Virginia Lok: “I Know Who the Rape Victim Is!”

Loretta Chow (left), Hebe Chan (center), and Lily Ho (right) were speculated by the public to be the rape victim.

The rape case of a 23-year-old TVB actress–which occurred when she was in a drunken state–startled the public and shattered fans.  TVB executive, Virginia Lok (乐易玲), has confirmed that the rape victim is a TVB artist. Discretely meeting with the rape victim earlier, Ms. Lok said that TVB has promised the rape victim and her family members that her identity will be kept a secret to ensure privacy.

Ms. Lok revealed that the rape victim initiated contact with her, confiding in her distress and seeking guidance on how to handle the matter. According to a TVB insider, a handful of TVB managers also knew her identity. The insider said, “Aside from Ms. Lok, the number of managers who know who the victim is can be counted on one hand. Ms. Lok ordered a directive that the details of the rape case must be kept confidential. The managers were banned to discuss the matter.”

Ms. Lok declared her full support towards the rape victim. “After encountering such an incident (rape), she immediately reported the case to the police. I fully support this course of action; it requires courage!”

The Hong Kong Police police Department acted swiftly after the rape charges were filed. On May 15th, the rape suspect, music producer and founder of VI-MAX Music Studio, Lee Ming Ho (李銘豪), was arrested by the police. Although released on bail, Lee was prohibited from leaving Hong Kong during the ongoing rape investigation. Lee denied that he had comitted rape. 

Asked how the rape victim was currently feeling, Ms. Lok said that understandably, the woman was in distress. Ms. Lok  recommended that the victim continue to work and resume as much normalcy as possible. “Personally, I feel that it is best to resume a normal mode of working and lifestyle,” Ms. Lok advised as the best method to handle the aftershock of the rape incident.

Ms. Lok Urged Young People to Not Drink

Since the rape victim was allegedly in a drunk stupor when she was sexually violated, Ms. Lok urged that young people should learn from the incident. Dangerous situations often arose when one’s judgement was impaired by alcohol. People should not turn to alcohol as a solution to their problems. Ms. Lok suggested better methods to address emotional distress, “I urge young people, whether men or women, and especially TVB artists, that no problems cannot be solved! We have such a large Artist Department; any problems can be discussed with colleagues or family members. There is no need to turn to alcohol. Drinking will not solve any problems, only bringing on more troubles!”

Actresses Suspected to Be Rape Victim

Since Apple Daily reported that the rape victim was a rising 23-year-old TVB actress with a strong interest in a pursuing a music career, the online community was flooded with discussions as to who the victim may be.

Hebe Chan

Model and TVB actress, Hebe Chan (陈婉婷), appeared to match the description of the rape victim, as reported by Apple Daily. Hebe had greater public exposure recently after appearing in Til Love Do Us Lie <结分@谎情式> and Come Home Love <爱回家>. In 2010, she participated in a magazine competition entitled “School Beauty Queen and King” <校花校草>, in which she underwent specialized training at VI-MAX Music Studio. At the time, Lee Ming Ho (李銘豪), pointed out that Hebe lacked patience. In 2011, Hebe Chan participated in the TVB Magazine Cover Girl competition.  On her personal blog, Hebe posted photos of recording songs at a music studio.

Although many netizens suspected Hebe Chan to be the rape victim, she laughed off the rumors. Hebe wrote on her blog, “Thank you for everyone’s concern. Of course, it is not me.” Hebe added two smiley faces to her message, to illustrate that she was not emotionally distressed.

Lily Ho

Twenty-three-year-old Lily Ho (何傲儿) was a former Miss Hong Kong participant and possessed an interest in music. Appearing at a promotional event for TVB series, Master of Play <心战, Lily Ho denied that she was the rape victim.  Although she will normally drink with friends of the opposite gender, Lily will take precautions to not get drunk. She urged that women should know how to protect themselves and avoid potentially dangerous situations.

Loretta Chow

Former 2007 Miss Hong Kong Pageant second-runner up, Loretta Chow (周美欣), was also suspected to be the rape victim. The 23-year-old possessed a strong interest in singing and was taking Mandarin lessons, criteria which matched Apple Daily’s description of the rape victim.

