Lee Seung Gi and Lee Hee Joon’s “Mouse” Promises a Thrilling Hunt

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Lee Seung Gi and Lee Hee Joon’s “Mouse” Promises a Thrilling Hunt

Upcoming South Korean crime drama Mouse is gearing up for its premiere on March 3. The unveiled character posters for Lee Seung Gi, Lee Hee Joon, Park Hyun Jin, and Kyung Soo Jin, promise an intense and thrilling hide and seek game ahead.

Mouse reopens the long-running discussion on whether serial killers are born psychopaths. It tells a chair-gripping story following righteous rookie police officer Jung Ba Reum joining hands with Goo Moo Chi, an unruly and vengeful detective who vows to hunt down the serial killer who murdered his parents when he was a child. Forming a formidable team, they chase down the most evil and dangerous predator terrifying the nation.

Playing Ba Reum, Seung Gi is an officer full of determination and fighting spirit. He is a good-hearted soul seeking to protect society from all evil. While his purity often gets taken advantage of, his sincerity touches the tough-looking Moo Chi, as his character poster is captioned, “Take me along with you. I want to help as well, so my heart can feel at peace.”

Hee Joon plays Moo Chi, who is not a law abider despite the badge on his jacket. Crossing boundaries without a blink, he is resentful and desperate to put his long-running nightmare behind bars. His character poster is captioned, “Just you wait–I will make you experience my pain to its fullest.”

With tearful yet fierce eyes, Joo Hyun takes on the role of Oh Bong Yi, a high school student who lives with her grandmother. Staring intently, her character asserts, “I need someone to kill for me. If he gets out of prison, then help me take him out.”

As depicted in the poster, Soo Jin who plays current affairs reporter Choi Hong Joo is always on call. Talking to the other person on the line, her character expresses, “We must stop more homicide cases from happening.”

While all four characters display a strong sense of mission and willpower, they also struggle with their own turmoil filled with anger and anxiety. With time ticking away, will they be able to succeed in taking down the evil killer unscathed or fall into a forever sinkhole with him?

Source: Korea Star Daily

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