Hawick Lau and Yang Mi Announce Divorce

Power celebrity couple, 44-year-old Hawick Lau (劉愷威) and 32-year-old Yang Mi (楊冪) announced that they amicably filed for divorce. Throughout their five-year marriage, the couple was often separated long distance due to their filming schedules.

The couple met in 2011 after working together in the drama Ru Yi <如意>. Since their marriage and birth of their daughter “Little Sticky Rice” in 2014, the relationship was often plagued with divorce rumors. In 2016, Hawick dismissed infidelity rumors when he was spotted spending four hours in the hotel with co-star, Angela Wang (王鸥). Although Yang Mi insisted that she trusted Hawick, the couple was noticeably less affectionate in recent years and spent less time together due to their busy careers.

In a statement released by their company, the two stars thanked everyone for providing their love and support throughout the years. After careful consideration, the couple filed a divorce this year to end their marriage amicably.

Although the two stars will no longer live together as a married couple, they have agreed to treat each other as a family to jointly raise their daughter, while sincerely giving each other blessing in the future as friends.

After the release of the statement, Hawick and Yang Mi will not be responding any further to the divorce to protect the privacy of their child and each other’s family. In addition, they wish that the media and the public will respect their decision and give them space.

Another report claims that the couple filed for divorce as early as January 2016 but did not announce their separation for various reasons. Aside from not wanting their divorce to affect their daughter, they also signed many endorsement contracts together. To avoid negative impact on their financial state, Hawick and Yang Mi continued to pose as a married couple publicly.

Source: On.cc

This article is written by Sammi for JayneStars.com.

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    1. @tungamy Lol. Naomi? They never announced her real name and I’m really curious about her real name too it’s always said little sticky rice that’s it.

  1. Another rumour proven to be true. I’m wondering if next couple to announce their split will be Vincent,yoyo.

    1. @passingby Although most tabloids should not be taken seriously, I feel that there is some truth in it for repeated rumours about the same subject.
      For Vincent and Yoyo, hopefully it is not or if it is true, they manage to work things out and overcome the issue they have…….Time will tell.

    2. @passingby I hope Vincent and Yoyo will survive the rough patch. Vincent is very good looking and in the entertainment industry, it’s hard to stay loyal.

      As for Hawick and Yangmi, it is just a matter of time. Yangmi is so busy filming and the daughter is left in the care of Hawick’s parents in HK.

      1. @janet72 Good looking and surrounded by good looking people is not an excuse for unfaithfulness. The same can be said for Yoyo. She’s pretty and in the entertainment business.

      2. @birdy2415 I agree…but in this business when they are constantly having to put in emotions when acting, it’s pretty hard to switch off when director says ‘cut’.
        Vincent and yoyo were so hot before they got married…it would be a pity if they split.

      3. @janet72 what about yangmi parents? How come no mention about her parents at all? Like how come they don’t take turn to take care of their daughter too why always left with Hawick parents?

      4. @cutie777 the daughter was looked after by yangmi’s mum in china for a while…not long after, it was mentioned the girl is looked after by Hawick’s parents in HK.

      5. @janet72 really, Yangmi’s mom took care of Noemie? Wow, I’ve never heard of it. Thank you for the info.
        Was it a little bit after Noemie was born or when she was 2 or 3 years old?

      6. @jimmyszeto
        YangMi’s parents are both Beijing native. Her dad was a police and her mom was a teacher before retirement. Maybe they’re not rich but their families have really strong education background

    1. @wm2017 my married friends always tell me that the first 5 years is the most difficult.

      What one party find cute/tolerable during dating can turn to annoying in married life. Even the matter of squeezing toothpaste, leaving dirty clothes everywhere etc can lead to huge argument. Some people also think that marriage is happily ever after. That once they are married, everything magically will be alright.

