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TVB Actress Raped; Police Arrested Musician, Lee Ming Ho

By on May 16, 2012

TVB Actress Raped; Police Arrested Musician, Lee Ming Ho thumbnail

The day before, a 23-year-old TVB actress was raped while drunk. Last night, the Hong Kong Police Department arrested 32-year-old musician, Lee Ming Ho (李銘豪), due to the rape allegations. The rape reportedly took place at Lee Ming Ho’s music studio the day before. The victim was Lee’s long-time friend and discovered that she was being sexually violated after waking up from a drunken stupor.

Rape Victim’s Identity Kept Anonymous

While the identity of the TVB actress was not publicly reported due to privacy reasons, Apple Daily revealed that the 23-year-old had participated in a beauty contest, in which she declared her strong interest in music, especially enjoying singing Mandarin songs. Shortly afterward, she participated in another talent competition and although she was not placed, she signed with TVB and appeared in cameo roles.

The TVB actress maintained a Weibo blog, in which she had posted photos of recording inside a music studio. This year, the TVB actress has appeared in more promotional events, with greater public exposure.

How the Rape Occurred

It was reported that the TVB actress visited her friend of many years, Lee Ming Ho, at the VI-MAX Music Studio in Tsim Sha Tsui the night before. She intended to confide to Lee about her troubled thoughts. She brought a bottle of red wine and the pair chatted on the sofa inside Lee’s music studio. Eventually, the TVB actress fell into a drunken stupor.

At 4 AM, the TVB actress woke up from her drunken state and realized that she was being sexually violated. After a physical shuffle with Lee, she ran out of the music studio distressed. She went home to sleep for a period of time. Regaining her soberness, she told her elder sister what occurred.

Consulting with her family members, the TVB actress decided to file rape allegations at the Hong Kong Police Department. Since she did not take a shower after being sexually violated, a “rape kit” with sample evidence was collected.

Lee Ming Ho Denies Being the Rapist

Lee Ming Ho founded VI-MAX Music Studio in 2004, which recorded music for Hong Kong, Taiwanese, and overseas artists. Artists such as Karen Mok (莫文蔚), Eason Chan (陳奕迅), William So (蘇永康), and Grasshoppers have visited his studio in the past.

Although he acknowledged that he had assisted the police department, Lee Ming Ho denied that he was a rapist. “I did not do it! This incident has a huge impact on my company and I!” Lee continued emotionally, “I do not know why the police came to me. Rape is a serious allegation! If it did occur, the police will lodge a case against me. Why would they release me?”

Lee declined to reveal further details as to what had occurred on the night of the alleged rape, stating that his lawyer will be handling the matter.

It was reported that Lee was released on bail last night, but was required to report to the police department in mid-June.

Oscar Leung Not a Rapist

Coincidentially, rumors of a rape involving a TVB artist have been circulating fiercely online for the last two weeks. Initially, Oscar Leung (梁烈唯) was implicated in a fabricated rape against TVB artist, Kimmy Kwan (關婉珊), on May 4th. However, the TVB artists and the Police department clarified that the initial rumors were false and that no rape allegations were ever filed against Oscar Leung.

Watch Video Clip of Rape Case

Source: Apple Daily via ihktv.com

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Jayne: Dismayed to hear that a TVB actress was a rape victim. Sadly, situations like this occur all the time and go unreported. Many people have unwilling sex when their judgement is impaired. The best prevention is to limit your alcohol intake and not to get yourself into situations that could spiral out of control.

In middle school, one of my science teachers advised the girls in the class to never get drunk, because guys will take advantage. Best piece of advice that unfortunately many parents forget to give.

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  • Readers' Comments (56)

    1. looooo says:

      Something fishy about this tvb lady artist.She is infact ‘song siong mun’.Who is she ? Is she toby?

      • Jayne says:

        Rape is a serious allegation. I doubt the police would have investigated Lee Ming Ho’s involvement in the case, if the “rape kit” did not produce some telling signs of struggle.

        • looooo says:

          My apology to the tvb artist. Hope she will get justice on court judgement to prosecute Lee Ming Ho

    2. ken says:

      I blame the lady. In this case, the defendant will win.

