Leila Tong Moves to New Zealand “To Find Herself”

After a successful run in the Hong Kong drama, theater, and film industries, Leila Tong (also known as Leila Kong 唐寧) began to step away from the spotlight in 2017. Having started out her acting career as a child star, Leila had more than 50 projects under her belt with nearly 30 years of experience. Many were surprised the 41-year-old decided to put aside her acting career to start afresh in New Zealand.

In a recent video, Leila introduced her fans to many of New Zealand’s tourist attractions, and even went ziplining on camera. After the ride, the divorced mom began crying and reflected on the decision to move her two children to a new country.

“When I started acting at a young age, I took on the stage name Tong Ning. This identity has been with me for a long time. Sometimes, I would wonder whether there is a difference between Tong Ning and Leila Kong. Tong Ning seems like such a happy person all the time and would introduce and share with fans all these things, as if she is really mature and knows what she’s doing. But then what kind of person is Leila Kong? I feel that I don’t really quite know myself. The Leila Kong that I know is always afraid of things and does not have the courage to do a lot of things. I would worry that I can’t do something or won’t do something well,” she admitted.

Hoping to overcome her fear, Leila decided to step out of her comfort zone and relocate to New Zealand. “In addition to planning a better future for my family, I also want to take this opportunity to find out who Leila Kong really is.”

After seeing supportive comments from fans, Leila followed up with a more positive message, “I often feel that life is a journey of constant searching. Finding the meaning of life, and finding your own value. I have spent a lot of time in my life acting out other characters, and indeed I haven’t really gotten to know myself and understand myself. If I had 80 years to live, I’d be halfway there by now. It’s definitely not an easy thing to understand myself. If I don’t start now, I’m afraid it’ll be too late.”

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This article is written by Huynh for JayneStars.com.

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