Virginia Lok Wants to Meet With Jacqueline Wong

On August 3, TVB executive Virginia Lok (樂易玲) attended a press conference regarding a newly launched online acting course and auditions for a web drama and a micro-film. As Virginia is seeking new blood for TVB, reporters asked her if actress Jacqueline Wong (黃心穎) will be making a comeback since Andy Hui (許志安) has already made his return following his cheating scandal with Jacqueline. Although Virginia does not know when Jacqueline will return, she believes in second chances and is eager to meet with the actress once the time is right.

Virginia’s statement marks the first sign of a possible comeback since Jacqueline returned to Hong Kong from the United States last December. Still frozen by TVB, Jacqueline is waiting for the audience to let bygones be bygones and accept her again. When reporters asked Virginia whether she has plans to cast Jacqueline in a web drama to test the waters, Virginia responded, “I haven’t thought about that yet. I wanted to ask her out to meet and chat, but no one wants to go out now due to the pandemic situation. I’ll wait until the situation isn’t as serious before we decide.”

She added that they have been in contact with each other. “We talk on WhatsApp, but I really want to meet up with her to see her current condition,” Virginia expressed.

She also shared that they have not discussed her past scandal and that Jacqueline has always been very positive. Even so, Virginia is unsure when Jacqueline will be unfrozen. She expressed, “I’ll respond to such a tough question later. I need to talk with her and the company first. I also have to consider if I’m helping her or harming her if she makes a return now.”

Virginia later expressed her support for Jacqueline and honestly said, “Everyone makes mistakes. It depends on how serious her mistake is, and whether or not she can climb back up again. We shouldn’t give up on her, but it all depends if the timing, place, and relationships are aligned in her favor .”

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  1. what luck this girl has. she made such a big mistake. eli and coffee’s mishaps are minor compared to hers, yet we keep hearing about how tvb is going to give her another shot. how about the jackson guy and the the ashley, i think what they did was more forgivable than her. why don’t they seem to have a chance to rebound?

    1. @m0m0 I’m so happy for Coffee now that she has her own family and a successful career. Glad she got out of the sht hole.
      Tbf this girl might have a chance if she didn’t cheat on the biggest star at tvb with the husband of biggest celeb in HK. I can’t believe they still think her career can be salvaged. What sort of connections does she have?

    2. @m0m0 I’m not surprised TVB is bringing Jacqueline back because they invested so much time and money on her. They were unfair to Coffee, but she came out a winner. She’s way more successful than many tvb artists now.

  2. TVB is just sad. They don’t even try to hide their bias anymore. Fighting so hard to keep JW’s career-relevant while most of the audience wouldn’t care if she no longer appears in front of the screen. TVB hitting a new low every day.

  3. What’s so great about Jacqueline? She must be have so many connections and friends that so many people want to help her to be unfrozen. She must’ve bribed Virginia. Just like how she seduced Andy to come to her side.
    Jacqueline can’t act to save her life and no one wants to see her. It’ll just drive views down in dramas. Stop it TVB.

    1. @oligodendrocytes

      Many wonder the same thing. She is truly counting her lucky stars and her thick skin still wants to go back to acting. Who is going to watch her now as she no talent or looks. Plus, a bad reputation now too.

  4. It does surprise me that she is still trying to salvage her career whilst others in the past like Sire Ma got dumped on the side of the road. In comparison, I would say sleeping with a married man is a lot worse than being in a same s*x relationship.

  5. initially my thought process was like everyone else’s – that she’s gonna lose her job. but after a while, based on how hyped up she is by the media, i thought she would return. she’s a familiar face in ebiz (not saying she’s popular), so for that reason alone, i think tvb would want to retain her. i mean, if cheating scandals are going to cancel an artist’s entire career, actresses like sheren tang would no longer grace our screens. and that would be a great loss. (i am not saying she is on par with sheren, but that she still has a chance in the industry like sheren.)

    1. @coralie

      Well if Virginia is gonna extend a helping hand to JW for a chance of a return. She needs to give that same extension to Coffee Lam and Shirley Yeung but she won’t. That makes her full of sh!t in my eyes.

