Lau Dan Plays the “Bad Cop” at Home to His Granddaughter

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Lau Dan Plays the “Bad Cop” at Home to His Granddaughter

Since Hawick Lau (劉愷威) and Yang Mi‘s (楊冪) divorce announcement in December, many are concerned about the future of their daughter, Little Sticky Rice, and how she is coping with her parents’ separation. Hawick’s parents have been raising the four-year-old girl in Hong Kong, and his 75-year-old father Lau Dan (劉丹) admits it’s not an easy job.

At an event for his sitcom Come Home Love: Lo and Behold <愛·回家之開心速遞>, Lau Dan revealed that Hawick has returned to Hong Kong for the holidays. Since his divorce, Hawick has been trying his best to spend more time with his daughter.

As Chinese New Year is approaching, there is definitely a lot of preparation necessary. However, Lau Dan is very lucky that he does not have to worry about it. He shared, “My wife usually takes care of everything. I am only useful for answering if things look nice or not. We love to grow our own peach blossoms because then we don’t have to buy them again next year and we can watch them bloom.”

When asked who Little Sticky Rice was closest to at home, Lau Dan responded that he plays the bad cop when it comes to discipline. Lau Dan said, “Little Sticky Rice just follows Daddy, Grandma or Auntie, and the least with me. At home, I play the villain when it comes to discipline, which makes me a little scary so she isn’t as close to me.”

Since Little Sticky Rice resides in Hong Kong, Lau Dan was asked if his granddaughter ever misses Yang Mi. He responded, “They talk through video chat. When Hawick isn’t in Hong Kong, he would do the same thing. That’s why technology is so convenient.”

Though his son is now divorced, is Lau Dan still in contact with Yang Mi? He said, “When it comes to talking, it wouldn’t even be my turn. Let’s just leave it to them to talk. I am already so old so I don’t want to intervene. If you have questions about them, ask my son instead.”

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