      Point one: The lady is the one who go there by herself. The man did not asked for it.

      Point two: Lady bought the wine. Lady make herself drunk.

      Point there: Lady will not get to say she’s a victim

      • TVBFanatic says:

        Seriously? Sorry, rape is rape. It doesn’t matter if she’s drunk or passed out of anything, it doesn’t give the man the right to violate her without her consent. If indeed there is physical evidence of a rape I hope they press charges.

        • Hannahh says:

          totally agreed

        • exoidus says:

          I get the feeling that “Ken” indirectly implies that since the likelihood of being convicted in this case as in most other rape cases then there is no problem with rape at all.

          Suppose alot of guys have this frame of thought, otherwise there wouldn’t be so many rapists in this world, sigh…

      • HeTieShou says:

        Sorry but I wonder if you are a women hater ken???

      • pandamao says:

        @Ken – The lady is not the person to blame. It’s hard to judge a person’s character and who would have guessed she entrusted on a friend that would take advantage of her.

        If they had sexual intercourse without her consent, that’s rape. I don’t care if the law is on her side or not, in the eyes of the public – it’s rape!

        Props to the artist for standing up and filing a police report!!!!

        • Yen says:

          Agree!!!!! I wonder if that happen to ken, I mean guys do get rape as well, if he himself is the one that got sexually assaulted while he passed out, will he say the same thing?

      • Vivian says:

        Ken, you are such a retard! It’s people like you that thinks raping is okay because of whatever ludicrous reasoning that goes in your stupid head. Rape is rape and it’s NEVER okay! Yes, lady come, drank, and got drunk. She didn’t say, rape me…did she? NO!!!

        • Jayne says:

          Men may get mixed signals from women regarding such sensitive situations. “She says no, but she wants it” is often the cited reason. “She dressed sexy, thus she must want it” is another reason.

          When the rapist knows the victim, the above situation makes it harder for the man to judge the situation. Especially when alcohol is involved. He is drunk and she is drunk. Her protests may have been impaired by alcohol and he could not stop in time because of alcohol.

          I’m not making excuses for what the man did was not wrong, if rape did occurr. But both men and women need to avoid such potentially damaging situations because of above factors.

        • Kidd says:

          I agree with Jayne.

          Yes, it’s all good to say men should respect women and ‘no means no’. But, when the man is also drunk, his senses are not all there. That’s why people do all sorts of embarrassing things when drunk that they won’t do while sober.

          So, both men and women should avoid putting themselves in such dangerous situation. A woman especially should be more cautious, because when things like this happen, the woman is the one having more to lose.

          I wonder, if the man is really intoxicated during that time, can he get acquitted?

          I remember the raped case in TOT. In the series, it’s said that if the man really believe at that time that the woman gave consent, he is not guilty.

        • Funn Lim says:


          Intoxication can be a defence.

          And it is true if he believed consent was given, then it is a defence. BUT it also depends on the woman’s testimony and conduct thereafter. Rape is sex without consent. Consent is given by the other party. What he thinks will be mitigation but will it negate the act of rape is a different issue.

        • Canto says:

          Yeah, Jayne, I agree with you.

          When both are drunk, one thing leads to another…

          The girl is quite unlucky to have met with this incident.

          It’s one thing to be drunk but another if you say no and it was not being respected or listened to.

          She must feel very angry with herself and letting herself into such a situation thereafter.

      • hcfoo says:

        You’re such a moron ken. Rapist is still a rapist. It’s wrong no matter what. Hope the rapist will be put into jail.

      • kenny says:

        I wouldn’t go so far as to blame the lady, but I believe both are not completely blameless.

        When both are drunk, and who is to say that the sex was not concensual. It was only when she woke up then she realised that she had ‘sex’. It s tricky case – not the usual rape case as the defendant can claim that both were intoxicated at the time.

      • Lee says:

        None of the “points” you stated give the man the explicit right to violate the lady. Sorry, your logic is totally flawed. No one has the right to violate anyone regardless of that person’s state of mind or behaviors. Even if that person throws herself/himself at you, as a human being, you know what is the right thing to do.