    2. @coralie Yep but this was to do with Sammi, a very loved and famous singer in HK. There are video evidence of her in action, very hard to take her seriously.

    3. @coralie
      sheren’s case was different for many reasons. 1) sheren was a bigger star and more talented 2)she cheated with an actor not a mega star 3)the guy’s wife was not well liked 4) the guy and his wife both bad mouthed sheren publically which annoyed the public and they saw sheren as a victim instead of a family breaker.

      1. @m0m0 They both badmouthed Sheren Teng? hahaha Lol… So that made ST a victim huh? Holy! That’s insane but yes I think it probably does have a lot to do w/Sammi Cheng being too popular and it makes this JW more hateful to the public. To me, a cheater is a cheater I don’t think it makes her any less hateful than ST. I don’t like either of them or their acting so to me if you cheated knowing the guy is married you are a not a good woman period whether or not their better half is a mega star or a loser.

      2. @wm2017
        I agree and I like Sharen and all but for her to cheat with a married man is just not acceptable. Sharen got luckier than JW for sure due to her status.

      3. @hetieshou
        Back during the Sheren cheating days, there wasn’t much online or social media. It was far much more low key news that this AH-JW scandal…

      4. @jimmyszeto
        Very true and plus, there was video evidence in this case too unlike in Sheran’s case. These days, people can just take out a phone, record you and put it on social media and you’d be doomed…

      5. @wm2017 @hetieshou
        for what i heard was that people were on sheren’s side when the whole thing unraveled. unless the person telling the story was biased. but reports of gong wah hasn’t really been glory, he doesn’t seen to have a good rep w/ his peers.
        you are correct about cheating w/ a married man is a moral issue indeed. there was less buzz or criticism of her probably due lack of social media and/or star power of who actually got cheated on.

      6. @m0m0
        Yes and I remember how the media did not speak highly of Kong Wah and seemed to side Sharen more. Plus, with the presence of social media and all, JW has no chance. There was also video evidence too which did not exist in Sharen’s case.

      7. @wm2017 if I recall correctly, husband and wife claimed Sheren seduced him and he played the victim’s role. That move killed his career. She kept quiet throughout and still is. However, in the case of JW, she pounced on him and that’s obvious in the taxi video. Not sure if you saw an interview JW did in the airport, it was so obvious she was putting on an act ( you should watch that as a testament of her acting skills).

      8. @m0m0
        1) at that point in time, sheren was about as popular as Jacqueline. she didn’t even have as much fame as Jaq because at least Jaq got Kenneth Ma who is very famous.

        2) Yes, the differentiation is that it’s a mega star vs a tvb tv star who is also not married to another superstar.

        3) that, I did not know. Is Kong Wah’s wife not well-liked?

        4) I didn’t know about the badmouthing either. Either way, whether the couple badmouths or not, the damage is done.

    4. @coralie I don’t know why, but Jacqueline’s facial features resemble Sheren’s to me. That and the cheating is the only thing they have in common. Lol.

      Like everyone else, I am puzzled why she would get a second chance after such a great offense. She cost them a lot of money to re-film FH4. So strange.

    5. @coralie It’s been over a year, yet Jacqueline is still getting media attention, which definitely helps her by keeping her relevant. However, if the majority of audience gives negative comments about her, I doubt TVB would risk putting her back on the screen.

  6. Have neither looks nor talent to be an actress to start off with. Yes, everyone makes mistakes but it depends on what kind of mistake that is. What she has done was unforgivable and unforgettable for an adult woman like her in her 30s and hoping to make it big in the entertainment circle. It must be wishful thinking on the part of TVB to expect JW to make a comeback some time between now and in the future. Time for her to switch career and move on !!

  7. Is this a joke lol. This girl is not the prettiest or good at acting or was a A-lister from the start. Her reputation is already ruined, why is Lok auntie giving her a chance. Thick skin to think people will forget. There are sooo many new younger girls in TVB, doubt this will work out.

