TVB Meets With 700 Applicants for Film Crew Jobs

TVB has been actively recruiting for their 2021 Artiste and Production Crew Training Class, and has received over 2000 applications so far. Holding a job fair yesterday, the station met with 700 film crew applicants.

Executives Eric Tsang (曾志偉), Virginia Lok (樂易玲), and Catherine Tsang (曾勵珍) greeted the applicants and explained what type of people they are recruiting for at the station. Coincidentally it was Eric’s 68th birthday, and he enthusiastically took to the stage to share his journey to success. Originally working as a stuntman, Eric then worked his way up to making cameo appearances and eventually getting more screen time. He also worked as a screenwriter, assistant director, and director.

“Now is the best time to enter the industry. This job will not only fulfill your interests but will also take care of societal responsibilities, as TVB helps provide everyone with important information about societal matters and entertainment,” Eric urged.

Surprised by the high volume turn out at the event, Eric especially looks forward to meeting with the 1,000 applicants for the artiste training program next week.

Catherine’s advice to applicants was recognizing the hardworking ethics expected of them. Employees need to abide by three key points which is to work hard, remain focused, and persevere whether they work in front of the camera or behind the scenes. Reporters asked if the recruitment is in preparation for war with other broadcasting stations, Catherine said TVB hires year-round, but this time they put more resources into recruiting. The production team is looking for new talent, especially in the screenwriting department.

Asked if they were holding the job fair after the recent criticism from majority shareholder Li Ruigang (黎瑞刚), Ms. Lok replied that they open to receiving the criticism. “There is only improvement with [higher] expectations. I hope that we are able to hire more talented colleagues.”

The executives indicated that background checks on applicants will not be conducted, as the most important factor is to be able to perform the job well.


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