Kim Se Jeong is a Ball of Energy in “Today’s Webtoon”

Kim Se Jeong is back to brighten Korean Dramaland with her bubbly and passionate personality in SBS’s upcoming office comedy Today’s Webtoon, which also stars Daniel Choi.

Adapted from Japanese manga series Juhan Shuttai! by Matsuda Naoko, Today’s Webtoon  follows judo athlete On Ma Eum (Kim Se Jeong) being forced to quit her sports career due to an ankle injury, and on the hunt to find another job. While delivering food to a webtoon company one day, Ma Eum is fascinated by the work of editors and spontaneously sets a new career goal.

Soaring in international popularity this year through Business Proposal, Se Jeong is recognized as a capable actress. In the released stills, Se Jeong appears with her signature liveliness and twinkling eyes. The actress opted for a in in a cute bob haircut for a refreshing change. Although expectations for commercial success are now higher for Se Jeong, she should perform with ease in the new romcom due to similar past roles.

With a total of 12 episodes and set to premiere on July 29, Today’s Webtoon will air every Friday and Saturday.

Source: Korea Star Daily

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  1. she did not impress me as an actress BUT her vocal is fascinating! All i needed was one singing scene in BP and i am now a fan, combing YT for every single song/cover of hers and not forgetting the reality show “Produce 101” that allows her to debut as an artiste

    She just did a song for Maple Story and i love it to bits!

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