Mandy Wong and Cilla Lok Deny Being Rape Victim

The news that a 23-year-old TVB actress was raped the day before stunned the online community. The Hong Kong Police Department confirmed that the rape case was indeed filed. To preserve the rape victim’s privacy, Apple Daily did not reveal the actress’ name, dropping only several clues regarding her age and interest in pursuing a music career. As a result, the “witch hunt” for the true rape victim has started!

Only One Man Suspected to Be Rapist

To-date, musician Lee Ming Ho (李銘豪) was the only man rumored to be the rapist who had sexually violated a 23-year-old TVB actresss at VI-MAX Music Studio the day before. Lee admitted that he was currently investigated by the Police Department, but denied that he was the rapist.

Search for Rape Victim Begins

The more the media attempted to shield the identity of the rape victim from the public, the more eager netizens were in finding out who the alleged 23-year-old TVB actress was. Names of actresses in their twenties, such as Mandy Wong (黃智雯) and Cilla Lok (樂瞳) were quickly put on the suspected rape victim list. The women were quick to produce “alibis” proving that they were not near the scene of the crime.

Mandy Wong: “Of Course It’s Not Me!”

Although 29-year-old Mandy Wong was several years older than the 23-year-old rape victim, she did not escape public suspicion. Clearing her own name, Mandy even cited Him Law (羅仲謙) as her eye witness!

Many said, “Of course, it is not me! That night, I was filming with Mother to Mother <巴不得媽媽> with Him Law until the middle of the night. Since I was very tired, I went directly home. Also, I do not know [the alleged rapist] and never went to the music studio!””

Since the rape victim was an actress at TVB, the company also led an internal cross-examination to clarify matters. Mandy Wong revealed that TVB also met with her regarding the alleged rape case. Many concerned friends also called Mandy regarding the matter.

Cilla Lok: “I Never Joined a Beauty Pageant!”

Twenty-five-year-old Cilla Lok was also widely suspected to be the rape victim. Cilla was quick to draw boundaries to the case. Since the rape victim was cited as joining a beauty pageant in the past, Cilla quickly said, “I never joined a beauty pageant! I will not go to a recording studio to chat with someone in the middle of the night!”

Actresses Said It’s Not Them

Twenty-year-old model, Sarah Chan (陳苑晴) cleared any possibilities that she was the rape victim. Sarah said, “I am not  even a TVB artist! Whether the rape incident is true or not, both parties have responsibility. You have to be very careful when visiting a friend of the opposite gender in the middle of the night!”

Former beauty pageant contestants, Sandy Wu (胡中慧), Janey Yan (甄敏婷) and Gemma Choi (蔡慧欣) denied that they knew musician, Lee Ming Ho, who was investigated in the rape case. The women will take extra precaution and choose a safe location to sing in their spare time.

Source: Oriental Daily

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Jayne: From Apple Daily’s description of the rape victim, the 23-year-old actress appears to have just started gaining more recognition. Since it was mentioned that she kept an active Weibo account, I would not be surprised if she decides to shut down her blog account to avoid being under the radar.

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  1. that is scary. women should be more cautious during night time. my cousin almost got killed in the middle of the night when someone was about to take her money. luckily she ran as fast as she could. never be too brave when walking out by yourselves. my classmates was at knife point in spain when she needed to attend her early morning class. another a friend’s sister got gunpoint in front of her footsteps. please be cautious ladies!!!

    1. Munkimui,
      I think everyone has put themselves in potentially dangerous situations that could have turned disastrous, by going home too late by oneself, walking down a deserted street in an odd hour etc.

      Rapists and thieves pick their victims. They like the potential victim that appears to be defenseless. If the situation cannot be avoided that you are stranded by yourself, be prepared. Certainly being mad drunk by yourself, with no cover, is an invitation for all kinds of crazy things to happen. You could easily say something in a drunken stupor that even provokes a stabbing.

  2. Yup!! Even with lol someone we think we’ve known for YEARS!! These jerks are good in pretending!!!

    1. I’m thinking how murky the situation becomes if she were drunk, he were drunk. They start getting physical, but she did not resist throughout. Then suddenly she wakes up to find that they were having sex and it is too late to stop.

      In such a case, where the woman was drunk and judgment impaired, would the man be automatically guilty of rape? Although his judgment was impaired because of drinking as well?

      1. I just came across reading this rape news- similar to this one. In my state, it is considered “Rape” if the woman’s judgement is impaired while in her drunken stupor. But if both parties are drunk, that is quite difficult to judge. I guess it all falls down to the level of alcohol intake and tolerance of consciousness????

      2. from what is taught in school, unless the guy drugged her, then she has to explicitly say “no” and show some form of resistance for this to be considered rape. if they were both drunk, i believe its still consensual sex. if she was drunk and he was not… THAT’S a lil murky

      3. if both are drunk the woman cant charge rhe guy

  3. This is freaky! Some men can’t keep it in their pant.
    Whoever the actress is i hope she is ok.

    1. May I know what is “Some men can’t keep it in their pant?”

  4. I think that the identity of the young actress needs to be protected. If there is a rape stigma in the culture, it could be very hurtful for her socially and such an investigation would hinder other young actresses and young women from coming forward.

