Mark Cheng Missed an Opportunity for a Major Breakthrough

Mark Cheng (鄭浩南) returns to television with his role in a new ViuTV drama Realtor <地產仔>.  The 55-year-old actor once missed an opportunity to have a major breakthrough in his career. After his second marriage and immigration to Malaysia, Mark faded out of the entertainment industry and changed his career. Currently back to film his new drama, Mark shares his thoughts on the current state of Hong Kong.

Returning to Hong Kong

Portraying an owner of a real estate agency, Mark reflected on his own real estate experience. He had sold all his Hong Kong properties in 1997 but he still monitors the real estate market. While Mark is optimistic towards the Hong Kong real estate market, many of his friends left Hong Kong. The actor has immigrated to Malaysia for many years.

Coming out of his acting hiatus, Mark confessed that he returned to Hong Kong because he wanted to see the city’s current situation. He hopes to see Hong Kong return to normal and that it will continue to prosper.

Missed Opportunities for Major Breakthrough

When Mark entered the entertainment industry in 1985, he was considered as one of the hottest stars and was nominated for the Best New Performer Award in the 5th Hong Kong Film Awards.

However, Mark missed an opportunity to have a major breakthrough. Mark was originally cast for the hit movie A Better Tomorrow <英雄本色> in a custom-tailored role that was even named after Mark. However Mark was already busy filming Peking Opera Blues <刀馬旦> and thus his role was passed to Chow Yun Fat (周潤發).

Marriage Failure and Category III Movies

In 1991, Mark married Japanese actress Yukari Oshima. With the rising popularity of Category III movies, Mark obtained permission from his wife and agreed to film Raped by an Angel <香港奇案之強姦> and other erotic movies. It wasn’t until 1998 that Mark regained his popularity after appearing in Young and Dangerous 5 <古惑仔之龍爭虎鬥>.

In 2002, Mark met his current wife while filming in Malaysia and started fading out of the entertainment industry. After his second marriage, Mark settled in Malaysia, opened a restaurant and started his family. With a son, a daughter and a profitable business, Mark’s life now feels complete.

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ViuTV 2020 Sales Presentation Features Mark Cheng’s Return to Television

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  1. Very good actor. He sends chills in all the bad guy roles he plays. Maybe he is too good at acting all his bad guy characters he got typecasted and couldn’t bounce back?

  2. I missed watching those old martial art movies with Yukari Oshima, Moon Lee and Cynthia Khan they all can kick butts!

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