Louis Koo Returns to the Music Industry

Louis Koo (古天樂) is back in the music industry, and it’s all thanks to Kay Tse (謝安琪) and Juno Mak (麥浚龍).

The concept of Kay Tse successful 2018 music comeback centers around a movie. In the past year, she created the characters Tung Chit and Po Ming-sam, intertwining their characters into her singles “A Wife’s Deceptive Art” <人妻的偽術>, “Brave, Valiant · 17” <勇悍·17>, as well as “One Woman and a Bathroom” <一個女人和浴室>.

Produced by Juno Mak, Kay’s latest plug for her upcoming album is a surprising one—it includes the comeback of Louis Koo into the music industry, singing a duet with Kay for the remix of “One Woman and a Bathroom.” Louis’ collaboration in the single was hinted in the music video, which featured Louis’ voice.

In the remix “(One Man) One Woman and a Bathroom” <(一個男人) 一個女人和浴室>, Louis plays Kay’s second husband Lam Ting-ling. Kay said, “Louis’s character is different from Juno’s character Tung Chit. Lam Ting-ling is a near-perfect man. He is attentive, respectful to his partner and very respectful toward love. He is very accommodating to her. This time, we stayed in character while singing, using a different style in approaching the song. There is emotion involved, and I believe that after hearing the song, everyone would want to have such a good husband!”

As for Louis’ big comeback to the music industry, Louis said his collaboration with Kay and Juno started after he completed the filming of Juno’s self-directed film Sons of the Neon Night <風林火山>.

“As a member of the entertainment industry, it is very important to be willing to take one step out of your comfort zone and try something different,” said Louis. “If you want a new page, take the initiative to be creative and don’t be afraid of being taken advantage.”

In the past, Louis has released hit singles “Boyfriend” <男朋友> and “On Trend” <今期流行>, which still occasionally return to the music charts. Louis laughed and said, “Singing isn’t my forte, but ‘One Man’ is not just a pop song. It is an entire story. There are memories, and I sang as my character Lam Ting-ling. It is a performance. There’s a story, like a film. This is why I’ve decided to try it out. If a film adaptation does get made, I’ll look forward to it.”

Kay remarked that recording of “One Man” went successfully, and jokingly suggested Louis that they should do some live gigs together. Louis immediately said, “I can do anything, just don’t make me sing live! There are no repeats of lyrics in this song. Just holding the mic would give me a lot of stress!”


“One Woman and a Bathroom” Music Video

Source: On.cc

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Nice comeback but the very best song from Louis Koo will forever be the sub theme in DIF IV “宇宙無限”

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