    3. exoidus says:

      Poor girl being taken advantage of by yet another beast.

      What makes this worst is that she is being betrayed by someone she trusted as a friend.

    4. Funn Lim says:

      Not sure until hard evidence. After all there are plenty of men being accused of rape when it was consensual. But who is she? I have no idea. Even with all the clues.

      But to Ken;

      “I blame the lady. In this case, the defendant will win.
      Point one: The lady is the one who go there by herself. The man did not asked for it.
      Point two: Lady bought the wine. Lady make herself drunk.
      Point there: Lady will not get to say she’s a victim”

      Point is if there is no consent, whether she was drunk, bought the whole crate, stood naked, etc, he can’t touch her. Once he did, it is rape. It would be very blurry line if they were like kissing, hugging, foreplay and she said no and he pressed on. But your example is clearly rape if she said no. Doesn’t matter who bought the wine, paid for the dinner, what dress she wore, how she flirted with him, she says no, it is no.

      • HeTieShou says:

        I agree and none of us are sure until there is some evidence. It is sad when a woman or even a man is raped. What is sad is when the victim doesn’t report it and chooses to live with the anguish and pain. It is also not good when anyone accuses anyone of rape when it was consensual as well. But in some cases, it can be hard to tell if she did say yes and then mid way said no and he just went on with it…

    5. Powerz says:

      I’m interested to find out what became of the evidence from the rape kit. And if the actress remembers anything.

      • Jayne says:

        The TVB actress’ testimony might be considered to be weak if she was drunk. However, she appeared to have gained consciousness when she felt herself being sexually violated. It was not clear at what stage of the violation she had woken up. If she can push the man away, go home, and tell her family about the incident, it was vivid enough.

        The strongest evidence would be the “rape kit” and whether there were other signs on the woman’s body that she was forcefully violated.

        Since both the man and the alleged rapist may have been drunk, both their testimonies would be questionable. However, there might be supporting evidence of whether neighbors heard any signs of struggle at that hour, if hallway surveillance tapes support woman’s testimony etc.

        • Funn Lim says:

          “The strongest evidence would be the “rape kit” and whether there were other signs on the woman’s body that she was forcefully violated.”

          Sometimes it isn’t physical force. For example, is it rape if a woman was held at gun point, told to cooperate, she begs him to wear a condom which he did? Some says it is not. I will say it is still rape even if she didn’t struggle, she asked him to wear a condom because she has a lot of control over such stuff BUT not the ultimate act; that is to say no and escape.

          He will definitely say consent. If he says he didn’t touch her and the rape kit proves otherwise, he is lying and he will get the full force of the law and suspicion. If he admits there was sex which was consensual, then it really is between who to believe. Sometimes it is difficult to hear sounds. I have read of situations where rapists rape the daughter sleeping next door to her parents. The lack of sounds, struggles, etc does not mean there was no rape, the fact that there was doesn’t mean it was rape. Now it depends on the survellance tapes; did she run out in distress? Her conduct when she confessed to the first person she sees after the incident, how did she react? All these will add to her credibility.

          And since article said rape and there was rape kit, I assume she woke up mid penetration and all. Because if not, no amount of rape kit would assist in her case if the contact was molestation rather than rape. So I would say he basically would have gone the whole way.

        • Jayne says:

          Since the police acknowledged that a rape case was filed, does the term rape already point to the fact that intercourse had occurred?

          What would be the difference between attempted rape versus molestation?

        • Funn Lim says:

          Attempted rape is obvious; no penetration. Molestation to me is short of rape. So when the word rape is used, I assume that man went all the way.

    6. Powerz says:

      or were there any cameras in the studio?

    7. tvbfanatic24 says:

      the one thing i find really suspicious is that she did not take a shower after she got raped, Usually most people want to wash off the dirtiness after such a traumatizing event. And reply to people before even if the woman brought the wine, most of the jury will feel bad for her because she was just too trusting in that man. Yea, a rape is still a rape

      • HeTieShou says:

        Not really since I think many victims have learned from previous cases not to shower because if you do, then you are washing away all of the evidence. Then it will make it even harder to prosecute the culprit.