    I actually also think that the identity of the suspect should be kept secret until his guilt is proven. To be accused of rape for an innocent man can be just as violating and devastating as the female victim’s circumstance.

    1. Unfortunately his name is everywhere. If he is proven innocent, then the girl should be named

  5. Mandy Wong is way over the age mentioned. How come people still suspect her?

    I don’t think it’s Cilla Kung either. The girl said she wants to be a singer. But, Cilla Kung is already a singer and has been a singer for a couple of years.

    1. The victim could be some “kelefe” who has yet to gain name.

  6. the only person that comes to mind is lorretta chow. shes a former mhk and joined the chinese singer competition and won awards. shes pursuing a music career this yr as a newcomer. shes a former tvb actress. she has an active weibo. and she is 23 yrs old !! but i doubt its her, even though my first instinct was her. shes from vancouver.

    1. I agree. They interviewed Grace Wong…and she accidentally said Loretta’s name and later said that it won’t be her because she doesn’t drink. She’s the same age, former mhk contestant and on the wikipedia cite…they said that she will be a 2012 newcomer for singing. All the girls seems to be coming out to clear their names…but haven’t heard any responses from Loretta.

    2. Loretta has quite a big role in ‘Every Move You Make’.

      1. I wonder why tvb didn’t try to promote loretta as a singer. She certainly sings better than “hit me” Kate!

        If she’s too tall, she could’ve tried modeling like former miss hk lam lei.

    3. Joely and CC,
      Loretta does match Apple Daily’s description from several accounts, especially her music dreams.

      I looked through Loretta’s Weibo and she mentioned that she is taking Mandarin lessons.

      But she continued to update her Weibo in apparent normal manner though. I just found it very odd how Grace Wong would suddenly blurt out Loretta’s name out of nowhere.

      1. On May 16th, Loretta replied to one of her friend’s comments and said, “Yes it’s not me don’t worry 🙂 (5月16日 16:44)” denying that she was the victim.

      2. even if it’s her I dont think she will admit because it will make her look like she’s opening herself to the situation. The case is weak.

      3. It will also taint her image if she’s branded as rape victim

      4. I looked at her info as well but she’s no longer a tvb artist hence i eliminated her as one of the victims.

        grace wong probably heard the report say, was it Loretta, and she’s like, Loretta huh? and paparazzi went off on that note.

    4. it sounds like Loletta! she matched all descriptions! why they didnt disclose the female but only disclose the suspect? what if the suspect found drunk and innocent?

      1. I had to google who she is. But since she can weibo about it, maybe it isn’t her. Isn’t there another that match the description?

  7. This case can go either way. If the guy has a good lawyer, he can say she was the one seducing him. Like Jayne had mentioned earlier they were both tipsy and got intimate but when she got sober she realized it was more than she wanted. So the question is does she remember saying “no” to him when they were making out.
    I really hope young girls can learn from this tragedy.
    1. Please don’t drink if you know you can’t drink
    2. Please don’t randomly go to a guy’s place late at night & put yourself in compromising situations.
    3. Just stay home, my mom alway says “what so important that can’t wait till the morning”.
    Anyway, if he’s guilty I hope he gets jail time.

  8. Twenty-year-old model, Sarah Chan (陳苑晴). Sarah said, “Whether the rape incident is true or not, both parties have responsibility. You have to be very careful when visiting a friend of the opposite gender in the middle of the night!”———- I agree with what Sarah Chan say.

  9. If only they’re so determined to find the culprit.

  10. The victim already filed rape charges. Sooner or later the identity of the victim will be release and she won’t have much of career left. Good luck in the future.

  11. Sorry but why would they even suspect Mandy? She doesn’t even suit the description at all!

  12. @Daisy, no reason at all. But it does confirm the retarded mentality of some tabloid reporters and netizens.

  13. Would it be 何傲兒 Lily Ho? She seems to match the description too.

    1. Is she trying to become a singer too? I only know that loretta and grace Wong are interested in singing.

  14. Both Mandy and Cilla are not that gorgeous and voluptous to be the victims.

  15. I found Candy Chang’s name somewhere on the Internet. Her descriptions seem to match the ones stated above. Would she be the victim?

    1. Candy Chang (張慧雯) won Miss Chinese Toronto in 2009 and was the 2nd Runner-up in Miss Chinese International in 2010. She was born in Nov. 1989. Her profile seems to well match the descriptions of the raped victim. She also likes to be a singer as well as an actress.

  16. There is so much stigma and judgement towards the idea of rape victim. The media is curious and has started a “witch hunt” and declarations that the victim’s career will be over.

    What happened to showing support for someone who has the courage to expose the situation?

  17. Does being drunk means you are less responsible for the act? I’ve been a jury member and had to decide if an offence was commited disregarding the defendant being drunk at the time. They may both let their guards down, but if she said no even when drunk, its still rape. And if he still went ahead, whilst drunk he is still commiting a crime. How can you measure drunkenness…it affects everyone differently. Drink should not be an excuse, anyone can say they are drunk, only they would know. I don’t know what the systems like in HK tho.

    1. By the way the case I was on was not a rape case, but same principles.

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