Korean Boyband OMEGA X Said CEO Abused Them

The dark underbelly of the Asian entertainment industry is slowly coming to light. The most shocking is former EXO member Kris Wu’s (吳亦凡) 13-year prison sentence for rape.   While Deng Lun’s (鄧倫) tax evasion, Wang Leehom’s (王力宏) affairs, Li Yifeng’s (李易峰) prostitution scandal, and Show Lo’s (羅志祥) promiscuous behavior may seem tame in comparison, they reveal the questionable morals of those in the industry. Recently,  members of South Korean boyband, OMEGA X, alleged they were sexually harassed by their former CEO.

Rumors began circulating that members of OMEGA X were  frequently verbally abused and sexually harassed by female CEO, Kang Seong Hee, who has since resigned when the scandal broke out.  The 11 boyband members came forward to address the matter directly, holding a press conference and sharing the reasons they terminated their contract with Spire Entertainment. Group leader Jaehan revealed that the now-resigned CEO would “touch our thighs and faces, hold our hands, and habitually sexually assaulted and threatened us.”

Boys Over Flowers’ Jang Ja Yeon

South Korea is notorious for celebrity suicides. Actress Jang Ja Yeon, who appeared in Boys Over Flowers, committed suicide in 2009 after being forced to drink with men at parties and have sex with them. It was alleged that 31 men had assaulted her.

In 2012, Open World Entertainment’s head Jang Seok Woo was imprisoned for sexually assaulting his trainees, in which two were minors at the time.

ANYTIME’s Kauan Okamoto

Japanese talent manager, Johnny Kitagawa, also faced years of sexual harassment allegations. As the founder and president of Johnny & Associates, the late Johnny Kitagawa was responsible for boosting many Japanese boybands such as SMAP to popularity. Rumors concerning his sexual abuse of the youth under his employment began in 1988.

Most recently, it was exposed that Jpop singer-songwriter and former member of the boy group ANYTIME, Kauan Okamoto, also suffered sexual abuse by Johnny. Employed under Johnny’s company in 2012 at only 15 years old, he claimed Johnny forced him to perform oral sex on him. Although these allegations have yet to be proven, other Jpop male idols under Johnny’s employment had similar rumors during their careers, leading many to believe that there may be some truth to the matter.

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This article is written by Huynh for JayneStars.com.

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  1. This industry is dangerous and can be very dirty…there are many victims. But having said that, I feel it is not as bad in China in contrasts to Japan, SK, Bollywood, Thailand, US… Of course there are many willing victims too…
    The few cases mentioned above are at Corporate level…it is institutional abuse.. And the results these abusers gets away with it is because their Country are protecting such powerful people. It is very sad but it is the reality.

    1. Unfortunately it is a sad reality that will keep rearing its ugly head because of the lax laws in these countries. Not to mention that Corporate big shots and their deputies and sergeants are protected by powerful underground groups. That is why the horrendous actions of certain A-listers, especially ONE, not seeing the light of day. God is bigger than them though.

      1. Dee, it is not a pretty world, the world of entertainment. I’m sure you know that well. These managers , agents and companies are vamps ready to feast on these innocent young artists. My new year’s wish is that a certain private, personal agent gets tge boot from her lover, sorry client so that he can live his life free of her evils. I would love to see a certain Hong Kong God brought to his knees. Those two are difficult as the manager has the boy brainwashed. How a fatally handsome, young and vibrant man like him sleep with that ugly, old, freezing evil creature like her. So much is in front of him, but he can’t see her for what she really is. The Hong Kong dude is protected by powerful and evil people.

    2. I have sadly to disagree C-ent is equally bad and good as any other. The difference is in size of the market and number of participants, so ugly underbelly as article said is safely tucked away from Weibo and glossy cover pages, but it is there and to that very creative and imaginative with many layers. People are also more afraid in c-ent as everyone is so connected despite the size.

      1. Sounds like I may be wrong… I did think China had stricter regulations and monitoring but I am likely wrong..

  2. I think the root of the cause is how much stock we put into celebrities. (Young) people are easily enticed by fame and these managers/agents/companies know that, so they abuse that weakness which in turn makes managers/agents/companies more powerful and keeps the unhealthy cycle going. It is this mentality of fame/ being admired/ attention that brings out all the necessary evils and that ruins it for the rest–the ones who truly appreciate performing and those who truly appreciate watching certain art forms being performed. In a certain way, I actually agree with the government stepping in to control fanatics because they should just appreciate the art form and not become obsessed.

    1. Myself , ir any of the rest of the sensible members here could not agree with you more. Very, very well said. If you noticed, the actors, models and singers born into very wealthy families do not go through this horrific nightmares at the hands of the agents, managers etc. That is why they try to snatch up the poor, but good looking young people because they know they are hungry for fame and fortune. They then use this to promise them the road to wealth and stardom. Of course tge prise they pay is letting these vultures control them, verbally, physically and s…..lly abuse them. This is so frustrating to even fathom I am glad the young artists are getting bolder and willing to speak up. They have my support. I stand behind them. A lot of them are threatened not to speak, or them and their loved ones will face consequences, which in itself is a criminal offense. I can tell you guys things that will make a bald man grow instant hair. Of course the worshipping delusional fans will not believe me and will crucify me.