      1. @janet72
        I’m already shattered and I’m in my early 30s. I hope this old guard can sustain energy to look after kids. Though they will be hiring an army of assistants and milk nannies…

      2. @kenexia Probably too. Th younger one doesn’t seem to spend time with own daughter and career is top priority being young. Thinking and aspirations are different

  2. I always felt that she was too good for him . I mean she was starting to get more and more popular when she married Hawick . She was so popular even though she was married imagine if she wasnt . She could even surpass Fan Bing Bing or be at the same level to be honest . Hawick got to ride along her popularity in all ways . Hawick is pretty lucky you know , he was known at first as Lau Dan’s son and then got popular as Yang Mi’s husband . Hopefully Yang Mi gets to see her kid often

    1. @adwins

      Fan Bing Bing is at the bottom of the barrel now. No one in the industry wants to work with her but I get what you’re saying.

      I don’t think love should be reflected upon one’s wealth and status.

    2. @adwins Agree, I feel like Hawick gained a lot more recognition/popularity for being her husband. Having a team of people from her management company to plan events/projects for him.
      His popularity (whatever it is now) is definitely higher right now than if he didn’t have a relationship with Yang Mi

    3. @adwins I love watching Hawick Lau’s drama. He is just as talented and very good in his acting role. Even without Yang Mi, Hawick can succeed very well. Also, for family life, popularity cannot be used to ascertain how qualified a person is for another. Who knows, the older one could have married a better person.

  3. it’s a open secret that they’re no longer together, they both flirt with other people openly for awhile already. I never get why celebrities care about their image more than happiness why sign a contract to divorce. I think hawick and Yang mi is going to fire whoever posted that notice for them since they disclosed about the contract. Hopefully they’ll both work out things with their shares and daughter. But I guess the daughter is staying with hawick since hawick’s parents take care of her.

  4. This sounded like a mature parting. Hope they each find their own happiness and that their daughter has consistency and grows up well adjusted.

  5. WHY am we not surprised? It’s just a matter of tme.


    Ditto your comments – felt he’s got nothing much to him other than first being Lau Dan’s son, and then Yang Mi’s husband.

    1. @nomad822

      Is Lau Dan even known in the Mainland? I mean, he’s well known in Guangdong but beyond that I highly doubt he is known.

      Again, I don’t think love should be reflected upon one’s wealth and status. That is very vain.

      1. @anon yes love cannot be reflected based on wealth and status. If it’s based on wealth and popularity, it is not love but selfishness. There must be unrevealed reasons that trigger their divorce.. Hawick was already famous before he tied the knot. So i doubt he gets fame because of Lau Dan or Yang Mi.

      2. @snowy Hawick’s acting is v good. He doesn’t need Yangmi to boost his popularity. His popularity arise after many dramas he has acted. It could be just assumption it’s because of Yangmi as she has become his wife. Anyway, in terms of family life, he is a good father and tries spending time with his kid unlike Yangmi whose main aspiration is on career. Nothing is more important than family for a woman.

      3. @lovepeace123
        I just want to ask about your opinion not related to YM and LKW. “Nothing is more important than family for a woman” then there could be something more important than family for a man?

      4. @snowy The husband’s role is to provide and protect the family. The wife’s role is to take care of the child, gives tender care and love. A family well being will contribute to kid’s development and these little ones learn fast from model examples, be it good or bad. I have never seen a woman who spends only 37 days with a kid in 3 years. Michael Mui’s wife even gave up her acting career to raise her kids. And now the kids grow up so lovely. This is a good model example.

      5. @lovepeace123
        The new generation, there are a lot more that do not have the patience to put whole heart into the kids. However, I still think the majority do make a great effort or even change from being an irresponsible individual into a caring mother after giving birth…

    2. @nomad822

      It is just a matter of time.

      Not a fan of both but find that it is a pity. Both were busy with their careers and appeared to be loving at the start of their relationship. I guess it takes a huge effort to maintain a relationship, especially with all the temptations in the entertainment circle.

  6. It’s not a surprise that we got here. Though I find their breaking up news was funny. First someone leaked it, their company denied it, just so a day later announce it -.- also why no one mentioned about who has the custody? Or are we all assumed it’s belonged to hawick and his family?

    Another thing, it seems that this is actually a divorce, as in they already divorced, and that mean they have separated for 2years already. But that’s possibly why these two just flirted with other the past few years, they basically already moved on

    1. @littlefish they only said both parents would take care of the kid in the future no mentioned who had the custody at all. I’m kinda of curious too.