    1. @teaalltheway
      I agree and after everything that has happened, why is JW getting another chance? Is TVB that desperate? JW must have connections. But honestly even if auntie Lok gives her a chance, will the audience give her a chance? I highly doubt it.

  8. I never watched any of her shows, was she any good?

    She loses points with me for cheating on Kenneth. Like come on.

      1. @jcc10 @tt23 actually you could watch Finding Her Voice for the touching storyline but just skip all her scenes as she’s useless in it. The ironic thing is in the series her character says “ofc I’m not a mistress, why would I ever do that” very ironic lol

    1. @tt23
      i recall seeing her as little sister so w/ the ancient bob cut bangs. it made me cracked up and thought she must have been on the wrong side of the make up department. that look was horrendous. she was okay in the palace movie, no pretty face but good body

  9. Seriously tvb.. if Jacqueline acts cute on my tv screen I’ll be really repulsed.

  10. She cheated on the most favoured TVB actor in HK with the husband of a mega singer in HK and she gets a chance? She cannot even act very well. I will throw up if she ever get cast in any show where she becomes a damsel in distress. She will do very well as a scheming mistress though.

    I rather they bring Sire back, she can act so much better than JW ever could.

  11. from what I know is you don’t mess with our beloved Sammi Cheng, she gotta live with the consequence Jacqueline is simply a wh***, hope they terminate her contract for good!

  12. With media constantly talking about the possibility of her return, it makes me wonder if Jacqueline actually wants to return or not. Unless she is completely shameless, I doubt she would actually want her old job back? Imagine how awkward it would be filming with fellow co-stars that probably don’t even want to work with you (due to judgment and fear that the drama won’t do well rating-wise) or who may be saying bad things behind your back.

    I personally didn’t find her a good actress even before the scandal and never enjoyed seeing her on-screen. That said, I do find it ridiculous that despite all of this, it’s evident that Viriginia Lok has a strong bias for even bringing this up. Can’t believe she would be willing to talk about bringing her back over unfreezing Ali.

      1. @luye really?? i don’t watch her interviews. that’s pretty crazy imo. unless i am totally wrong and she is actually very well-liked by her colleagues?

        i feel like if she really does want to remain a public figure/chase fame, her best trajectory might be the KOL route.

      2. @luye that’s honestly ridiculous. She couldn’t face the press after the incident and fled. I can’t believe she thinks she can still have a career

      3. @bubbles23 I read that too, she’s indeed waiting for the whole saga to die down. Perhaps TVB can leave all the seductress, wanton women roles to her

      4. @conan2209 I have no idea what sort of people would still want to be her fan. Her stardom was built on being Kenneth Ma’s girlfriend. I can’t see her having anymore female fans which is the majority of people who watch these dramas. Legit question is she gonna offer favours to producers in exchange for roles? Shaw might as well sign her on for some films, maybe she can get those male fans lmao.

      5. @bubbles23 Jacqueline thinks she can still have a career probably because TVB is giving her hope. Virginia Lok still wants to give her a chance.

    1. @scarlett013 they’re probably releasing news to test the grounds. From a business point of view, it’s salvaging investment. I’m sure JW can handle seductive roles pretty well

    2. @scarlett013
      She definitely does want to return as she still believes she has a chance. She honestly has thick skin… Do you think someone like her would retire and take a low salary job? She hopes to make big bucks while showing her fake smile and maybe find a rich sugar daddy and be set for life. I bet that is het plan right now.

  13. 1) They can meet, but will anyone WATCH Jacqueline? 😛

    2) Ekin Cheng also cheated with Gigi Leung (he was longtime dating gf Maggie Shou? 邵美琪 then) but they both went on with their careers.

    1. @nomad822

      True and who will watch her?

      Gigi had more fame than Jacqueline ever did. Plus, I guess maybe people think it is more forgivable as Maggie and Ekin were not married. Plus, there was no video evidence and no exposure on social media like there is now. However, I remember how much everyone hated Ekin and Gigi back then. But time heals all so maybe people may eventually forget about it and give JW a chance? Who knows and only time can tell at this point.

