Looking Past Him Law’s Muscles and Romantic Life

Him Law’s (羅仲謙) buff physique and romantic life often cause audiences to overlook his onscreen performances. However, he shows a maturity and practicality that may continue to make him a relevant actor for many years to come. Speaking openly about his family, career, and thoughts about marriage, it is about time to look past Him Law’s marvelous muscles for the inner man within.

Him Law is TVB’s rising star with many shows that aired this year, including L’Escargot <缺宅男女>, The Hippocratic Crush <On Call 36小時>, Tiger Cubs <飛虎>, and Divas in Distress <巴不得媽媽….> Him is currently filming Triumph in the Skies 2 <衝上雲霄II>. Aside from a fast rising career, his love life also took a positive turn after his controversial breakup with Theresa Fu (傅穎) last year. His romance with Tavia Yeung (楊怡) is being accepted by many of their fans.

Him realized that in the television and movie industries, there will be positive and negative rumors, and he will need to accept both. Lately, he was accused of living off women’s money, since he is reportedly living at Tavia apartment. Him said, “I am glad my parents are very understanding, and never ask me about any rumors. I am a traditional guy, with a steady income, and I hope to buy a house at the end of the year. I am definitely not living on women’s money.”

Him does not mind that his girlfriend makes more money than him. He uses that as his motivation to succeed.  Him said, “I used to think about getting married before age 35, but now I am already 28 years old, so my marriage plans may need to be changed. I need to have a successful career in order to take care of my future wife and family.”

Current Goal is TVB’s Most Improved Actor Award

Him Law feels that he is still very inexperienced in terms of acting. He does not have his eyes set on the TV King award yet. Him believes that he has to do it one step at a time. He said, “Being in many series doesn’t necessarily bring popularity right away. It also depends on the right time, place, and people.” Him’s goal at this stage of his career is to receive the Most Improved Actor award and show the audiences that he is a talented actor.

Happy to costar with Gigi Wong (黃淑儀) and Liza Wang (汪明荃) in Divas in Distress <巴不得媽媽…>, Him did not have to worry about making mistakes. Liza Wang gave him acting pointers as they shared many scenes together. Him felt that working with the older and more experienced actresses helped him grow as an actor. He hopes he will be able to give advice to younger generations of actors as he grow older.

Continues to Eye Movie Industry

Him Law’s acting ambitions are to become successful in both the television and movie industries. Him said, “Both are great opportunities that I would like to perform well in. Hopefully when I learn enough in the TV industry, I can showcase my talents on the big screen.”

When Him was filming A Chinese Tall Story (阿嫂), he worked with acclaimed actors such as Simon Yam (任達華) and Anthony Wong  (黃秋生). Him hopes that he will have a chance to work with other great actors in the industry. Rumors has spread that Andy Lau (劉德華) is returning to film series for TVB, and of course, Him wants to be a part of it.

Source: ihktv.com

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  1. “Him said, “I used to think about getting married before age 35, but now I am already 28 years old, so my marriage plans may need to be changed. I need to have a successful career in order to take care of my future wife and family.””

    Wow, seven years not enough for him ?

    1. I think his only “claim to fame” was because he beat his ex-girlfriend years ago………aside from having some buff muscles, this guy can’t really act…..will never make it to the first tier actor list on tv or on the big screen.

      1. Many people go for idols these days, and Him Law is surely a handsome idol for many audience.

        I haven’t watched many of Him Law’s drama series yet so I am not in a position to comment. I know that many people go for a handsome face and good built rather than for acting unfortunately

      2. Wrong. He’s already first line in TVB and included in grand production ie. TITS2.

      3. He’s not first line. He’s second line. He’s paired with Nancy Wu.. unless Nancy is first line actress.. hmm

      4. He’s not first tier yet. He will when TVB start pairing him with Tavia, Fala or Myolie.

  2. The more muscle he is, the worse his acting gets. I rmb HimHim of DIE2!

    1. I liked him in DIE2 too but he has improved a lot in his acting skills since then 🙂

    2. No I didn’t notice Himhim in Die2. He’s greatest in THC. I like to watch him more than TY.

      1. I don’t watch THC, too bad :D. The only memorable role of HimHim in my mind is DIE 2. Lolz, he wasn’t 6 packs this time, so maybe you dun rmb :P.

    3. Yes! He was much more interesting in DIE2, especially with that hair and the hairclip, haha, compared to his stupid “staring”. in Divas in Distress, he just keep STARING and STARING, either he’s glaring or looking intensely at mandy, or something, but he has no other expression.

    4. omg i thought i was the only one who liked himhim more when he was in DIE2 lol. such a cute role…..he’s so different now compared to back then.

  3. I actually think Him Law can act VERY well and he really gets into his characters! He did very well in Tiger Cubs and Hippocratic Crush. I’m glad he is now promoted to First Line actor – he can act and deserves it! Better to promote ones who can act than those who are still wooden! (Eg Jason Chan >.<)

    1. It is not fair to compare Jason Chan with Him Law. Jason has not done many drama series yet while Him Law has acted more than a dozen as support actors.

      1. @sandcherry: and yet tvb already promote jason chen to first line actor by pairing him w/ linda chung. jason is surely a handsome guy, but his acting is just beyond horrible at the moment, they should let him be a supporting actor for a while first. right now tvb should focus more on Vincent, Him, Oscar, and i think Tsui Wing and Matt Yeung can be promote to first line actor too since their acting is pretty good.