Against popular speculation, Loretta’s good friend, Grace Wong (王君馨), denied that Loretta was the rape victim, citing that she did not drink. On May 16th, Loretta also consoled her fans on her Weibo blog that she was not the rape victim, punctuating the statement with a smiley emoticon.

Public interest in the high-profile rape case was intense, thus media and fan speculations as to the true identity of the rape victim will likely continue.

Source:, Sudden Weekly #877 via

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Jayne: Virginia Lok offered good advice that alcohol does lead to additional troubles. However, the rape occurred this week, how can she advise the victim to resume normalcy so quickly and continue to work? Rape victims can be psychological tormented by the harrowing experience for years.

This was the same advice that she gave Shirley Yeung when she returned to Hong Kong after giving birth to her newborn baby.

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  1. I thought Loretta Chow isn’t with TVB anymore?

    1. yeh last time i checked, her contract finished with tvb and she’s now pursuing a career in singing. she’s under a diff management company. not tvb

  2. I actually agree with Ms. Lok for once. If the person wants to remain anonymous then she needs to continue working and go on as usual otherwise I am pretty sure the reporters will start to pick up on who that person is. I mean if your one of the suspect or fit the profile and suddenly you are absent from your scheduled work rumors will be flying.

    What is up with all those people denying that they are not the victim and ending the statement with a smiley, that’s sounds and looks odd to me.

    1. Agree. There’s nothing “smiley” about the situation. It makes her behavior more suspicious.

      Wouldn’t a message of, “the victim is not me, fortunately. send my blessings to the victim and pull through all this.”

      Goodness …

      My guess is on Hebe though.

      1. Pandamao,
        The Appledaily news article said that the victim had entered a beauty pageant, while their video referred to it as a “School Beauty Queen” (校花) competition. This is the strongest link to Hebe so far.

        Due to Apple Daily’s inconsistency in “beauty pageant” versus “School beauty queen,” it is making the public mainly consider former Miss Hong Kong and MCI participants.

    2. The smiley faces indicate that the actress is just happy that people are concerned and worried about her. It seems like a legit reason.

      1. I’m sorry, but a simple “I am not the victim” would have surfice. Ending it with a simley just does not seem right to me.

    3. I agree with you. That’s what I thought too. Continue working as usual will protect her identity. If not she will be bombasted with even more news, questions and speculation and this will not be good for her mental and emotional state.

      1. She is in the public eye. Sooner or later some reporter will figure out. What she needs is not to work but to take a vacation, sort out her feelings and get ready to face her accuser in court and perhaps come to some conclusion that perhaps as a celebrity having been through what she has been through she could inspire rather than choose to hide. There is no shame to what happened to her; shame lies in the perpetrator.

      2. Funn,
        Nothing seems to be a true secret in the HK entertainment industry. The tabloids such as Apple Daily seem to have very good informers or Apple Daily must pay a lot of money to have them talk. They obviously know who the victim is, with the level detail described in the rape, how and where it occurred etc. They knew it was Lee Ming Ho right away.

        Someone at TVB must have leaked it to Apple Daily. It is the other newspapers who don’t know that are speculating who the victim is.

        When the rape case is heard in court, wouldn’t the other press be allowed to attend and hear it? They can even report about it, but keep the victim’s name unknown if that is the request.

        Lau Ding Sing’s court case appears to be attended by the press, as newspapers are reporting detailed cross examination and testimonies. But they are not naming the male actors by name.

      3. Jayne, it could be a closed court or there is a court order banning any mention of the rape victim’s name which if published the ditor will be in contempt of court and hence, jail. Even reporters had to follow that.

      4. @Funn, if published the ditor will be in contempt of court and hence, jail. Even reporters had to follow that.

        With the omniscience of the internet these days, gag order can be easily circumvented. Oop! somehow the victim’s name appears online by anonymous source. Reporters can omit the victim’s name on their papers but with enough hint referencing the leaked info on the internet.

      5. I think it will be hard to work and live your life normally after something like this happens to you. However, I do agree that continuing to work will help protect her identity.If she just suddenly just disappears then people will be sure about who she is.