      Mr Lau Dan just got interviewed today and he avoided talking about this issue too

      1. @snowy I think it’s to avoid backlash on Yang Mi, also the media would go crazy and later on, the daughter read it and would think bad of her mother. But yea, it’s like we all universally agree the custody is with hawick lol

      2. @littlefish
        I’m not sure about the “avoiding backlash on Yangmi”. I read quite a lot articles of Mr Lau Dan and Mr Hawick which in my opinion make people have not-so-good impression on Yangmi. Maybe, you’re right, it’s just it’s kinda hard for me to believe

      3. @snowy I think Yangmi is not ready for family. She is ambitious and career is top. I think Hawick did say good things about Yangmi and has defended her. But for a couple to spend less time with each other, it is obvious the love will eventually drift apart. It is so esp for man.

      4. @snowy with the media not known for sure, it’s not as bad as coming straight out and said we have the custody 100% instead of Yang Mi. The custody could be 70-30, who knows, or maybe even 50-50, without saying anything, the press can only guess.

      5. @littlefish Yes, it’s reported the kid will be taken care of with grandparents in HK. Best for custody to be with Hawick. With Yang Mi having custody, it won’t be good for the kid as she cannot give quality time as a mother. Career is 1st in her life as can be deduced from her hectic filming schedule. Ultimately, is she really happy after having all the fame and $

  7. Well, a man who puts his sole focus on working to provide for the family gets a pat on the shoulder, but a woman doing the same, is considered negligent. It’s obvious who brings in the dough in this relationship and it’s not Hawick. It might’ve been him once upon a very long time ago, but he has since lost his streak. Yang Mi, on the other hand, has kept rising up. Something has to give.

    1. @coralie
      Agree, a man always gets praise when he works hard to support his family but a woman gets critized when she does the same. It seems like there are many people still think that women should take care of the family/stay behind her husband after marriage

      1. @snowy I think a woman’s heart will naturally be towards the family and sacrificial for the kid. it’s intrinsic in a woman and not something that a woman has to work it out. So it’s not about why a woman gets criticised all the time. But a woman’s role in a family is different from man’s role.

      2. @lovepeace123
        Well my wife most of the time is more interested in being on her phone and gossiping with her friends about meaningless things than looking after the kids. Times have changed but the majority of women will have the heart since they went through the process of 9-10 months and tough labour to have the child…

      3. @coralie
        To be honest,earlier on..yes…but as time passes I get to understand that it is what it is. She wouldn’t be able to wake up immediately when the baby cries, the babies fell of the bed at least once and plenty of near misses. Once the 2 year old son climbed half a set of stairs while she went to answer the phone before I realised. Everyone has their negative attributes. Can just blame the mother though since it’s both of our responsibility. The problem wasn’t resentment. It was envying other wives spending 24/7 looking after their children, worrying about their every step and posting countless selfies with children on social media. Would be a different perspective to have a Aimee Chan type of wife….

      4. @jimmyszeto thanks for the thoughtful reply. it’s nice to know there are men out there who understand & accept women who aren’t born with motherly instincts. it’s not ideal, but fact of life is…it is what it is.

      5. @coralie
        Our generation when we were young it was kinda new for Chinese to move abroad so parents were only starting to build a living. There wouldn’t be much time parents can spend with us stayed at grandparents most of childhood. Do I resent my parents?not at all. I’m grateful to have great memories with grandparents and understand the situations parents were in. Yang Mi has more of a choice but if she is maintaining relationship well with child then I’m sure the child will not feel hatred as members are suggesting here…

    2. @coralie well, it is also the role of the mother in a child’s life. While dad has an important role, mommy is always more important as she’s the one that breastfeed the kid. Even if she doesn’t breastfeeding, the kid knows he can rely on her is a very important foundation. I know we try to treat both sexes equally but let’s face it, it will never be equal, not in term of a child’s life, each parent has a different dynamic with the child.

