Lucas Tse Requests Parents, Nicholas Tse and Cecilia Cheung, to Reconcile Relationship

Nicholas Tse (謝霆鋒) frequently visited ex-wife, Cecilia Cheung’s (張栢芝) residential building, Parkview, recently. While visiting his sons, Lucas and Quintus, in name, Nicholas also admitted that he had shared a Lunar New Year’s Eve dinner with Cecilia.  Earlier, Nicholas noted that he did not rule out the possibility of reconciling with Cecilia. Nicholas also revealed that Lucas requested his parents to reconcile!

Nicholas Tse, Jay Chou (周杰倫), Director Dante Lam (林超賢), and EEG owner, Albert Yeung (楊受成), attended a  celebratory event for film, The Viral Factor <逆戰>, last night. Nicholas sported a clean-shaven look and wore a suit, while Jay Chou appeared with a stubble at the event. The Viral Factor was the box office champion over the Lunar New Year holiday time frame. Albert Yeung presented an honorary frame to Dante Lam and the production staff.

Nicholas Tse: “I Often See My Sons”

At The Viral Factor celebratory event, Nicholas indicated that he saw his two sons, Lucas and Quintus, earlier in the morning. Nicholas stated, “I always see them!” (Did you see them everyday during the Lunar New Year holiday?) “I can’t say that, but I saw them for many days. I have to see my mother, Deborah Li (狄波拉), too!” (Have you considered taking them on vacation outside of Hong Kong?) “No, I’m never in Hong Kong. Lucas asked me to not be away all the time. I told him that I have to work, which he understands. The new generation of children understand more than my generation at the same age.”

Nicholas added, “On the other hand, my younger son, Quintus, takes more time to warm up. However, he is very cute and funny!” When speaking about his sons, Nicholas often had an expression of a kind father.

Visiting his sons, Nicholas accidentally ran into his ex-wife, Cecilia Cheung, on several occasions. Nicholas had a Lunar New Year’s Eve dinner with Lucas, Quintus, and Cecilia due to his sons’ request and following Chinese tradition [to celebrate the holiday with family]. In Nicholas’ perspective, he felt that divorce in today’s society was very common.

Asked whether Lucas had requested that his parents reconcile, Nicholas responded, “Yes, he will say that sometimes, but not all the time. He will only say it once or twice when he is idle. He is quite precocious and will not frequently talk about the issue.” Praising Lucas in taking good care of Quintus, Nicholas noted that the brothers shared a deep bond.

Lucas Cried Tearfully Upon Seeing Father Hurt

Nicholas indicated that Lucas has already watched his new movie, The Viral Factor. Each time Lucas saw his father beaten on screen, Lucas cried. Nicholas said with a smile that when hew as a young boy, he had cried when he saw his father, Patrick Tse’s (謝賢) hand chopped off on screen. The young Nicholas had shared the same reaction as Lucas upon seeing his father injured on screen.


Excerpt from Oriental Daily

Jayne: Nicholas seems happy and at peace whenever he speaks about Lucas and Quintus. Perhaps if reconciliation with Cecilia is not possible, at least Nicholas appears to have reached an understanding with her, which is important in not emotionally scarring the boys’ childhood.

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  1. Lucas sounds very responsible. I think Lucas will grow up to be a good brother and citizen. I’m surprised that Lucas saw the Viral Factor as I think it’s too violent for a kid his age. My parents only let met watch sesame streets and Care Bears at that age.

    1. Well if your parents are acting in a violent movie, maybe they would have let you watched it.
      But it’s too early to tell whether Lucas will grow up good. We all thought Nic would turn out bad, but he actually ended up being really decent.

  2. “Lucas, this may not be possible as mommy is crazy and daddy is insane. But we shall be friends, hopefully”

    He’s young. He will cope.

  3. Whoa, nic looks young in that top pic. It’s like a flashback to when he first debuted- side swept bangs and choker necklace, minus the glasses.

    1. I agreed, he looks really young there. Maybe he is really happy with a good start on the new year. His movie is doing great, he spend a lot of times with his sons and he seems okay with Ceci. Good for him. New year, new start.

  4. Yea, kids in this generation seem so much more mature and responsible then kids in our generation or when we were kids. I hope that Nic and Cecilia can at least get along well so that they don’t emotionally affect their sons and let them grow up in a loving environment. I think Lucas will be a good person when he grows up…

  5. Hope Nic & Cecilia can still remain friendly & caring for each other. Wish they can reconcile…

  6. So why they broke up with many noises and complaints and badmouths at first place?

  7. Hope they both get along for the sake of their kids but i do not wish for them to reconcile.

    1. agree ! I am glad that both of them are getting along well but I don’t hope they will reconcile.

      “Visiting his sons, Nicholas accidentally ran into his ex-wife, Cecilia Cheung, on several occasions. Nicholas had a Lunar New Year’s Eve dinner with Lucas, Quintus, and Cecilia due to his sons’ request.”

      It is appeared that Ceci was trying to arrange/use Lucas to smell Nic’s heart.

      Look like Ceci is still in love with Nic. I really don’t understand Ceci at all. If she loves Nic so much, why did she bad mouth Nic in public.

      Personal, I think Nic looks young and hot in this picture LOL !

      1. Agree that Nic looks hot here! I saw a clip of this event, and he looks even better in video! So clean, fresh and young! 😀

  8. It depends how they teach their kids. Many people grew up without mother/father or both but they still developed well – to be great people.

    If they truly love each other, then remarriage is a good choice.

  9. Yes, bonding with children at this age group is very important. Nic must spend as much time as he can with them, not just at home but on outings and doing things with just him and the boys and communication is number one**

    Ceci is still money crazy, those ‘threathening habits’ will never go away.

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