Virginia Lok Said Jacqueline Wong’s Comeback is Dependent on Several Factors

Does Jacqueline Wong (黃心穎) deserve another chance after her cheating scandal with Andy Hui (許志安) in 2019? TVB executive Virginia Lok (樂易玲) seems to think so, and has met up with the 31-year-old actress to discuss what could be possible future plans.

At a recent promotional event, Ms. Lok disclosed that she has always stayed in touch with Jacqueline, and they had breakfast together last week. Ms. Lok shared that Jacqueline is in good spirits, “She has a lot of friends who care for her. She also said that she has been exercising, and she looked very fit to me.”

In their conversation, Jacqueline stated her intentions of returning to the entertainment industry to Ms. Lok. “She was the one to bring up the topic this time, and we talked about it. Since she is still young, we thought about what opportunities there are for her in the future. We didn’t delve too deeply into the topic, because I didn’t want to give her any pressure. At the end of our breakfast, I asked what her plans are. Will she be staying or leaving? I wasn’t referring to TVB, but Hong Kong and the entertainment industry in general. She said that she would give it some serious thought.”

Ms. Lok confirmed that Jacqueline is still an employee of TVB, “She was a fadan that the company was heavily promoting at the time, so they signed her to a long contract. I didn’t take a close look at the terms, but it is definitely not shorter than eight years.”

If Jacqueline does decide to leave, then she will have to discuss contractual issues with the company. Ms. Lok said that Jacqueline’s concern is not over money, as she is not going to work for a competitor anyway. “I hope she doesn’t make an impulsive decision. I will meet up with her again later.” Since Jacqueline still has a salary check that she has not picked up, Ms. Lok will bring it to her the next time they see each other.

Asked if Jacqueline decides to stay in the entertainment industry, would TVB give her another chance? Ms. Lok hesitated to respond further, “This is not as simple as whether she wants to stay or not. We also need to see whether the public will accept her. If they don’t, then there is no point in coming out and having people make negative comments about her.”


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The Challenge of a Married Man: Why Jacqueline Wong Chose Andy Hui

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  1. So her salary’s like what? A thousand dollars? maybe it’s cheaper for tvb to not terminate her? She won’t be young at the end of her contract and I’m sure no one wants to see her again on television at least. No sponsor wants to be associated with a scandal so basically they’re beating a dead horse if they try a comeback. Goodbye you brought this upon yourself.

  2. Please no.

    If viewers don’t boycott her shows, it’s likely because of staying home due to the pandemic, not because they want to see her on screen.

  3. Just when she had her best performance in ‘Finding her Voice’ which everybody refused to watch. The poor veterans. Hugo Ng probably missed out on the best actor award due to this….

  4. What if TVB tries to force us to watch Jacqueline by putting her in a drama with Ali or Wayne =)

    1. @yuyu
      I don’t think it’s fair to avoid a series just because Jacqueline is in it if the series has potential to be brilliant. It will also be unfair if there are good performances from others within the cast. Jacqueline will just be an actress who is playing a character. She isn’t displaying her real life personality. I have no objections if people boycott her events and advertisements though….

      1. @jimmyszeto I don’t mind watching Jacqueline but I think I will get annoyed if she is still playing the cutie innocent role. I think I’ll have better acceptance if she plays a villain, mistress or sth =)

        Ali has played those roles before and she was amazing!

      2. @yuyu
        Innocent roles are Jacqueline’s bread and butter. She did well in Find Her Voice in this type of role. We just have to ignore who playing the role and immerse in their character instead.

  5. I heard from a HK radio DJ mentioned that Virginia L also did d same thing during her young age (can someone share more light), could this be the reason why she wish to give another chance to JW?

    I dont wish to see JW, replaceable.

  6. I’m sure TVB will have her back since the company invested a lot of money in her. Didn’t the married Andy Hui do a music show months ago? If he can restart his career, then the girl should get a second chance, even though I hate watching her.

  7. If they allow JW back onscreen, she will have to go through a public apology. I think almost every recent TVB-associated artist did in order to get back into the good graces of HK audience. And then after apology is done, she will get started with some small-fry role and then restart her career. It’s going to be a long ride.

  8. All I know is, a lot of artists have publicly cheated and many of them have made it back onscreen, although not many successfully overcame the setbacks their scandals wrought on their careers.

  9. there are so many beautiful actressses in tvb, why they still want to invest in JW?

  10. Oh Pleaseeeee NOOOO!! She has neither looks nor acting talent to start off with. Go look for another career JW!! Give US a break please!!!!

  11. Honestly, people make mistakes and this is the entertainment industry afterall and scandals arise all the time, yet a lot of people are still able to make a comeback. I’m not saying she deserves a second chance or not, but I think it’ll be hard for HK netizens to accept seeing her again, especially since she lacks looks and talent, and the Chinese have a more conservative mindset, unlike western countries. I never understood why she was promoted in the first place. I’d much rather see Zoie Tam or Kelly Fu or some 3rd line actress being promoted instead. Maybe Virginia Lok wants to keep her around because TVB is lacking talent these days, but like another user said above, I think JW will have to come out and issue a public apology and ask people to give her a second chance before she can ease back into dramas and shows again. The thing that bothers me about her however is she never seemed to own up to her actions and she never apologized (publicly anyway) to Sammi or Kenneth. I just feel like this girl has bad character and while as an audience member, I can forgive her past mistakes, she has left a bad taste and impression on me by not seeming remorseful at all about her scandal. Thus, due to that, I have a harder time accepting her return to the screen.

    1. @gnomageddon totally agree. Like you said, HK ppl are still very conservative. Andy is a guy, it’s easier to forgive than women. Also he did publicly apologized to his wife & ppl he hurts. But this girl never publicly apologized to KM & ppl that she hurts. She never seems to feel remorseful nor does she acts like she’s changed. I would not watch her drama no matter how good it is.

  12. She needs to get lost asap… who she think she is lmao people will forget? Sammi and Kenneth is beloved by HK citizens and she didn’t even apologize to her even up till now what a loser she is to even dare to show up in the showbiz. People will shower her with so much hate. Ya stick with your friends the viewers don’t need you.

  13. I don’t like JW but anything is possible

    Andy Hui has resumed work and not much hulabalu on his return .

    JW will probably need a to make an apology to restart her career.

    Twins and Cecilia Cheung managed to overcome their scandal with Edison Chen which was huge and resume their careers

    If TVB want JW back, they will make it happen

    1. @mulder99 I think JW made 3 mistakes: 1) cheat 2) cheat at the start and NOT the height of her career and 3) be a female. #1 is self-explanatory and #2 is because if she reached the status of Michelle Reis, who knowingly got involved with a married man, JW would be forgiven (given if her beauty matched Michelle as well). Superficial HK. #3 is just toxic, but the Asian culture does favor men. Andy Hui made a comeback because he is male and reached a certain height in status before taking a hit, so recovery is easier. Andy Hui did NOT make a comeback because of his shitty apology. JW most likely wanted a televised apology too but TVB most likely DIDN’T let her because she’s a woman and not that big yet to start with. JW is not the worst, but she ain’t the best actress either. TVB saying she has a contract is just an excuse to not fully fire JW YET. Keyword: YET. Perhaps JW has someone backing her we don’t know. The pay ain’t much so this girl ain’t paying much back or any back especially if it is TVB that fires her and not the other way around.

  14. I think Ms. Lok is testing the waters with this kind of responses, trying to feel the public out if they’re ready to see her on screen again. I feel that both Katy Kung and Roxanne Tong (due to similar age) have been indirectly replacing her in the meantime.

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