      So while a lot of woman is career focus, I don’t think I’ve seen many as absent as Yang Mi? Even Angelina Jolie seems to be a lot more hand on? And there is also a saying now that: it’s not just quality time with the kids but also quantity. Lacking the quantity, you will not be able to develop that bond. And tbqh, all they need to earn bread for that family is YM do 1 drama a year n same with hawick, which is basically what he is doing. And you see a lot of celebrity parents actually take first 2 yrs off after their children is born to be with them or at least a good 1 year, easy off on the work to spend more time with their kids. YM took like 3mo? And literally didn’t stop since. If you know another example like YM, please let me know

      1. @littlefish Angelina Jolie is the opposite of being a career-first woman. She’s always been very hands-on and her kids come first. That’s been true since she’s adopted her first kid.

        And who’s to say how often Yang Mi goes to see her daughter? Everyone makes assumptions about how much time she spends with her kid, but maybe when she does spend time with her daughter, we’re not aware. And it’s not as if she doesn’t go see her. It’s just short duration. Quality is also important relative to quantity.

        Lots of fathers see their kids once a month because they have to work so often. Nobody makes a peep. But Yang Mi goes and does it and suddenly people assign blame and point fingers. Double standards. And I would be way more upset if her daughter had no fatherly influence in her life versus no mother. How often we hear girls with sob stories because they’ve never had a father figure? How often do you hear that with girls with no mother figures? Maybe when Noemie is older, Yang Mi would be a stronger role model, but as of now, she’s fine. People just like to make a big deal out of things that aren’t. She has two loving grandparents who looks after her. Maybe her bond with her parents won’t be as strong as a result, but she’s not being neglected

      2. @littlefish How can you know Yang Mi doesn’t have a good relationship with her daughter. Save your judgemental opinion. Her ex only takes one job a year because nobody tries to find him. If not I’m sure that he will take as many jobs as he can. I believe Yang Mi has her own way to build a good relationship with her daughter. It’s not perfect maybe but one thing that can be said is she doesn’t neglect her daughter.

        @coralie well said. It’s not that yang Mi needs to be defended but well some people need to mind their own business and stop being judgemental as if they are perfect.

      3. @brighter lol, while it’s true that we don’t know exactly what she does with her time, it does feel a bit lacking in term of caring for her daughter. And I said slow down, not stop working. She doesn’t seem to slow down, so a bit hard to believe she has a good amount of time to spend with her daughter. My point about Angelina Jolie is she’s just as career minded, her career however shifted from being a movie star to a humanitarian, and you always see her kids with either brad or herself. And I also said a lot of other stars, male or female, all seems to slow down when they have their first child, she seems to be the opposite, so it makes it hard to believe.

        But hey, if her fans want to believe she’s a super mum, good for you guys, I just feel it’s a bit lacking, and just like these divorce rumour, there is no smoke without fire.

      4. @littlefish you know nothing about her efforts regarding her relationship with her daughter all this time, do you?

        Why do you give your negative opinions when you don’t know the whole truth then?

        She has reduced her workload. If you took a notice on how hectic her schedule was before marriage then you’ll see she has been slowing down these past years or so.

        I don’t want to say name but I can give you a name of an actress that doesn’t slow down even after she has a newborn. But well you know everything better than us here. I just want to ask you that if you can guess correctly who this actress is, please don’t write her name. No need to bring another person just to be bashed here.

      5. @brighter
        And you have access to Yangmi’s schedule? Well done! Trying to sound mysterious by bringing another actress into the frame but trying to act like a saint by not naming her. Familiar coward actions….

      6. @brighter lol brighter, your way of speaking is exactly of bubble tea’s. “I don’t want to name such and such”, it’s one of your usual tactic to make it sound like you know a lot but you know absolutely nothing. I’ll be waiting for your next ban and laugh 🙂

      7. @littlefish my consience is clear. Just because you can’t guess who she is, it doesn’t mean I make it up. Maybe you are not smart enough. And it proves that you act like you know everything when you actually know nothing. Well at least I don’t bash people like you do.