      1. @hetieshou I remember Gigi and Ekin wasnt viewed positively but it didnt hurt their careers too much. At the end of the day, they werent married so its different if someone changes their mind on a relationship. Plus there was no evidence of actual cheating happening with them.

      2. @megamiaow
        Yes and Ekin even said that he did not change girlfriends often so now that he did, people are attacking him. Therefore, the fact that he was not married to Maggie truly helped him a lot. That is another case where it is important to be married but yet people still think being married is not important. If you love anyone that much then you marry them which is what he did with YoYo his current wife. The fact that he did not want to officially marry Maggie truly meant something as we can all see now.

    2. @nomad822
      gigi achieved stardom before that fiasco w/ ekin broke out. her career did get affected a while after. it took a long time at least good 5 or 6 years till it would start picking up again.

  14. Virginia Lok what wrong with u? Simply poor mgmt & distasteful? Is JW doing something for VL in return for VL to give JW another chance??

  15. Honestly I know Asia is super conservative and all, but its thirst for salacious people and scandals has never died down lol (human nature, I guess.) If Jaq plays her cards right and tvb allows her back into the fold with acting roles and she proves she’s worth her salt, she might come back onscreen. Queenie Chu and Sheren Tang and Michelle Reis, etc, are all good examples of this.

    1. @coralie
      you missed sally yip. the people you mention has establish careers and are known for good acting/beauty so their careers are worth salvaging. this JW, her acting…looks….

      1. @m0m0 haha you’re correct – sally is also one! and sheren and queenie were like nobodies when their scandals were exposed – queenie was put in freezer for a long time before they let her back. at that point, she really had nothing going for her (aside from looks, but tvb was never lacking in that dept), yet they still gave her a chance.

        as for JW – yes, she’s not a world-class beauty and she’s not an actress queen, but she has notoriety. she knows how to keep the rumor mills going and how to make people want to pay attention to her. she knows how to rub elbows with the higher ups. that’s a skill that ebiz likes…

      2. @coralie Queenie’s scandal was not really a major headline. If anything, I only heard of her engagement being called off. But for Jacq I’m pretty sure all asians who listen to some sort of chinese media know about the scandal. The fact that she never made a direct apology to the people involved and then goes call up the reporters to make her airport entrance makes me lose the slightest respect for her. Goes to show she just wants the fame and the lifestyle.

      3. @bubbles23 and don’t forget the teardrop, the highlights of the whole airport interview. This is the very interview that tells me she is beyond redemption and not worthy of any notice

      4. @bubbles23 Queenie’s scandal effectively ruined Joey Leung’s career (not to mention relationship with Margaret Chung). And at the time, Joey was actually really popular. It didn’t rock international papers, but it was still pretty explosive by most standards.

        I have my theories and suspicions regarding Jacq/Andy/Sammi relationship – which if correct, means she doesn’t owe anyone an apology. If incorrect, she still doesn’t need to apologize. I don’t see Andy Hui apologizing to Kenneth and he’s a direct victim. The only ones she owes an apology to, are the ones directly involved in this debacle like you said, not us – the audience.

      5. @coralie interesting… I actually wouldn’t doubt that Maming and her was just for show, they just seemed friendly with each other. Like now,. It’s obvious Roxanne and Maming are for real as they are so lovey dovey. But Sammi was definitely cheated on.

  16. What is so special about this girl. She neither has the look nor the talent. TVB must be desperate

  17. The biggest problem with this thick skinned lady was she even acted chummy with Sammi while seducing her hubby behind her back.

    She can say goodbye. Nobody would want her back.

  18. Unbelievable that Jacqueline wong still stand a chance for a comeback. Either TVB, Ms Virginia Lok or JW is extremely desperate. Never like the way Virginia Lok manages the artists.
    I don’t recall how popular JW or good actress either. I guess JW likes the attention being artist. Can tell she’s rather thick skinned especially the airport teary incident

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