    2. True that, the cause of the problem is that art got divorced from the entertainment and social media popularity stepped in. It moved the needle from the trade itself (acting, dancing, singing …) towards high traffic stars (fabricated public images, focus on outer image, coverups, awareness that fame is fickle as talent is lacking, shocking visual and fashion, anything to stay relevant…). This will change as well. There are always ups and downs in this industry. Trebds come in waves. A genuine talent trend will come again. People get bored of t and airbrushed faces and public need again genuine art and talent. It’ll come naturally as well, even without rules.

  3. The entertainment industry is truly a swamp. I feel bad for these boys and hope they get the justice they deserve. The CEO might have resigned but I believe her husband is still one of the directors in the company. The way these entertainment companies take advantage of their stars while making them work slave contracts is so despicable. As for actress Jang Ja-yeon, I hope she has found peace where she is now. Politicians claim they’ll reinvestigate after her highly publicized death, but to this day only her former manager was arrested and was given a joke of a sentence. The powerful players that hurt her continue to go on living without consequences of what they did to her.

    1. Jang Ja-yeon will never get justice because the big shots who raped her control the government. Wealthy and powerful CEOs call the shots in S.Korea where the righteous are powerless.

      1. @msxie0714
        With all due respect, I have been hammered here by you and many others in the past. I could not get my bews from better sources. Actors, directors, brand sponsors, producers, film crews, personally seeing and hearing. Head of entertainment studios, big shots in the offices of awards studios, and the list goes on. I don’t think you all will understand the filthy, ruthless sespool that is the entertainment industry, and that is putting it lightly. There is so much happening on the part of the agents/ managers part, the studios, sponsors and all involved I the industry that is mind blowing. A lot of the revered worshipped seniors are nothing but aliens cause I can’t find a better word. They are so horrible, so cut throat evil that it is crazy. The image protects, the money they donate to the governments and other organizations also protects. A lot of the younger ones may not have that money and reverence, but they have their so called looks and image created by their money hungry handlers to fool the public. Like I said, I can tell you things to make a bald man grow hair instantly.
        Sample…a male actor is servicing his wife, his married handler and his male costar. He is close to the handler’s husband, and the handler puts on a show of treating the actor’s wife like a daughter. The public thinks this handler should be given a Manager Of The Year award. In the meantime, the actor is worshipped by the public, cause this boy next door can do no wrong. He is even their reason and inspiration for waking up, they’ve said so, and they buy every item of clothing he wears ormodels, every other product he represents and some are willing to kill and hurt others who dare to say anything negative about him or his male costar. Actually, some stupid fans have gone after someone, hacked their devices, put up comments that the person didn’t make a d call the person’s numbers, or get people to. It is a nasty world out there, the entertainment word.

      2. Like you said, the big shots who raped that poof unfortunate young actress, Hang Ja yeon control the government. There is a certain actor singer who controls the Hong Kong government, and greases their palms with Hush Money. , so he can do anything, and still come across as a God to the delusional, brainwashed fans. This man is evil but you won’t know it due to him helping every Tom Dick and Harry, and putting on Oscar worthy performances about how his fans are so important to him. Well they should cause they are his cushion. They are only part of how he makes his billions, HA!!!!!!
        Why do you think you never hear scandals about certain big shot celebs in Asia? When I see fans worshipping these monsters, I want to hurl, literally. There us thus one woman who hated my cousin with a passion for speaking unkind about thus lecherous vulture. She adore even the bottom of his shoes.

      3. @teddy: My apologies for rebuttling you in the past regarding LH. At that time, who would’ve known about his fatal flaws behind the multi-talented persona that brought pride to Asians when it was needed.
        Often it’s difficult to differentiate between those revealing the awful truth versus haters with ulterior motives as in the case of the organized smear campaign against Xiao Zhan. He’s not perfect, but I doubt he’s deserving of the defamation tossed his way, unless you can shed some light about him. Is the busy service provider you described an actor in HK? Can you provide initials?

  4. This is so sick. Just go and find willing parties, I am sure there are available, willing and legal ones somewhere.
    The entertainment industry, religious places, how many more will we be hearing? More importantly, how many really get the right punishment?

  5. @msxie0714
    The actor who does all the servicing is from Taiwan. His wife, his handler and a man. He hates black and brown people, fat people and makes fun of his fans who are a little big. He hates people who are not pretty. He smokes things and gets drunk. He only uses his fans to get ahead.
    THE Hong Kong one is beyond evil. I can’t find words to describe him and the heights of his ruthlessness. I do not name names until the scandals hit the media. Then I will give you all a biography on them., I promise.
    When I named names before, I got hammered and my comments were removed. It turned out all I was saying was true.
    One more thing, there is an actor, host/ model who has a wife. She stays slim, gets her body hair removed and has no boots. She does have very long, healthy flowing hair. This man never told the public he is married but I know. He is gay and he is the wife in the marriage. His wife has a bigger stick than he does. By having rumors of a woman, he is safe, or he thinks so. His fans thinks the love of his life is his former costar. He never dated her. He from Taiwan. Taiwan has more gay and bi celebs than Mainland China and Hong Kong, in both males and females

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