      8. @brighter
        You are a self centred individual. Every comment has to bring yourself to the centre of attention. A chip on your shoulder and insecure about yourself so wants recognition. Very bannable…

      9. Continue going to the library to make your posts to avoid IP address detection. It’s noble work you are doing there….

    3. @coralie
      I don’t think Yangmi deserves criticism as long as she is still spending time with her daughter whenever she is free. Working hard to provide for family also deserves praise and when you are in demand it is difficult to give up everything. All the previous actresses who gave up their careers to look after children were never in such demand…

    4. @coralie I think Yang Mi works hard not because she needs to provide for the kid; even if the couple is not working, they can afford to raise the kid to univ as their net worth is in multiple of millions. She is just ambitious and want to enrich her career, and chose her career above her family. She spends 37 days with the child in 3 years. This is not acceptable as a parent. Mum’s love is very important.

      1. @lovepeace123 lots of men give up family life for money, prestige or clout. If people use the same judgment on the men, then we can talk. Otherwise this is unfair remarks on ym.

        To echo what Jimmy said before as well, some people are just not in tune with childcare. Even women. So when that’s the case, it’s better to have people who are able to take care of their kids handle that duty. I don’t see anything wrong with it.

      2. @coralie
        I am a father who had to admit only has patience to play with my kids half an hour at a time. Even if it is teaching them maths or English. My wife has barely any patience but getting better so I understand when many do not have the heart to put everything into their kids. If so then it is better if the kid stays with a more caring family member. Can imagine massive mood swings from parents if forced to commit to being a full time mother which can’t be healthy for the kid’s childhood. I envy the many parents I know who are full time showing full on love and care to their kids. I think either you have it or your don’t. Can’t be forced…

      3. @jimmyszeto half-an-hour spurts are good… it is tough to come home after a work day and still have energy to play with your kids. You should train your kids to play more with each other and more self-play activities, so you can also take a break sometimes. But I think the key is having a well-balanced life yourself so when you do have the free time with your kids, you are fully there for them and don’t feel mentally detached.

        It’s also nice to hear from male readers such as yourself to give a different perspective about marriage and relationships. Thanks for sharing….

      4. @jayne
        Thanks Jayne! I’m lucky that half an hour a time is borderline sufficient and that is only because there are 2 children so they can play with each other. If only have a single child then it would be a tough task keeping them occupied without being a full hands on parent….

      5. @coralie


        – Not all women are cut out to be ‘earth mothers’ who instinctively love kids and enjoy being with their kids 24/7 … or know exactly what to do when they throw tantrums. And for the sake of 2018 women’s well-being – being stayhome mom to take care of kids is NOT exactly the wisest thing to do.

        – Not all men are family men nor ever will be – even if they were ‘ideal’ before (ie having fun playing with relatives’ or friends’ kids and being the kids’ favorite understanding hands-on Uncle. having your own zoo 24/7 s’times drive these same men to avoid home, responsibilities and run. 😛 it’s one thing to play, have fun and bail/be the popular Uncle … it’s another to be hands on past 2h and enjoy the many many responsibilities of home/family life).
        You can’t really be the HERO you are at work – with the title autonomy and clout, and ability to problem solve and fix anything, or having female co-workers fawning over you – at home, you’re just a human, without getting paid for it too. 🙂

        – NOT all kids who grow up in Daycare/Childcare since 3 are any the worse for it. In fact with firm structure/expectations – they are s’times more adaptable/well adjusted/disciplined than those with loving stay-home moms cooking loving warm meals and volunteering at school bake sales, for them.

  8. Sad to see during this age of time and there are still people who want to subject women to full time stay home mothers.

    True YM should spend more time with her kid but LKW isn’t any better. He was trying really hard to continue his career too. But to no avail because the dramas he starred in always turned out too bad. And after his scandal, nobody wanted him anymore. If not because of his failures, he would not subject himself to spend time with his kid too. People blamed YM so much but it was her who made LKW more famous than when he had not dated her yet. With a husband who would work all the time and even cheated, I would encourage women to go to work and don’t depend on such men bc of course they will drift away for not spending time with you. And if they leave when you have no money no career no nothing bc of them, that’s just the end. Be it men or women everyone should take care of themselves first too, before they can take care of others. If YM did not work so hard to be successful, she might not even win any custody today.