  3. Ah… so poor thing.

    Girls really shouldn’t drink till they are passed out, ah…

    It’s really too dangerous, and if it’s someone you thought is a friend…

    The Hong Kong media seems quite vigorous in trying to find out her identity.

  4. society shouldn’t just be teaching girls that they shouldn’t drink and get drunk. stop teaching “don’t get raped” to girls, and start teaching “don’t rape” to guys instead.

    1. Agreed. I hate it when people blame the victim for getting him/herself in the situation. Even if the girl’s being ‘suggestive’ or whatever, it is the guy’s fault for raping her. If she didn’t give consent you just don’t do that crap. This is why there are so many victims out there who don’t say anything because others may say they did it to themselves by being in that situation. Sad how society works…

  5. Miss Lok, the girl deserves a chance so please don’t ruin it for her by being her spokesperson!

    I am afraid for the girl now that 620 is speaking on her behalf. 620 has to be the worst PR ever if she is a PR and if she is not she should not be one.

    Anyway why she said WAS? So the poor girl is no longer employed by TVB? And why some airhead laughs off the rumours? No sympathy for the poor girl? Or like my favourite show always shouts (1 Night 2 Days) in those luck games they play when someone losses and the winner shouts “AS LONG AS IT IS NOT ME!!!”

    1. Funn,
      The rape victim IS a TVB artist. I used the word WAS in keeping with the grammar, but will change the article in case it causes any confusion.

  6. I feel that the paparazzi and all the media house should not speculate any further. Please have some decency and give the victim some privacy.

    1. Which will not happen, hence the term paparazzi. The only hope now is to portray the facts as they are and not make the victim the instigator, the offender the victim. That would depend on how famous teh accused is.

    2. Yeah agree im seriously not interested in who the victim was. However being a doggie it’s their job to reveal the secret identity of the victim in order to increase sales.

      The way to stop the doggies can be acheived only if the population boycott these magazines. Obviously that’s not going to happen as humans are curious beings 🙂

  7. The description is matching with Hebe Chan the most.

    1. Lily is the less matching. The best matching with Apple Daily’s description are Hebe and Loretta.

  8. all the best to the poor grl.. hope she takes it easy as ths cn scar her for life

  9. i really hope its not any of these three girls

  10. tbh, these reporter dogs will try everything to find out who the rape victim is. i’m not sure if there is a law in HK to prevent these stupid reporters from exposing her after they find out to protect the identity of the victim.

  11. It’s becoming so bizzare, this rape case involving a TVB artiste. The identity of the victim seems, apparently, more important than the dastardly act itself. Of course, the reporters will now go to the ends of the earth to find out who their victim is. The less said, I think, the better. Let the appropriate authorities take full charge and deal with it. We can only sympathize with whoever has been hurt and may it be a warning to other girls how to nest protect themselves against these beasts.

    1. ROFL agreed. The media and netizen are more interested to know who the dumb girl that got stupidly drunk and raped. Maybe partially because they released the suspect name too early. No mystery anymore.

  12. funny how that old witch coming out to say she knows who the rape victim is ends up pulling a bunch of other artists into the headlines too(maybe thats what she secretly wanted. she probably thinks there is no such thing as bad publicity.) even if some other artists disagree. gee thanks Virginia B. Lok.

  13. I agree; TVB is just showing that its artists are nothing but money-making machines to them.

    Postpartum depression? Go back to work!
    Naked pictures leaked online? Go back to work!
    Been raped? Go back to work!
    Been accused of rape? Go back to work!

    In many ways, I am glad that there are more television stations coming to HK. As the audience, I certainly hope for better things to watch. But I also hope for better treatment all-around for the actors and staff as more jobs are created.

  14. Big mouth 620! If she really wants to protect the rape victim, she should not disclose so much info. Just said she is tvb artist. Unfair to all 23 y.o female artists and their families.

  15. if one of these girls is really the rape victim then it must be extremely hard for them to respond to the media and pretend its not them with smiley faces and feeling happy as if nothing has happened. Rape is not something you can get over quickly. The victims usually require counselling. but im guessing they would be affected by these speculations and reports if their names were mentioned.

  16. poor girl how can she go back to work and pretend nothing had happend. She need counseling and time off as it takes years to be normal again. Gonna be so hard for her right now 🙁

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