        • pandamao says:


          Women are much smarter these days. The media informs us – never to shower after being raped!

        • Jayne says:

          The alleged rapist, being a friend of the victim, makes it even a harder decision to file the rape case. Such allegations would ruin the rapist’s reputation and career for life, whether true or not.

          I think when a woman is violated/ molested by a family friend, peer, and a friend, it makes it so much harder to file the allegations because of the ramifications. It was discussed at one of my office parties that when women get drunk, they become careless and do not even know who they had sex with. Young girls are violated in house parties often and they qualify as rape, but they remain unreported at the authorities.

          I’m sure many drunk college parties would qualify as well. There is the “peer pressure” of not reporting such nonconsenual sex acts, similar to sexual harassment at work and among known acquaintances.

      • tony says:

        If it was a rape, there would be no way for that guy to run away from being prosecuted.

        I highly suspect of this allegation. In suspect, I suspect it’s an act of revenge & retaliation of rejected love towards the guy.

        Who knows this maybe her underhand tactic of using this incident to press more money from him? :(

        • PTV says:

          In most of these entertainment sexual harassment cases, I would probably question both sides. But for this one, I just can’t see the gain in it for the woman.

          1) This guy is a music producer, not a multi-billionaire film director. The girl has apparently already been signed as a singer so she doesn’t need the music producer to get her into the industry. So what is the benefit of bringing Lee Ming Ho’s company down? Unless she’s blackmailing him into helping her produce a better song 0.o
          2) There is no evidence she is trying to make a name for herself off of this. There are stars that cry to the media and try to get people’s sympathy, but she remains anonymous.
          3) If her name is made public it will have a huge negative impact on her image even if she is the victim. Bringing the wine isn’t exactly the smartest thing nor does it give an air of innocence. Even in this thread, we don’t know who she is, but there are already those who don’t think well of her.

          Add all these together, a new singer creates this huge scheme that may damage her image, to blackmail or destroy a music director’s career, so she can get… I don’t know… fame when people figure out who she is?

          We need to keep in mind a lot of girls enter the entertainment business thinking of it as another job. Not all of them are evil schemers who will sell their bodies to get to the top.

        • lol says:

          Maybe the girl is framing this Lee guy out if revenge or rejected love

        • loooooo says:

          He is a famous and good looking musician/ music director/producer. He can easily get any ‘celebrity-catch ‘ . Something hanky-panky and controversial. There might be some hidden plot behind.

        • Jayne says:

          Agree with your analysis that this in not a publicity stunt. Otherwise the actress would cry to media first. The reporting to the police station likely does indicate that intercourse may have occurred. As molestation and groping may not have resulted in the reporting of incident given the public nature of their jobs.

          Apple daily seems to know who the rape victim is. The fact that Apple Daily actually withheld her name from print ( for privacy reasons) may indicate that rape had occurred rather than just molestation.

          Due to the sensitive nature of the situation, not sure how many case details would be released, especially as now it would be considered to be evidence used to press charges.

    8. Hannahh says:

      i hope he get arrest.

    9. Stephy says:

      or maybe the woman seduce him and ask him to pave way for her and later the guy disagree, feeling shame or anger, the woman accuse him of raping?

      • tony says:

        You are absolutely right! Never expected that we have the same mind.

        By the way, are you are female? …because it seems quite a bit doubtful to me that your opinion can be so biased towards the guys to against the gal……

        • Stephy says:

          Bingo…i’m a woman….

          sometimes woman used the above tactic to knelt down a guy. it’s most despicable act.

          Ex: I don’t 100% believes in Rose Chan Incident..

        • tony says:

          In fact, in entertainment circles, neither guys nor gals shall be trusted for what they claim for…….

          Everyone of them has her own side of stories to share, so who are we and in what capacity and under what circumstances shall be believe them?

          In pursuit of fame, Guys opt to take naked photos and gals choosing to be raped VOLUNTARILY and thereafter claiming themselves to be innocence. How should I accept this?

        • Stephy says:


          I guess Lee will be free.