    1. @davy
      People always said Yang Mi was too busy fliming many dramas/movies and blamed her for not slowing down. Actually after having her daughter, she did slow down her work (anyone knew her hectic schedule would totally see that) but her husband? I’m not sure.
      I did remember during Yangmi’s last semester before going labour Hawaick was busy fliming in the the mainland, he did not even there when she went into labour (he did say he wanted to cut the cord and he had 7,8 months to arrange his schedule to be there for her but he failed to do that), he was there when she could come home though. Then he flew to mainland to continue his work.

      Hawick even said it himself that he did not spend enough time with his daughter so their daughter was closer with mommy than daddy.

      In 2016, he filmed back to back 2 dramas in the mainland. After his scandal, basically not much dramas came, he came back and took care of his daughter (took her to school, and pictures was taken) and people said he was a good daddy.

      I just feel so funny, Yangmi always said she did not want to expose her daughter, people said bad things about her but she still stayed to true to her word. She totally could take some pictures of her daughter, people would stop talking but she still stayed firmly unlike her husband.

      1. @snowy
        I really can’t take anyone seriously who tries to create a detailed timeline of a celebrity’s rota. Unless you work as Hawick’s assistant or is a high roller who has the finance to stalk him, there’s no other approach but to laugh at your claims. Parents can take small breaks undetected to spend time with their children. Not everything can be reported…

    2. @davy To keep marriage, a woman must be there for the husband. man are still man. And a mum must be there for the child. YM spends only 37 days with the kid in 3 years.

      About LKW, is the scandal true?

    3. @davy I think men will cheat if the wives have no time for them. Another reason for men to cheat is when the wives are far too naggy. I see marriages break down because of these 2 reasons. But of course, there are also exceptions.

      1. @lovepeace123

        Errr … and if men cheat, women normally have to suck it up and turn on a blind eye … for the sake of Family?

        Aka Ms Joan Lin Fong-jiao? Wife of JC? CFO of his finances or not, it’s kinda of a pathetic life, in the name of a ‘relationship’ with mutual respect.

        Nah … in this day and age – financial independence and self-reliance is key for women. Too many abused women stay and stay even when they want to leave DV, because they have no careers or means to support themselves/their kids.
        Maintenance means spit sometimes as partners may not always MAN up to their responsibilities, or use it as a means to power-play.

      2. @nomad822 it’s not about claiming equality for women. Parents hv responsibility to the kid on their well being which includes quantity and quality of time. If they cannot take care of the kid they bring into this world, it’s plain selfishness. In the end, the kid lives without parents’ presence. Isn’t it pathetic? And better not have kids then

  9. Not sure how these reporters got a hold of these detailed scheduled of hers but IF the child is with the grandparents in HK and she’s filming back to back in the mainland it is probably not hard to guess how much time they spend w/the child. I remember my mom starts to love watching China series nowadays instead of TVB but I am not a fan of both but do get to glimpse an episode here and there when visiting. Not sure which China drama she was watching but inside this drama there was a really nice story on how these 3 generations of people are seem very interesting and raw. This father of the female lead is not rich but he was still working not sure how old the father was in the drama thou. He was telling the daughter your grandfather is my responsibility and I am your responsibility. The grandfather is in the hospital and lots of bills to be paid or something so the father is trying to tell her not to be taking all the responsibility themselves which was very touching. The daughter also has a child which she does drop off when they working or u/a to take care of him. See that much I can understand dropping off when they have urgent matters to take care of or working and not just leaving it for the grandparents to take care all year round. I mean, yes they are rich and famous but does that mean it is ok to give raising the kid’s responsibility to your parents? Every parent should be responsible to take care of your own children and grandparents should be helping when needed and if they all live together I would still understand but they are residing in different cities that the parents? That means they literally hardly spend much time together as a family instead probably really like the holidays. I mean yes, it’s prob an accident on YM’s part since she’s young and she’s not willing to give up her career but then of course the same can be said on the HL’s part as well? Prob both can’t give up their career for the child or this wouldn’t have happened. Also, they are so rich why can’t they have a nanny and still live with both parents??? They work nonstop yes but does that mean they work 24/7 and can never come home??? Sigh…I don’t get these parents. Rich and busy is one thing but responsibility is another when you have a child.

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