Kim Se Jeong Confirmed To Star in “Today’s Webtoon”

After successful rom-com hit A Business Proposal, Kim Se Jeong is confirmed to lead slice-of-life comedy Today’s Webtoon alongside Nam Yoon Su and Daniel Choi.

Today’s Webtoon is adapted from Japanese manga Jūhan Shuttai by Matsuda Naoko. The story follows judo athlete On Ma Eum (Kim Se Jeong), who is forced to retire from her sports career due to an ankle injury. Picking herself back up, she starts a new job delivering food until one day, she discovers a potential new dream after delivering to a webtoon publisher.

Portraying an athlete undergoing a career change, Se Jeong is expected carry the role with ease. She is well-rounded and also has experience playing as an office worker through A Business Proposal.

Leaving a great impression with his charismatic performance in The King’s Affection, Yoon Su will play sales associate Goo Jun Yeong who reflects on his work attitude and goals after being motivated by Ma Eum’s devotion to becoming a professional webtoon editor. They easily become friends and co-workers unafraid to share their struggles and achievements with each other.

Daniel will be portraying the role of Seok Ji Hyung, a deputy editor who mentors Ma Eum. While he appears to always have a poker face, Ji Hyung is warm-hearted and willing to support those passionate about webtoon publishing. The series marks Daniel’s full comeback to the small screen after four years

Today’s Webtoon is expected to air in the second half of 2022.

Source: Korea Star Daily

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