        • lol says:

          most probably lee will be free. He just need to say both of them are drunk. It’s also half the woman’s fault for asking for trouble. If she really need to be there and drunk why didn’t bring a friend along

        • lol says:

          I don’t believe Rose Chan too. She and her sifu were making her to be so called innocent victim but I always suspect they are using the incident to increase Rose’s exposure

        • Funn Lim says:

          But he is supposed to be her friend! That is the point! I feel this is a serious allegation but knowing Chinese entertainment industry, she must have a basis because she wouldn’t have risked her career and reputation this way. The case has yet to start already half here is saying she is asking for it, the other half says he should understand no is no. Both reputation will be destroyed, whatever the outcome.

          But if it was true, how many more friends must she bring along? It is about trust. So do all pubs should be teeming of friends of friends of friends to ensure a drunk girl gets home safely? As much as personal responsibility is at work here, the other party should understand respect. Just because she is drunk and alone in the studio on the sofa doesn’t mean she is asking for it. Rape is rape when the woman says no. I would agree on which level would negate her right to pursue an action in rape but generally as the story goes, she was drunk, she woke up with him on top of her, she struggled and pushed him away and ran home. She should have reported as soon as she reached home but I suspect she didn’t know what she should do, since she is a new young startlet and the possible accusations hurled back at her. But the point it she delayed by half or a day. Some rape cases delayed by years and still got a conviction. Her story seems consistent but what happened in the room now depends on the physical examination and what he has to say about that.

        • lol says:

          not really related but talk about pubs, i think we see example here before about a drunk star also need protection from friends before some wild girls with wicked mind get hold of him lol

      • Stephy says:

        I’m not good in expressing but what I wanted to highlight is that:-
        1) woke up at found that she have been raped.
        2) have the energy to push the guy away and took a cab back home and safely back to the condo ( i presume )
        it shows that she already sober.

        if for a rape victim I don’t think so that a person will sleep after the rape because she already woke up and full of energy.

        if i were her i will crying non stop man ( touch wood ). still have the mood to sleep meh.

        • Kidd says:

          Maybe her hangover was still not over and her struggled with the guy drained her mentally. Different people react differently to the same circumstances.

        • Stephy says:

          I agree with your point.
          on the way back i guess she must have slept in the taxi if the hangover is not over yet. when she alighted from the taxi i guess she must have sober then right?

    10. Jayne says:

      Tony k,
      Our site is not a place for you to voice your private sexual fantasies. Your comment regarding rape was distasteful and very offensive to women. As your frequent comments regarding women’s boobs etc.

      Do consider the audience before writing your comments.

    11. lol says:

      Every woman should learn to take care of herself. Going alone to a guy’s house in the middle of the night and flopped drunk means asking for trouble. She’s already 23 and should have thought more.

      • PTV says:

        She didn’t go into the studio “asking for trouble”. She went to consult a friend she trusted. It’s been stressed more than once that these 2 were really good friends and have known each other for years.

        Also, it has nothing to do with intelligence or age, most people never consider the possibility of their friends betraying them. Take one of your closest friends for instance, you wouldn’t expect him/her to ever take advantage of you regardless of the situation.

        Saying the girl should have thought more is just pushing the blame on the girl for a crime that would never have occurred if the guy did not commit it. Like Funn Lim said, regardless of where she is or how drunk she is, it’s rape if she doesn’t consent. Women shouldn’t have to constantly worry for their safety when they’re with their guy friends.

        • kenonic says:

          She didn’t ask for it but she should question a little for showing up at a girl or guy’s place to spill her guts or whatever she tried to get off her chest on that day.

    12. sushiroll says:

      I wonder is the rape was actual “penetration”…….”banana in coconut”. If so, then that’s serious s***. Wonder who that chick was, getting drunk in the middle of the night.

    13. may scully says:

      She likes him i guess otherwise she won bring her wine to see him in the middle of the night n get drunk ,my be she offer him to have sex or after he doesn’t want to commit to her ,she 24 n she not a teen so she know what she doing anyway ,For me i,m actually not buying her side of story ,sorry .

    14. beanie says:

      Was Timmy Hung there to verify what happened? lol

    Readers are no longer able to comment on this old article.

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