Lee Jung Jae Cast as Jedi in “The Acolyte”

Cast in Disney+ original series The Acolyte as the first Asian Jedi, Korean actor Lee Jung Jae practised hard on his English by muttering to himself in the language once he woke up every morning ! 

Practised English 

A fan of the Star Wars franchise himself, the Squid Game star was in Seoul for the series’ press conference, where he shared his excitement at being part of the mystery action thriller, and how he was elated to be portraying the most “senior” of all the Jedis including Qui-Gon Jinn, Obi-Wan Kenobi and Yoda.

He shared how he got the invitation from Disney+ to head to England for a “camera test”, which sounded to him like an audition, and was told that other famous personalities were also taking part. Receiving the cast confirmation about ten days upon returning to South Korea, Lee Jung Jae was informed that he would be playing the Jedi “Master Sol”.

He shared, “When I saw the script, I really felt that the story is fantastic, as it perfectly combines director Leslye Headland’s refreshing style with the Star Wars universe,” To practise his command of English, Lee took lessons from a teacher, and made sure to practise talking to himself in the language.

Pressure for His Role as First Asian Jedi

Initially pressurised about playing the role of a well-respected Master Sol, what more as the “first Asian” and “first Korean” Jedi, Lee had to learn to overcome his own worries, to enjoy the ten-month-long filming process.

Asked which Jedi he is the greatest fan of, he named Liam Neeson’s Qui-Gon Jinn, a modest and centered character. “Even those who don’t understand “Star Wars” will enjoy the series, as the story took place much earlier on, and you can simply enjoy it as a sci-fi action flick with suspense elements,”

No stranger to directing, the actor was asked if he would be interested in directing and starring in a sci-fi outer space film to call South Korea’s own. To this, he humbly smiled and said, “I will work hard.”

With two episodes already launched and six more to be released exclusively on Disney+, The Acolyte stars Hunger Games’ Amanda Stenberg, The Good Place’s Manny Jacinto, and The Matrix’s Carrie-ann Moss.

Source: WorldJournal,

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    1. Your comment is so disrespectful and condescending! He’s a 51 year old born and bred Korean man who has gained international recognition because of the success of Squid Games. He did not invite Hollywood, it came to him. What do you expect, him to master the English language and be able to speak the language fluently? How many 50 year olds do you know who can do that?

    1. It made me sick to my stomach reading about that. The shamelessness and lack of empathy from the police and the perpetrators parents shock me to the core. I hope all their identities are release and they lose everything they have, because none of them seem to have any remorse.