Leila Tong and Ex-Husband Remain Friendly for Children’s Sake

Despite their 13-year age gap, Leila Tong (唐寧) and Desmond Tang (鄧偉傑) got married in 2010 and were together for seven years. In that span of time, they also welcomed two children – a daughter and a son. In 2017, however, the couple announced their divorce. Despite their split, they continue to maintain a cordial and friendly relationship in hopes of providing a positive environment for their children to grow up happily in.

At an event promoting jewelry for Mother’s Day recently, the 37-year-old single mom shared that she often does arts and crafts with her children. She will also be helping her kids design cards for their grandmother for Mother’s Day this year. In the growing world of technology, Leila hopes that these arts and crafts activities will reduce the amount of time her children spend in front of screens.

On how she will spend Mother’s Day with her children this year, Leila shared, “We will spend and celebrate Mother’s Day with my mom. I will cook. Actually, I am only in the kitchen during holidays.”

Asked whether she finds it more difficult and tiring to raise children as a single mother, Leila smiled and responded, “It’s not tiring. I have a lot of people helping out. My ex-husband and I currently split the time evenly with our children, so they are going back and forth between two households. They have gotten used to it already. They are also very understanding about it. Actually, my ex-husband and I often still see each other and would often get together and have dinner. We hope to maintain a friendly relationship.”

Having been divorced for nearly two years now, will Leila consider dating again? Leila shook her head, expressing that her focus is now on raising her children and work.

Source: On.cc

This article is written by Huynh for JayneStars.com

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