Leila Tong Gives Birth to Baby Girl

On January 17, Leila Tong (唐寧) announced on her Weibo microblog that she has given birth to a baby girl. The former TVB actress, who keeps a low-profile, already has one son, Chun Chun.

Leila’s daughter was born via Cesarean section. Chun Chun, Leila’s son, was also delivered by Cesarean section. Initially, Leila wanted a natural birth for her daughter, but her obstetrician suggested her to give birth surgically. Leila’s daughter weighed slightly over 7 pounds at birth. Leila is currently at home, taking care of her newborn daughter.

Leila, who debuted in the industry as a child actress, married theater actor Desmond Tang (鄧偉傑) in 2010. The following year, Leila gave birth to their first son Chun Chun in March 2011.

Leila shared a picture of her newborn daughter’s feet and wrote, “Taking care of a newborn is very busy. After everything has settled down, it’s finally time to announce the good news! Yes! I am now a mother of two!”

Many friends and fans quickly congratulated Leila, leaving behind many words of blessing. With one son and daughter, some fans complimented that she has achieved good fortune.

Leila Tong 6  Leila Tong baby

Sources: On.cc; On.cc

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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  1. The boy looks very much like his mother from that angle :0 if the gene keep up, she’s gonna have two very gorgeous children :0

    1. Son is so adorable…I believe her daughter will also be as cute…since mummy is very sweet.

  2. Hope Leila takes care of herself.. c-section twice must be very painful

      1. It simply means he’ll grow to become a pretty boy. Awww, even the baby girl’s soooo adorable.

  3. Her son has long, beautiful eyelashes just like her! Gorgeous.

  4. her son is adorable! and her daughter might grow up to be a lovely tall nose. congrats!

    1. …might grow up to be a beauty judging by her lovely tall nose.

  5. it’s a beautiful girl and the pic of her kissing the baby is too beautiful. congrats!

  6. I still remember her as a CHILD star and she was so cute and she is still cute when she hits 30’s. So nice to see and that son is indeed cute. I remember a glimpse of the hubby, looks older but they made cute kids. hahaa…Congrats!!

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