  23. Maybe he ws trying to be too hard to be ‘virtuous’ all this while until he found he just couldn’t!

  24. After a drink or 2 and getting tipsy, it’s inevitable for one to become hot for opposite sex.
    Furthermore, kevin still has the looks.

  25. Yes, everyone needs space. I can imagine being strutinize all the time. Give him space to meet ppl, after all he’s just another human being. Only difference is he’s a celebrity that’s all.

  26. kevin cheng is desperate for a companion and a marriage partner…give him a break.

  27. Kevin was obviously very lonely and desperate for some companionship that night. He’s probably feeling horny too and just looking for a one-night-stand at that club (ie not exactly seeking a girlfriend there, as clubs are usually pick-up places for one-night-stands).

  28. I wonder if the girl had offered Uncle Cheng a discount for the night. LOL!

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