      2. Nice to see Matt Yeung is promoted again. He was promoted, but his stupid move last time ruined all.

    2. @sandcherry
      Jason Chan has been in HEAPS of drama series. Just mostly as Calefe or minor roles. According to Wiki he’s been in this industry since 2004. I believe it is quite fair to compare Jason to Him Law.

    3. Didn’t know who Jason Chan was until I looked him up. He can’t act nor is he that good looking imo. HimHim beats him in both categories. Jason’s english is not bad though.

      1. Of course “Jason’s English is not bad though” ……… he was born and brought up in UK. He is very well educated also with a Master’s degree from a London university.

        Though Jason has been with TVB since 2004, I think he was mostly hosting programs, and more in Pearl Channel than in Jade Channel. He started acting as an actor not too long ago.

        Agree that TVB should have let Jason act some major support roles first before promoting him to act 1st lead roles.

        I think Him Law is not on a management-contract and, therefore, is not a biological son of TVB.

      2. “The problem is HimHim beats women too.”

        haha but theres no actual proof to that though

      3. Maybe HimHim claimed it was self-defense. He was afraid strong and muscular theresa was gonna break his tiny arm.

      4. It could come from anywhere. She could have inflicted it upon herself. o_O Who knows? I’m not saying that Him is innocent, but he isn’t guilty either.

        Now if he got caught red handed like Ron and Toby, then that’d be a different story.

      5. Theresa is such an idiot. Making the bruises herself, being frozen herself, and end up with nothing herself.

      6. Him himself admitted that he and Theresa got into a fight, which resulted in the bruises. Can google on the incident. I read it in some articles in the past. But Him is lucky because TVB chose to promote him. And people can choose to believe him. But I detest and despise a man who beats women.

      7. For those who doubt, this is what Him said at the press conference after the incident – “When I was together with Theresa Fu, we had happy times and also arguments. I do not want to reveal the details. Under all circumstances, it is wrong to have any physical harm inflicted upon her. I apologize to Theresa Fu.” (Taken off Jayne Star article of Aug 2011)

      8. You know after reading many articles about the quotes from artists, I really question if they actually said any of the things that are quoted?? I think 100% proof would be if we actually saw or heard them say it on a show-interview. If not, then you really question if they actually said certain things or not..,

      9. since he admitted to inflict injuries on Teresa, HIM Law should be brought for justice imo! Press charge against him.. even Teresa didn’t lodge any official police report on him but the Police should arrest him for question at least.. Inflict any injuries on someone by “force” is already wrong legally.

      10. Hmmm… But Him actually SAID those words in a press conference. You can google for the video clip if you really want proof that those were his words.

    4. I think he was ok in tiger cubs, but Vincent Wong’s character was more interesting, and harder to portray. Him always plays those hot-headed characters. Boring!

  4. don’t know the future but in the present i honestly can’t see anything looking past himhim muscle and cutie face lol

    1. well, him him acting was pretty good in 36 hrs, but it kinda went down for me in divas.

  5. He’s pretty bland in Divas and was outshined in that series by So Gei. If you ignore his looks, he didn’t shine in any of his series this year.

  6. I can’t really tell why TVB has chosen to promote him. Hmm aside from his good looks I guess. If TVB can promote that pretty girl from Ghetto Justice 2, why can’t they promote Himhim huh?

  7. I think Him’s acting is pretty natural and there is a boyish charm to him. I like his proportions better in Divas – not too much bulk; otherwise he looks unproportional. He looks taller than I thought he is in Divas. I think his acting will improve more over time.

  8. “Current Goal is TVB’s Most Improved Actor Award”

    My bet is he will win,

  9. I vote for Oscar though Him does good job as well. Huhm Him wont plan marry soon. He’s still too young. No blame him. Even Ekin 47 but still dare to get marriage 🙁 TY gets this? She is 34, time for her to settle down, not enough time to play for fun if she plans to have her own family. It takes few year to date to advance to marriage stage.

    1. Oscar is too good for Most Improved. Oscar will go head to head with So Gay with his teenage emperor role in The Confidant or his cute role in Tiger Cubs.

  10. I am bored of watching TVb falas & siudangs. Time to bing more new commers and fresh images. Please no more Kevin, Bosco, Tavia, Mose and Linda.

    1. I agree that watching the current TVB leads in every series gets quite boring at times. But hey, once TVB does roll in newcomers/fresh faces, the audience complain that they suck or aren’t capable of acting.

    2. Too much Moses, Tavia and Linda this year. I feel like I’m seeing their faces in every other series.

      1. Moses – WHB, MOP, TLSA = 3
        Tavia – THC, 3KRPG, + (SSSS, AGWTC2, JA) = 5
        Linda – LC, DGD, HOHAV, WI + (Jason Chan, BW) = 6

  11. pretty face + muscles = get out of jail free card with Hong Kong women it would seem -.-

  12. he doesn’t do anything for me… way too much makeup on Divas… and his acting need improvement..

    1. He should be “so gei”. He may have the upper body muscles but his face is so feminine and constantly looks constipated in the last 3 series that was aired. Good acting means you need to be able to put emotion into your face as well. For me his scared, worried, annoyed, and thinking face all are his constipated face.

  13. Since I watched Tiger Club, I have a very good impression towards HimHim 😉
    His acting is good in that and surely, he looks so goooodddd ;););)
    I start to be jealous with Tavia >.<|||
    Just hope that lol he never lay his hands on gals anymore ^^v
    But sometimes really depends..
    I've heard from my ex, exgf that my ex used to beat her but he is a real good guy to me..
    Till now it's still really hard to believe that my ex beats gals..
    I love both him n tavia

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